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Neighborhood Planning and GIS: Case Studies from the Minneapolis Neighborhood Information System.

Matson, Jeffrey K.

The second article in a three-part series on the Minneapolis Neighborhood Information System (MNIS), a community-focused capacity-building project that assists neighborhood organizations in acquiring data, geographic information systems (GIS) analysis, and mapping capability to meet their revitalization goals. The article takes an in-depth look at three of the MNIS member-organizationsラLongfellow Community Council, Hawthorne Area Community Council, and Northside Residents Redevelopment Council--and focuses on how they have made use of MNIS data and technical support to bring GIS technology into their workplaces. In addition, the author discusses membership requirements, data available to MNIS members, and training methods used by the MNIS program. The author concludes that the case studies of MNIS neighborhoods show the diversity of projects undertaken by participating neighborhoods, as well as the important role GIS can play in the work of a community organization. The success of the program is attributed to several factors, including the community-driven nature of MNIS and the collaborative nature of the program.

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Minneapolis: Center for Urban and Regional Affairs, University of Minnesota.
34 (3): 9-16.
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