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GIS modeling of impervious surface coverages on Crow Wing County shoreline properties for use in establishing a performance-base

Crow Wing County Land Services Department is committed to protecting, preserving & improving water resources in Crow Wing County. Development, stormwater runoff, and surface and groundwater pollution are all factors that impact water resources. High resolution Lidar and aerial photography through the county GIS mapping will be used to determine impervious surface percentage and phosphorus for all riparian properties on lakes over 500 acres in size. Mapping and calculations will be made to determine the most densely used areas on shoreland properties around lakes. This will provide valuable base line data summarized by lake studied. The anaylsis will demonstrate the correlation between Land Use Ordinance requirements and water quality trends. Robert Backes, an undergradaute student from St. Cloud State University, will use GIS tools to ground truth a sample amount of properties being analyzed through the mapping process. The results will be used to develop and improve the goals and strategies for the 2012-13 water plan update and the land use ordinance.

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Crow Wing County Land Services Department
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C Terrence Anderson Director of Community Based Research (612) 624-8988