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CURA:Tech - a civic technology incubator.

CURA:Tech was a project that began in Fall 2014 and wrapped up in Fall 2015.

CURA:Tech has transitioned into our Community Visualization program, which offers design and visualization assistance to community partners, with the goal of democratizing complex information (such as data, policies and other processes), making this information more accessible. For more information, visit the Community Visualization program page.

CURA:Tech Goals

  • Unearth local issues that civic technology can address
  • Support collaborative development of this technology
  • Create benefit for low income communities and communities of color
  • Contribute, with partners and participants, to the local conversation about civic technology development and public data access 

This project is supported by the McKnight Foundation, through the Regions and Communities Program.

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Kristen Murray CURA:Tech Program Developer (612) 625-7560