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A Preliminary Assesment of Impairments to Melrose Lake, MN 2013.

Irving-Hewey, Ruby.

Melrose Lake is a small section of the Sauk River which flows from its headwaters in Osakis to the Mississippi River. In the past the lake has been a source of recreation and has developed into a local scenic point for the City who maintains the park downstream of the dam. Over the course of time Melrose Lake has developed water quality issues dealing with sedimentation, excessive algae and aquatic plant growth, and the decrease of desirable fish species spurning the residents of Melrose to form a lake association. The Melrose Lake Improvement Association petitioned the Center for Urban and Regional Affairs for grant money and was awarded funding through the Community Assistantship Program to prepare a lake restoration study with the help of St. Cloud State University. The study was to prepare and provide a current assessment of the lakes’ condition, address point and nonpoint sources of contamination and set forth a possible framework for mitigating the water quality issues that affect the lake.

Water quality data directly and indirectly related to Melrose Lake was obtained through previously published government reports and data sets. Samples were gathered during late June through mid-August 2013 to quantify impairment and to begin the process of data collection needed to apply for impaired status (which potentially brings in additional government resources). The results indicate elevated levels of total phosphorus in the water and sediment of Melrose Lake. The average phosphorus concentration exceeded the quality standards currently being reviewed in the Minnesota State Legislature.

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Prepared in partnership withThe City of Melrose and The Melrose Lake Improvement Association by the Community Assistantship Program (CAP), which is administered by the Center for Urban and Regional Affairs (CURA) at the University of Minnesota.
32 pp.
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