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Greater Minnesota Rising

McManigal, Brooke

The Greater Minnesota Rising project is an extension of Minnesota Rising. Founded in 2009, Minnesota Rising is a network of emerging leaders in MN and works to build relationships, trust, and a shared vision for Minnesota. Since the end of the recession, migration of the younger workforce has been increasing, leaving a huge workforce gap that will increase by the Baby Boomer retirements. There is a current need to locate, attract, and retain talent in Northwest MN in order to meet employer and workforce needs and ensure a thriving population and community in the rural areas. A graduate assistant is needed to assist the research team in Northwestern MN in developing and conducting qualitative research methods and analyzing the data produced as well as help develop learning reports. This project will look at how to better understand the regions’ current state in relation to its emerging leader and workforce environment, build relationships with, interview and engage emerging leaders, and evaluate and develop recommendations with local emerging leaders in northwestern Minnesota. The student will also be a liaison between the Greater Minnesota Rising research team and stakeholders in the region, and help plan and coordinate the Greater Minnesota Rising event. This research will identify workforce development gaps, engagement of emerging leaders, how young professional groups/emerging leaders are connecting to each other, and result in new and deepened relationships and energy generated around this top and effort.

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Prepared in partnership with Minnesota Rising by the Community Assistantship Program (CAP), which is administered by the Center for Urban and Regional Affairs (CURA) at the University of Minnesota.
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