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Identifying Language Impairment in Students with Diverse Home Languages

This project aims to better serve students in Minneapolis Public Schools who speak a minority language, which is currently 32% of district students. As is true of monolingual English-speaking students, a subset of these bilingual students experience significant language impairment. This negatively impacts their social and academic success. Because most standardized assessments used to identify students with language impairment are English-based, alternative approaches are needed to assess the language skills of students whose home language is not English. Thus, the current study will develop a new assessment approach that uses a test-teach-retest dynamic assessment format to assess language learning abilities and examine its feasibility, validity, and reliability. It is part of the mission of Minneapolis Public Schools to ensure a “welcoming environment for all diverse learners.” By improving the assessment procedures of children who speak languages other than English, we will be able to support Minneapolis Public Schools in their mission. Researcher: Lizbeth H. Finestack (Speech-Language-Hearing Sciences, College of Liberal Arts)

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Minneapolis Public Schools
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Edward Goetz Director, CURA (612) 624-8737