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Serious Kids’ Stuff: The Landscape of Youth Activities, Diversity, and Social Reproduction in the Twin Cities Metro Area

Organized, out-of-school activities have become an increasingly complicated and consequential component of developmental outcomes, life trajectories, and levels of social and familial inequality in the United States. To better understand how youth activities are accessed and experienced by children and parents from a diverse array of backgrounds, this study will include an extensive survey and multi-dimensional mapping of extracurricular youth activities and facilities in the Twin Cities Metro area. These data will visually show how facilities and programs are organized and vary across dimensions of physical location, cost, type of activity, travel, intensity of activity, and demographics. The macro-institutional landscape of extracurricular youth activities will be linked with interviews of parents and children (from a related, separately funded study) to help assess the factors that facilitate participation in or limit access to extracurricular activities for children of various social backgrounds. This project will include partnerships with local organizations and program leaders at various sites to disseminate these findings, identify model programs, and develop implications for policy development. Researcher: Douglas Hartmann (Department of Sociology)

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Edward Goetz Director, CURA (612) 624-8737