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Community Geographic Information Systems (CGIS)

SERVES: Neighborhood Groups, Community Organizations, and Local Government Agencies

The Community Geographic Information Systems (CGIS) program at CURA provides GIS data access, technical assistance, and educational and training opportunities to neighborhood groups, community organizations, and local government agencies in Minnesota.

CGIS was also a partner in the creation of the Minnesota 3-D web application, which brings together labor market, housing, and development information and analysis for the Twin Cities metro area into one easy-to-use tool for economic and community developers.

CURA's CGIS program is a partner in the National Neighborhood Indicators Partnership, a collaboration between the Urban Institute and local organizations in over 30 cities working to further the development and use of neighborhood-level information systems for community building and local decision-making.

National Neighborhood Indicators Partnership Logo

CONTACT: For assistance with your GIS needs, contact CGIS coordinator Jeff Matson at jmatson@umn.edu.

Jeff Matson CGIS Coordinator (612) 625-0081