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Access and Equity: Reconnecting North Minneapolis and the Mississippi Riverfront

King, Eric

The North Minneapolis community has been cut off from the river for decades by I-94, industry and development. As a result, north and northeast Minneapolis residents are experiencing inequitable access to the benefits of proximity to riverfront parks, trails and open space. Friends of the Mississippi River is working to better connect the North Minneapolis community across I-94 and the current industrial riverfront to the river. A research assistant is needed to research existing plans to better connect the community (e.g. adding new highway crossings and/or land bridges, improving or greening existing crossings, improving public transit connections, adding new trails and bike lanes, and improving the pedestrian experience through wayfinding), collect case studies information from other communities that have overcome similar barriers, present research to a community groups and gather their feedback and ideas for moving forward, and finally create recommendations for next steps for working to connect the North Minneapolis community to the river and future riverfront parkland. FMR will use the results of this research to continue working with the community to advance the goal of connecting the North Minneapolis community with the river and future riverfront parkland.

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Conducted on behalf of Friends of the Mississippi River. Supported by the Kris Nelson Community-Based Research Program, a program of the Center for Urban and Regional Affairs (CURA) at the University of Minnesota.
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