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Neighborhood Employment Network Affiliate and Minnesota Family Investment Program Performance Management Study.

Brinda, Michael, and Thomas J. Norman.

This report is intended to assist vendors of employment and training services in Minneapolis and Hennepin County in better understanding the factors that have contributed to changes in quarterly levels of performance. Further, the report makes recommendations that may prove useful as management tools in helping to address internal and external factors that are known to directly affect a vendor's performance. The report finds that the overall performance has been exemplary. Despite changes in operational rules and the tragic events of September 11, the overall performance in MFIP and NET programs evaluated since 2000 has been at a B grade level. The performance of the NET programs taken alone has been slightly higher at a B+ level. The authors provide recommendations for program improvement.

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Funded by the Minneapolis Employment Training Program and the Hennepin County Training and Employment Assistance Program, with additional support from the Center for Urban and Regional Affairs (CURA) at the University of MInnesota.
15 pp.
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