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The Unraveling of the American Dream.

Allen, Ryan.

Based in large part on the increased availability of new mortgage products that were often aggressively marketed to minority households, a generally healthy economy, and government policies that encouraged home¬ownership, a substantial number of Black, Hispanic, and foreign-born households became homeowners in the last 15 years. As a result, the homeownership rates for these demographic groups rose dramatically in a relatively short period of time. Researchers and policy makers have an acute concern that racial and ethnic minority households that recently became homeowners have disproportionately experienced foreclosures. Large numbers of new minority homeowners have recently used high-risk, high-cost mortgage products, sometimes generically referred to as subprime mortgages, to purchase homes. Because very little research has focused on the relationship between nativity status (i.e., whether someone was born in the U.S. or outside of the U.S.) and subprime lending, it is not known to what extent foreign-born homeowners have used subprime mortgages to purchase homes and therefore may be at greater risk for experiencing a foreclosure. This article describes research into the relationship between various household characteristics and residential foreclosures that occurred between July 1, 2006, and June 30, 2008, for a sample of owner-occupied and renter households with children enrolled in public schools in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

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Minneapolis: Center for Urban and Regional Affairs, University of Minnesota.
The research upon which this article is based was supported in part by a grant from CURA’s Faculty Interactive Research Program (FIRP).
41 (1): 3-11
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