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Increasing Goal Achievement through Strategic Program Evaluation

Youth for Cultural Appreciation & Racial Equality (YouthCARE) is a Minneapolis/St. Paul based non-profit organization with a successful 30 year history of directing positive, multicultural leadership development and educational programs and services for urban youth 7-18 years old. YouthCARE has been working the last few years to improve their program evaluation models. Through the work of a Planning and Evaluation Committee they have realized the need for a manual for Program Directors and direct line staff to use as a tool to implement evaluation. YouthCARE uses a Participatory Action Research (PAR) model for evaluation and the basic principles of using the PAR model need to be captured along with tools to help evaluate the process. Kristen Cici, a doctoral student in Evaluation Studies, created a sustainable program evaluation model including a manual to be used by all program directors. The results are being used to evaluate YouthCARE’s work and improve service delivery.

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