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Selection Criteria for Community-Based Research Proposals

Applications are evaluated on the degree to which the proposed project:

1. Produces research that enhances the capacity of Minnesota organizations and communities. This includes

  • Addressing a specific community need
  • Identifying how the student/faculty assistance will enhance the capacity of the organization
  • Involving one or more racial/ethnic communities
  • Furthering cooperation among community based organizations
  • Identifying a specific product/deliverable for which the student will be responsible
  • Describing how the product/deliverable will be used by the organization

2. Provides students with opportunities to complete useful, community-initiated, applied research projects.

  • There is a reasonable expectation of finding a qualified student and interested faculty mentor for the project.
  • The project offers a new research opportunity that crosses traditional disciplines.
  • The project provides the student with a valuable learning experience.
  • The organization has the capacity to supervise the student.

3. Benefits the larger community in Minnesota.

  • The project makes a significant difference in the community.
  • The project involves establishing strategic relationships with other organizations.
  • Project research or outcomes promise to be of interest and use beyond the applicant organization

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