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Summer Assistantship Policies for Graduate Student Appointments

CURA’s summer appointments do not cover tuition expenses. In certain circumstances CURA is willing to make exceptions to this policy and appoint students as Graduate Research Assistants for the summer, an appointment that includes tuition coverage for the summer and/or intercession periods.

To qualify for any credit, students must work at least 65 hours (12.5% time) during the summer employment period. To qualify for in-state tuition, students must work at least 130 hours (25%) during this period. Contact CURA by phone at 612-625-1551 or by e-mail for the dates of the summer employment period.

Students must request an exception in writing before their appointment document is processed; review will occur within 24 hours of receipt. CURA will use the following criteria in reviewing such requests:

  1. The student is enrolled in summer school or for the intercession.
  2. The amount of work does not exceed 390 hours (75% time)
  3. Funding is available to pay the tuition benefit.
  4. A petition letter is delivered to the Summer Tuition Petition Administrator at CURA before appointment documents have been processed. The petition should specify:
    • The student's major. In what college/program are you enrolled?
    • The number of credits to be taken.
    • Documentation that the course(s) are part of the student's approved degree program.
    • This documentation must include a signed statement from the student's Director of Graduate Studies or Graduate Secretary. Alternatively, one of these individuals may send an e-mail to cura@umn.edu.