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Evaluate Faculty Fellows Program at UMM

CURA delivered a very positive summative evaluation of the Faculty and Student Fellows Program at the Center for Small Towns (CST) at the University of Minnesota Morris. This 3-year program has been funded by the Otto Bremer Foundation and has supported 11 projects, each providing assistance to a government or community organization West Central Minnesota. CURA had delivered a formative evaluation in 2008 that improved the way CST engaged faculty. Seven of the projects have been completed and were the focus of this latest evaluation. Six of these were very helpful to the community organization, with one delivering a business plan that saved the Morris Area Child Care Center; one project was of no immediate value. Although the faculty were very happy to do this work, only one person is working to producing a journal article out their project. Professional publications had been a goal of this program and this goal has not been met. The 2010 projects were developed in more collaborative manner and have a higher probability of yielding a professional publication.

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Center for Small Towns
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Edward Goetz (612) 624-8737

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