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Resilient Communities Project (RCP)

SERVES: local governments and regional entities in Minnesota

PROGRAM: The Resilient Communities Project (RCP) is a highly successful, cross-disciplinary program that supports one-year partnerships between a selected community and the university, facilitating faculty-supervised course-based projects that meet city-identified sustainability needs. RCP is intended to better connect University resources with communities, regional entities, and organizations interested in sustainability in the Twin Cities and other metropolitan areas in Minnesota. RCP provides the community with access to hundreds of students and faculty across a range of academic disciplines, from design, planning, and engineering to business, environmental sciences, and the humanities. In addition, the program offers students real-world opportunities to apply their knowledge and training, as well as to engage with students in other programs and fields of study.

TO APPLY: Visit the RCP website to view the latest request for proposals (issued each summer).

FOR MORE INFORMATION: Visit the RCP website.

Sarah Tschida Program Coordinator (612) 625-6550
Mike Greco Director, CURA (612) 625-7501