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Critical Media Literacy in Action Keeping Broadway Alive!:

Broadway High School is a public high school in the Minneapolis Public School District. It was part of the district’s Teenage Pregnancy and Parenting Program (TAPPP), which also served students at South High, North High, and Roosevelt. However, this high school stood apart from the others in that it exclusively served teen mothers and their children. Broadway’s mission is to establish a community of students, staff, families and community partners working collaboratively to promote generational self-sufficiency among pregnant and parenting teens. The Minneapolis Public School District proposed restructuring its schools, including the permanent relocation of Broadway High School from its 1250 W. Broadway site, which is to be demolished and replaced by the district headquarters. Broadway students worked on a video documentary as part of Critical Media Literacy class at the school on the decision to move TAPP to the North High School building and the implications of separating some of the core support program from the educational program. Joanna Krebs, a Youth Development Leadership graduate student in the College of Education and Human Development, with Katie Johnston-Goodstar, faculty member in the Youth Development Leadership Program, conducted an assessment of the students' leadership and civic engagement skill development as a result of making the student-directed video documentary of the school transition.

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Broadway High School
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