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Local Foods Expansion Project Marketing Plan.

Leach, Amy.

This marketing plan has been prepared for Farm Market Café, LLC, Onamia Area Farmers’ Market, and the Local Foods Expansion project of Onamia, Minnesota. Increasing the community’s consumption of our locally grown and produced foods is the overall goal of this project. Implementing new marketing strategies is the first step to reach our potential customers and create awareness of our presence. Our specific goals include:

  • Increase Onamia Area Farmers’ Market customers by 300%.
  • Increase Farm Market Café weekly customers by 100%.
  • Increase grocery sales through the All‐Seasons Farmers’ Market by 50%.

This plan proposes several marketing tactics that can be used to reach multiple types of consumers as well as market vendors. We strive to provide consumers with fresh, healthier alternatives that are locally produced so there can be a revolving effect to our area’s commerce. We have found that customers enjoy supporting their neighbors and the local economy. It gives them the opportunity to make a connection with the producer and know exactly where the food is coming from. We have numerous opportunities for exposure and involvement within the community. Utilizing billboards, signage, and resorts are great ways to reach tourists and traveling customers. Being near the school and hospital allows us to get involved with fundraisers, events, and multiple promotions. Developing our online presence and interacting with our followers is an inexpensive way to keep them involved in our business. Finding marketing strategies that are inexpensive and cost effective are key for our small budget. The following proposes such strategies and suggests the outlets that can be utilized.

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Prepared in partnership with Farm Market Café, LLC by the Community Assistantship Program (CAP), which is administered by the Center for Urban and Regional Affairs (CURA) at the University of Minnesota.
23 pp.
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