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Underreporting of Crime by the Latino Community in the Lyndale Neighborhood: Perception or Fact?

Barrera-Hernandez, Eduardo.

This report is intended to assist the Lyndale Neighborhood Association in finding out more about the underreporting of crime within the Latino community and to help to find alternative ways in which the Lyndale Neighborhood Association can assist the Latino community to report crime without fear or trepidation. A total of eighty-five Latino residents in the Lyndale neighborhood were surveyed. Each individual interviewed expressed their perspectives and/or experiences in reporting or not reporting crime and facing crime or criminal activity in their immediate surroundings. Some of the most common criminal activities that Latino residents face on a daily basis are: assaults, car brake-ins and drug dealings, yet the crime reports that appear in the official Minneapolis Police records do not reflect what the participants expressed during the survey. Some of the report recommendations for the Lyndale Neighborhood Association to effectively assist the Latino community in the Lyndale neighborhood to feel safe and secure when reporting criminal activity are: > Establish a safe place or service where Latino residents who fear retaliation or do not trust police can go and be assisted in reporting crimes and violations. > Develop an even stronger relationship with Minneapolis Police Department Precinct No. 5 to address the concerns and/or fears that Latino residents of the Lyndale Neighborhood have in regards to reporting crime. > Organize the Latino community in Lyndale Neighborhood to serve as self-guardians (Neighborhood Watch) of their street blocks with the assistance of the Lyndale Neighborhood Association and Minneapolis Police Department Precinct No. 5.

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Conducted on behalf of Lyndale Neighborhood Association. Supported by the Neighborhood Planning for Community Revitalization (NPCR) program at the Center for Urban and Regional Affairs, University of Minnesota.
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