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New publications are digitized daily and the publications catalog on the CURA website is not automatically updated with links to scanned copies, so please search the CURA collection at the Digital Conservancy for the publications you are looking for:

Osseo Magnet School Teacher Survey: Results and Technical Report.

Minnesota Center for Survey Research.

The purpose of this survey project was to determine the feasibility of establishing an intra-district magnet school or program. The study was designed to explore feasibility options for developing an academically enriched and strategically placed magnet school or magnet program that would reduce concentrations of students of color in a few schools of a single intra-district cluster, attract students of diverse race and ethnicity from across intra-district boundaries, improve the quality of education, match student interest with curricula, promote parent choice, and promote program innovation among teachers.

Publication date: 
Unpublished. MCSR Technical Report #03-14.
Conducted by the Minnesota Center for Survey Research (MCSR), a program of the Center for Urban and Regional Affairs (CURA) at the University of Minnesota. Funding provided by the Osseo School District.
25 pp.
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