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CURA Housing Forum - The Big Picture Project: Addressing Affordable Housing Along the Central Corridor Event
Refinement and Implementation of Mississippi River Trail Plan Project
When 10 acres of asphalt become T.O.D., will parking sink the neighborhood? Project
Equitable Development for Town Center Station Project
Opus Station Area Sustainable Development Plan Project
Highway 5/212 Corridor Land Use Plan Project
Manpower Planning for Transit Operations Project
MnPASS and Variable Dynamic Pricing Project
The Northside Healthy Eating Project Transportation Access to Affordable Fresh Produce Project
A Safe Routes System for District 1 Project
U.S. Trunk Highway 12 Redevelopment Project Project
Worker Earnings, Commuting, and Labor Force Participation in Minnesota Counties Project
Neighborhood Based Bike Cooperatives Project
Frogtown Neighborhoods Program Project
Understanding Transportation Use and Needs in the Blake Road Neighborhood Project
147th Street Station Area Sustainability Master Plan Project
Appropriate Business Mix for a Rural Transit Center in Lent Township Project
Sustaining Affordable Housing in the Central Corridor: The Neighborhood Connection Project
The Impacts of Transportation Investments on Economic Growth in the Twin Cities Project
Precedent Studies for Transitioning Highway Commercial Corridors from Rural to Urban Services and Land Uses Project
Recycling Tear-Off Asphalt Roofing Shingles in Asphalt Pavements Project
Neighborhood Advocacy for Pedestrian Realm Improvements in the Central Corridor Project
Central Corridor Routes to Rail Walkability Survey Project
Opus Station Area Sustainable Development Plan. Publication
Riding the Rails: Light-Rail Transit Market Areas in the Twin Cities. Publication
City of Minnetonka Parking Reform Proposal. Publication
Traffic Jam: Sic Transit. Publication
Speeding Road Construction: Efficient Contract Design Can Lead to Faster Repairs, Fewer Delays, and Lower Commuter Costs. Publication
Engaging Margaret: Developing a Program of Participation to Incorporate Living Streets in the Margaret Street Corridor. Publication
University of Minnesota Transportation Program. Publication
Interstate 394 Commuter Patterns. Publication
Urban Transportation Institutional Grant. Research and Training Proposal. Publication
Central Corridor Light Rail Transit (LRT) in Minneapolis and Saint Paul: Sustaining Affordable Housing in the Central Corridor - The Neighborhood Connection. Publication
35W/Lake Street Access Project: Study of Transportation Planning Through a Public/Private Partnership Process. Publication
Platoon-Operated Stations for Quasi-Synchronous PRT Networks. Publication
Ten Most Important Research and Development Needs for Computer Traffic Control. Publication
CURA Reporter Spring 2012 Publication
Traffic Literature Review: Congestion and Quality of Intersections. Publication
Planning for Personal Rapid Transit. Publication
Household Technology and Travel Survey: Results and Technical Report. Publication
Technology Assessment of Personal Rapid Transit: Interdisciplinary Analysis and Optimization of PRT in Terms of its Potential for Assisting in the Revitalization of Urban Society. Research Proposal to the National Science Foundation. Publication
An Assessment of Parking Policy in Minnetonka, Minnesota: Recommendations for Future Parking Policies to Create a Resilient Community. Publication
Assessing Transportation Needs on Indian Reservations. Final Report. Publication
Potential Impacts of Bus Rapid Transit on the West Broadway Neighborhood. Publication
Transportation Demand Management Policy Study. Publication
University `in-PUT.' Publication
Hiawatha LRT Potential Commuters. Publication
Proposal of Three Year Program of Training and Research in Urban Transportation. Publication
Light Rail Transit Resource Guide. Publication
Low Sensitivity Design of Optimal Feedback Systems for Longitudinal Control of Automated Transit Vehicles. Publication
Light Rail Transit Ridership Survey: Cedar Riverside Station. Publication
Vehicle Scheduling and Control in Personal Rapid Transit Systems. Publication
Effect of Level of Service on Intercity Bus Ridership in Minnesota. Publication
