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Establishing a Baseline of Opportunities & Challenges for Regional Food Value Chain Businesses

The Land Stewardship Project is a well-established Minnesota-based nonprofit membership organization that has been advancing an ethic of stewardship, social justice, sustainable agriculture and healthy communities for nearly 30 years. LSP promotes creating a more sustainable food system within and near the Chippewa River Watershed and there is a need to investigate some of the drivers for creating or fostering for such a food system in the area. Bradley Bobbitt, an Urban and Regional Planning graduate student in the Humphrey School, conducted a literature review on the development of value supply chains and developed an inventory of current value supply chain infrastructure. The results are being used to focus efforts in catalyzing markets, identify barriers and opportunities and inform community outreach work.

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Land Stewardship Project
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C Terrence Anderson Director of Community Based Research (612) 624-8988