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Reusing Brownfields: Obstacles and Opportunities for Inner-Ring Suburbs.

Miller, Jeffrey L.

As the size and number of suburban cities has grown in the United States, so has the number of suburban brownfields--former industrial sites that remain vacant, polluted, and underutilized after they are abandoned by their former owners. This article considers the unique problems that inner-ring suburbs face when they undertake brownfield redevelopment and reuse efforts. The author explores the primary causes of suburban brownfields, the land-reuse obstacles facing inner-ring suburbs, and the differences between inner-ring suburban and central-city brownfields. The author uses the Twin Lakes project in Roseville, Minnesota, as a case study of typical brownfield reuse obstacles facing inner-ring suburbs, and considers the lessons learned from this project. The report concludes with four recommendations for improving brownfield reuse planning in the Twin Cities metropolitan area: form subregional brownfield planning partnerships, proactively assess brownfields to build a comprehensive subregional inventory, treat brownfields as a regional tax-base issue, and establish subregional brownfield reuse plans.

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Minneapolis: Center for Urban and Regional Affairs, University of Minnesota.
Supported by a grant from CURA's Local Governments Planning Interns program.
31 (3): 1-9
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