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Urban Growth and Environmental Protection: Searching for a Balance at Eagle Creek.

Phifer, Paul, William Cunningham and Bruce Vondracek.

Expanding urban areas often threaten the environment. Environmental reviews are required, but in urbanizing areas many contiguous projects may need to be reviewed, creating a fragmented review process. The area around Eagle Creek, in the city of Savage, in 1997 used a new approach--the Alternative Urban Areawide Review (AUAR). Concern about preserving the last remaining self-reproducing brown trout stream in the metro area raised public controversy about the development planned for the area. A biology professor, an aquatic ecologist, and a graduate student in conservation biology followed the AUAR process, interviewed government and environmental activists, and surveyed residents. Their analysis found that though the scope of the environmental review was fine, more depth would have been useful in specific areas. Involvement of citizens in the process was higher than in most public decision-making, but a more genuinely collaborative process would have produced the most easily sustained decisions. Timing the review to come earlier in the development process could make a considerable difference. They also recommended that the AUAR follow ecological boundaries (for example, watersheds) rather than political boundaries.

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