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Site-wide content categorized under “Underserved and Underrepresented Groups”

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Setting a New Compass for Climate Change Event
Regional Convening on Racial Equity Event
Draw Your Own Map Event
Board Representation Leadership Training for People Of Color Event
Toward Culturally Sensitive Housing—Implications of Health Disparities for Research, Policy, and Practice Event
Earth Week: Night of Celebration Event
Neighborhoods Now! Neighborhood Systems Change Event
EquityNow Twin Cities Gathering: Convening with Urban Habitat Event
Girls in the ‘Hood: Understanding How Place Matters for Kids Event
Anchoring Equity: Minnesota's Tomorrow Event
Housing Forum: Rental Housing and Open Data Event
CURA Housing Forum: The Little Earth Homeownership Initiative Event
Where Have All the Towers Gone? Race, Housing, and Redevelopment in American Cities Event
The Role of the Fair Housing Act and the Minnesota Human Rights Act In Shaping Our Communities Event
Neighborhoods Now! Neighborhood Issues Organizing Event
Frogtown Square: A New Case Study of Mixed-Use, TOD Development Event
Fair Housing Equity Assessment Convening Event
Community Based Research Workshop Event
Good Food Advocacy Campaign and Northside Growers Collaborative Project
Internet Café for Homeless People Project
Educational Access Project
Neighborhood Cultural Music Project
Signature Latino Cultural Events in East Phillips Project
Letters to our Grandchildren Project
Healthy Neighborhood, Fresh Food Initiative Project
Work Aspirations and Career Expectations of Somali Youth and Young Adults Project
Women in the Sex Trade: Organizing to Change Community Perceptions and Reduce Stigma Project
Community Gardening Project
Lideres en Accion y Poder Project
Political Activists and the Social Construction of the "Urban Poor" Project
Improving Community Access to Healthy Foods Through the Minneapolis Staple Food Ordinance Project
The Northside Healthy Eating Project Transportation Access to Affordable Fresh Produce Project
Somali Legal Asset Assessment Project
Documenting Outcomes of Immigration Legal Services for Immigrants and Refugees Project
Railroad Island Eco Village Project
The Unraveling of the American Dream: Foreclosures and Communities of Color in Minneapolis Project
Setting the Table Market Meals Project
Diversity Coalitions in Rural Minnesota Communities Project
Ancestry Books Project
Bedlam in Seward: Youth Theater Now Project
Native American Youth Gang Assessment Project Project
Training and Organizing for Equity Project
English Empowerment and Action Project
Somali Ethnic Food Shelf Project
Neighborhood Renewal through Dialogue and Action Project
Youth Soccer Project
Production, Yield, and Market Analysis of Produce Raised by Minnesota Hmong American / Immigrant Farmers Project
Neighborhoods Now! Project
Evaluating and Measuring Racial/Economic Justice Organizing Project
Minnesota Boomers at Work/in Transition Project
Understanding Alcohol Use in the Karen Community Project
Neighborhood Street Forum Project
African-Immigrant Organizations in Minneapolis and Saint Paul: Development, Practices, and Financing Project
Somali Ethnic Food Shelf Project
Central Stock Project
Living Arts Outreach Project
Growing Food, Health, Connectedness, People, and Peace Project
Tuttle Campus Garden and Outdoor Classroom Project
St. Anthony East Neighborhood Master Plan Project
The Lao Leaders Project Project
“Paint the Ave.” Community Mural Project Project
East, Midtown Phillips Partner with Somali American Community, Inc. to Identify, Prioritize and Tackle Neighborhood Issues Project
Addressing “Talent Loss” in the Twin Cities Metropolitan Area: Understanding the Local Development of Non-Immigrant and Immigrant Minority Students’ Academic Mindsets Project
Cultural Institution Historic Preservation Project Project
Structural and Individualistic Determinants of Access to Healthcare Services: A Case Study of Somali and Sudanese Immigrants and Refugees in Duluth Minnesota Project
Blueprint Indicators Project Project
Exploring the Medicine Wheel as a framework for American Indian organizational development Project
Analysis of Refugees Relocating to Worthington Project
Equitable Development for Town Center Station Project
Youth Farm and Market Project
Letters to Our Grandchildren Project
Expanding Educational Opportunity Through School and Housing Choice Project
Tell a Story: Visual Arts + Personal Memoir Project
Intercultural Storytelling through the Arts (ISA) Project Project
Rank the Banks Report Card & Community Engagement Project
A Unique Partnership to Organize and Empower the Invisible Populations of Lind-Bohanon Neighborhood’s Disabled Project
HIRE Minnesota – Racial Equity in the Hospitality Industry Project
Somali Youth Against Violence Project
Skyline Tower Outreach and Engagement Project Project
Seward Strategies to Increase Participation by Recent Immigrants Project
Healthy Native Youth - Recovering Healing Relationships with Food Project
The Effects of Refugee Resettlement on a Rural Town Project
Your Vote is Your Voice Project
Institutional Racism and Early Childhood Education. Project
Frogtown Neighborhoods Program Project
