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Evaluation of Nutritional Quality of Food Donations to the Emergency Foodshelf Network

The Emergency Foodshelf Network (EFN) is a coalition of 12 foodshelves in Hennepin County that aims to provide quality, nutritious food and support services to hunger relief partners. Because poor diet quality and its associated morbidities disproportionally affect the populations it serves, EFN has identified a need to evaluate the nutritional quality of food donations. Lisa Harnack (Division of Epidemiology and Community Health) and Marilyn Nanney (Department of Family Medicine and Community Health) will partner with EFN to evaluate the nutritional quality of foods donated to this organization using a sampling of donated food items. The investigators will inventory and enter selected items into a nutrient analysis software application that quantifies nutrient and food group content. They will then analyze data from the software to identify nutritional shortfalls of donated foods. Findings will have implications for EFN and other public and private programs that serve as part of the nutrition safety net.

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Emergency Foodshelf Network