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HIRE Minnesota – Racial Equity in the Hospitality Industry

The Alliance for Metropolitan Stability is a coalition of organizations advocating for public policies that promote equity in urban and suburban development. HIRE Minnesota believes that hospitality jobs in Minneapolis, especially the well-paying high-end hospitality jobs, are disproportionately filled by white workers. In other job sectors, such as construction, community based training programs exist and are successful in placing people of color in the industry. HIRE Minnesota would like to explore ways in which this can be replicated in the hospitality industry. In particular, the research will look at community based training programs in other parts of the country to see how they train for the industry and examine their impacts in the community. Kristin Cici, a doctoral student in Evaluation Studies, will examine existing training programs for the hospitality industry. The results will be used to make the case that community based training can have an impact in the hospitality industry and to advocate for public funding of community based training programs.

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HIRE Minnesota
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C Terrence Anderson Director of Community Based Research (612) 624-8988