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Community Visualization

Community Visualization offers design and visualization assistance to community partners, with the goal of democratizing complex information such as data, policies and other processes.

Check out many of our past projects here or scroll down for a few examples.

We typically partner with community-based organizations, community organizers, and other leaders who are working with people on the margins of policy development, including communities of color and low-income communities.

Community Visualization tools are created by UMN students and freelance artists and designers, working in collaboration with CURA staff. We work closely with other CURA programs, including Community GIS, Kris Nelson Community-Based Research, and the Minnesota Center for Neighborhood Organizing.

For more information and to inquire about a collaboration or technical assistance, contact Kristen Murray (kmurray @ umn.edu) or 612-625-7560.

Recent Work:

What Repairs cover
What Repairs Are Required in My Apartment? A renter's guide to the Housing Maintenance Code in Minneapolis, with the Minneapolis Renters Coalition and HOME Line. Designed by Andrew Tran.

Future of Glendale
The Future of Glendale Homes, with the Defend Glendale Campaign. Designed by Jeremiah Bey.

Occupancy Guide
Who Can Live in My Apartment? A guide to Occupancy Code for rental housing in the City of Minneapolis, (and in Spanish) with Corcoran Neighborhood Organization, Lyndale Neighborhood Organization and Powderhorn Park Neighborhood Association. Designed by Andrew Tran.

Idea Law
How does an Idea Become a Law in Minnesota?, with the Community Equity Pipeline at the Wilder Foundation. Designed by Kristen Murray.

Kristen Murray (612) 625-7560