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Underserved and Underrepresented Groups

Much of CURA's work focuses on low- and moderate-income populations, recent immigrants, communities of color, youth, the elderly, and other populations that are traditionally underserved or underrepresented. Recent projects in this area include studies of Latinos in rural, suburban, and urban areas of Minnesota; public services for Liberian immigrants; the housing careers of low-income residents; language interpretation cards for Hmong residents; cultural diversity programs in Greater Minnesota; the school success of children in homeless families; a study of violations of the civil rights of detained immigrants in Minnesota; an analysis of Somali entrepreneurs in Minnesota; strategies for engaging young professionals and youth in their communities; creation of a social welfare safety net for lwo-income worker; and an analysis of efforts to organize and empower people with disabilities in Minneapolis neighborhoods.

Although we no longer offer a print edition, CURA maintains a searchable online version of the popular Directory
of Nonprofit Organizations of Color in Minnesota

CURA programs that support projects in the area of Underserved and Underrepresented Groups include:

CURA Contacts: Neerah MehtaEd Goetz