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Diversity Coalitions in Rural Minnesota Communities.

Schwei, Tamara Downs, and Katherine Fennelly.

Although Minnesota has a predominantly White, native-born population, in recent years it has experienced large increases in its foreign-born population. As the number of immigrants has grown, some U.S.-born residents have been welcoming, while others have responded with fear and resentment. Immigrants living outside of central cities may find themselves in hostile environments, isolated from needed services. However, in some communities, diversity coalitions have arisen to improve cross-cultural relations. These organizations are open to all community members and have programs that aim to improve relations between U.S.- and foreign-born residents. The locations, membership, goals, or successes of diversity coalitions have not been previously examined in-depth. The authors report on their census of such organizations in rural Minnesota communities. The census documented the kinds of programs diversity coalitions conduct; their sources of funding; how they document implicit and explicit objectives and accomplishments; their levels of inclusivity in goal-setting, governance, and membership; and the extent to which they advocate for immigrant rights or attempt to reduce xenophobia among U.S.-born residents.

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Minneapolis: Center for Urban and Regional Affairs (CURA), University of Minnesota.
Supported in part through Katherine Fennelly's appointment as the 2006-2007 Fesler Lampert Chair in Urban and Regional Affairs. Additional funding was provided by the Otto Bremer Foundation.
37 (4): 13-22
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