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The Geography of Participation in Neighborhood Revitalization Program Home Improvement Programs and Multifamily Construction Projects.

Nesse, Katherine and Barbara Lukermann.

Between 1991 and 2000, the Minneapolis Neighborhood Revitalization Program (NRP) Phase 1 allocated $20 million a year to neighborhoods, empowering them to decide for themselves how to use those funds to meet neighborhood priorities. The largest share of those dollars funded housing programs, including one for single-family home improvement loans and grants and another for multifamily building construction and rehabilitation. Both programs encourage private reinvestment in the existing housing stock or reuse of blighted properties to create new, affordable housing. This article reports on a study to document the extent to which low- and moderate-income households benefited from the two programs. The authors found that while neighborhoods, in most cases, did not create single-family home improvement programs to address issues of equity, the incomes of participants in the program generally matched the income profile of their neighborhoods. The single-family home improvement programs were designed to maintain or improve the quality of the housing stock and provide incentives for homeowners to reinvest and stay in their neighborhood, but at the same time the program did benefit moderate-income households. The multifamily program was a targeted program to benefit low-income households.

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36 (2): 13-15.
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