Politics and Freeways: Building the Twin Cities Interstate System. Publication
Carpooling: An Overview with Annotated Bibliography. Publication
Maximum Parking Regulations for Minnetonka. Publication
Do Highway Funds Spur Economic Development? Publication
Household Lifestyles and Their Relationship to Land-Use and Transportation Planning Publication
Parking Lots: Case Studies and a Model Ordinance [for] Minnetonka, Minnesota Publication
Coordination in Transportation Planning. Publication
Minnesota 3-D Analysis of Commuting Patterns around University Avenue. Publication
Implementing Living Streets in North Saint Paul: A Participation Plan. Publication
The Politics of Building Urban Interstates: A Contextual Analysis of Twin Cities Cases. Publication
Connecting Twin Cities Job Center Locations and Minnesota 3-D Commuteshed Data. Publication
Tomorrow's Transportation for Tomorrow's Cities. Publication
147th Street Station Area Sustainability Master Plan. Publication
Nokomis Neighborhood Circulator Feasibility Study. Publication
Progress, Problems, & Potential. 1973 International Conference on Personal Rapid Transit. Publication
U of M Program in Urban Transportation. Progress Report for Period Ending June 1974. Publication
Mobile Justice': A Study of the Effects of Transportation Projects on Manufactured Home Parks. Publication
Catching Up: Bus Operations and Potential on the Twin Cities Metropolitan Area. Publication
Twin Cities Travel Survey: Results and Technical Report. Publication
Personal Rapid Transit, A Collection of Papers on a New Type of Urban Transportation. Publication
Parking Reduction in Minnetonka. Publication
MTC: What Is Its Responsibility? Publication
Work and Home Location: Exploring the Possible Role of Social Networks. Publication
Transit-Oriented Development in Minnetonka: Case and Policy Recommendations for TOD Implementation in Minnetonka, Minnesota. Publication
Demand Activated Transit. Publication
Determining Where Twin Cities Hospital Employees Are Traveling from to Their Place of Employment. Publication
Program in Urban Transportation. Progress Report for Period January 1, 1970 to March 31, 1970. Publication
Franklin Avenue Light Rail Transit Task Force. Publication
Personal Rapid Transit II. Progress - Problems - Potential. Publication
Trucks and SUVs in the Twin Cities Metropolitan Area: How Dangerous Are They? Publication
Mobile Justice': A Study of the Effects of Transportation Projects on Manufactured Home Parks. Publication
Computer Traffic Control. Publication
Leech Lake Reservation Community Survey: Transportation Report. Publication
Don't Pass Us By. Publication
Transitway Data Management Project. Publication
Roads, Rails and Urban Change Publication
City of Minnetonka Parking Regulations. [poster] Publication
Congestion Pricing for the Twin Cities Metropolitan Area. Publication
Access to Growing Job Centers in the Twin Cities Metropolitan Area. Publication
Transit-Oriented Development Parking Recommendations: City of Minnetonka, Minnesota. Publication
Coming: A New Era in Urban Transportation. Publication
Attracting Workers to Live Closer to Their Place of Employment: Columbia Heights, Minnesota. Publication
North Saint Paul Living Street Engagement Plan. Publication
Program in Urban Transportation. Publication
Transit Utilization in the East Harriet Neighborhood. Publication
Development of Methods for Planning Automated Network-Cab Transport Systems. A Research Proposal to the Department of Transportation. Publication
CURA Reporter Fall/Winter 2011 Publication
46th Street Light Rail Traffic Issues in Minneapolis, A Research and Participatory Study. Publication
Progress Reports on the Program in Urban Transportation, 1969-1973. Publication
U of M Program in Urban Transportation. Final Report (Covering April 1973 to June 30, 1974). Publication
Equity, Gentrification, and Light Rail. Publication
Planning for Personal Rapid Transit: A Summary Report to the Minnesota State Legislature. Publication
Planning for Transit Oriented Development in the Twin Cities: A Baseline Study for Corridors of Opportunity. Publication
1999 Statewide Transportation Tracking Study: Results and Technical Report. Publication
Transportation Research Area
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