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Estrogen Mimics in Industrial Wastewater: Sources and Treatment.

Lundgren, Mark S. and Paige J. Novak.

Endocrine disruption in wildlife has become a source of concern for the public and a subject of intense scientific research. Endocrine disruption occurs when chemical compounds interrupt normal hormonal function in humans and/or wildlife, resulting in infertility, intersex characteristics, and other reproductive and developmental problems. One major group of chemicals in the environment that has gone widely unacknowledged with respect to this problem is phytoestrogens, hormonally active compounds that are naturally present in many plant species, in hormone supplements for postmenopausal women, and in the waste discharged from some industrial plants. Little research has been conducted on the release of phytoestrogens from various industries, and little is known about their fate during wastewater treatment. This article explores the sources and impacts of phytoestrogen pollutants, and presents the results of a study regarding industrial sources of these compounds and whether and how the treatment of wastewater removes these compounds.

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Minneapolis: Center for Urban and Regional Affairs, University of Minnesota.
Supported in part by a grant from the Faculty Interactive Research Program, Center for Urban and Regional Affairs, University of Minnesota. Additional support provided by the Water Environment Research Foundation in the form of the Paul L. Busch Award.
40 (1-2): 38-42
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