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Youth Community Arts

CANDO is a community-driven organization that engages residents, property owners, and business owners. Pillsbury United Communities (PUC) addresses the complex causes and effects of poverty in the core neighborhoods of Minneapolis, Minnesota. Pillsbury House neighborhood center is located at the intersection of the Central and Powderhorn neighborhoods at 3501 Chicago Avenue South. CMAT is an arts initiative that has grown out of the integration of the Pillsbury House Neighborhood Center with the Pillsbury House Theatre. It was created to address the strategic goal of serving the broader community through a multidisciplinary arts focused methodology. Program participants of CMAT included youth between the ages of 11 and 18 from Pillsbury House and Pillsbury House Theatre, as well as neighborhood residents and participants of community partner organizations. Participants engaged in artist-led workshops that explored new media technology, software development, functional design, sculpture, and the creation of media art for a broad public audience while exploring critical social issues and building cross-cultural and intergenerational connections in the neighborhood. Youth and adults worked with professional artists to generate and disseminate public media through four public presentations that addressed issues that are core to central neighborhood at large as identified by community participants. The project increased youth involvement with CANDO and created a mobile Art Cart.

Project Award Date: 
Community organization or agency: 
Central Area Neighborhood Development Organization / Pillsbury House
Sponsoring CURA Program: 
CURA Contact: 
C Terrence Anderson Director of Community Based Research (612) 624-8988