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Internal Migration and Recovery from the Great Recession in Urban Minnesota Counties and Neighborhoods

This project is a collaborative endeavor with the Minnesota State Demographic Center to understand the role of internal migration within the United States as a means of economic recovery in local, primarily urban, counties and neighborhoods in Minnesota following the Great Recession of 2007–2009. While Minnesota posted a slow but steady recovery, the pace of this recovery was uneven across and within local areas, raising important challenges with respect to issues of economic development and inequality. Using county-to-county migration flow data from IRS tax records, this project will estimate the total household income gained or lost due to internal migration in all Minnesota counties. The project will also develop a procedure to convert these data into tract-to-tract migration flows in an effort to estimate similar quantities for all, but primarily urban, Minnesota neighborhoods toward identifying local areas that might be best served by targeted economic development initiatives and safety net programs. Researchers: Jack DeWaard (Department of Sociology and Minnesota Population Center) and Zack W. Almquist (Department of Sociology, School of Statistics, and Minnesota Population Center).

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Edward Goetz Director, CURA (612) 624-8737