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Estimating Underemployment in West Central Minnesota: Douglas, Grant, Pope, Stevens, and Traverse Counties.

Lawrence, Pareena G.

The primary objective of this study was to determine if there is underemployment in the five-county region that includes Douglas, Grant, Pope, Stevens, and Traverse Counties. Underemployment was presumed to be present when an individual is working but their experience, skill, or training level are not being fully utilized by their primary employer. A related objective of the study was to identify the factors individuals deem most important when deciding whether to change employers or expand the number of hours they work. Potential wage gains, additional fringe benefits, more flexible work schedules and commuting distances are among the factors investigated. The study also seeks to gain some insight into the number of individuals who are currently not in the labor force but who would consider reentering under certain conditions. The report summarizes and discusses the results of an extensive household and employer survey of the five-county area undertaken in July and September of 2001.

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Supported in part through a New Initiative grant from the Center for Urban and Regional Affairs (CURA), University of Minnesota. Additional funding provided by the Minnesota Department of Trade and Economic Development, the University of Minnesota at Morris, Grant County, Pope County, Traverse County, Stevens County, and the Stevens County Economic Improvement Commission.
141 pp.
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