The Soul Sounds Open Mic Project
Connecting Communities Project
Organizing Community Health through Cultural Engagement Project
Youth of Color Podcasts Project
Education Equity Rubric Pilot Project Project
Kingfield Park Youth Organizing Project
West Bank Community Coalition / Cedar Riverside Neighborhood Revitalization Program Project
The Northside Women’s Space Project
Fringe Banking and Low-Income Communities in the Twin Cities Project
Medical Needs and Healthcare Services for the Somali Community in the Twin Cities Project
The Generations Project: Exploring Indigenous Voices Using Photovoice Project
Collaboration: A Youth Development Initiative of the Faribault Youth Service Center. Publication
Minority Business Training in Minneapolis: BEAM. Publication
Environmental Lead Risk in the Twin Cities. Publication
A Rural Community’s Response to its Changing Demography: Welcome to Worthington. Publication
The Benefit Bank: An Aid to Public Benefits in Minnesota. Publication
Elementary Education of Saint Paul Indian Children: A Study of One Inner-City School. Publication
Into the Fields: A Report on Migrant and Seasonal Farmworkers in Minnesota. Publication
American Indians on the East Side of St Paul. Publication
Formal Education of Menominee Children at the Middle School Level: Students. Publication
American Indian Urbanization and Assimilation: A Bibliography. Publication
Expanding Opportunities for Single Parents through Housing. Guidelines for New and Existing Housing and Neighborhoods that Meet the Needs of Single-Parent Families. Publication
Viviendas de Trabajadores Migrantes: Resultados de Encuestas del Centro-Sur de Minnesota [Migrant Worker Housing Survey Results from South Central Minnesota.] Publication
Examining the Relationship between Housing, Education, and Persistent Segregation. A Preliminary Report. Publication
Are We Progressing Toward Equal Representation for Women in the Minnesota Legislature? New Evidence Offers Mixed Results. Publication
Formal Education of Menominee Indian Children: Sociocultural and Socioeconomic Background Factors. Publication
Bibliography of the Hmong (Miao), 2nd Edition. Publication
Directory of Nonprofit Organizations of Color in Minnesota. Publication
Minnesota Indian Resources Directory: 2nd Edition. Publication
Evaluation of the Community, Families, and Children Initiative 'American Indian Capacity-Building in Select Neighborhoods of St. Paul'. Publication
Progress Report on Education - Minneapolis New Careers Program, University of Minnesota. First Fiscal Year, Ending June 30, 1968. Publication
Learned Helplessness: Some Observations of Women in the Labor Force and Their Implications for Social Work. Publication
Counting on Everyone: Increasing Participation in the 2010 U.S. Census in Minneapolis. Publication
Camp Katherine Parson Business Plan. Publication
Harvesting the Wind: Red Power for the Green Market. Wind Energy Production Options for the White Earth Reservation Community. Publication
Hmong Resettlement. Publication
Risk and Resilience Among Children Homeless in Minneapolis. Publication
Maya Calendar: A Native American Curriculum Unit for Middle and High School. NATAM VIII. Publication
American Indian Elders: Neglected National Treasure. Forum Report, Nov. 10-11, 1995. Publication
Indian Americans in Chicago. Publication
Identifying Barriers in Graduation for Latinos in the South Hennepin Region. Publication
Hmong Resettlement Study, Volume II, Economic Development and Employment Project. Publication
RISE: Rochester in Support of Everyone. Publication
Native American Curriculum Unit for the Sixth Grade. NATAM VI. Publication
I Am a Shaman: A Hmong Life Story with Ethnographic Commentary. Publication
Looking Ahead at the Eighties. A Needs Assessment of the Minneapolis Black Community. Publication
Hmong in the Workplace Publication
Mobile Children and Families: Qualitative and Quantitative Explorations of the Meaning and Impact of Residential Mobility and School Change. Publication
Evaluation of the McKnight Low Income Single Parent Loan Program: Second Year. Publication
Housing Barriers and Resources for African Americans in East St. Paul. Publication
American Indians and the Criminal Justice System in Minnesota. Publication
Transportation on Remote Indian Reservations. Publication
Genuine Partnership in a Racially Transitioning Community. Publication
Native Americans in the New World: A General Resource Unit for the Elementary and Middle School. NATAM XVIII. Publication
American Indian Tribal Sovereignty. Publication
Proposal for a Reservation-Urban Center for Indian Development at the University of Minnesota, Minneapolis. Publication
Latino Realities: A Vibrant Community Emerges in South Minneapolis. [Realidades Latinas: Una Comunidad Vibrante Emerge en el Sur de Minneapolis]. Publication
1997-1999 SAGE, The Self-Audit for Gender Equity: A Survey of Minnesota Public Legal Employers: Results and Technical Report. Publication
Cultural Diversity: A Case Study on Assessing the Present and Planning for the Future. Publication
Problems of Cross-Cultural Educational Research and Evaluation: The Rough Rock Demonstration School. Publication
Directory of Nonprofit Organizations of Color in Minnesota. Second Edition. Publication
Damiano Center's Kids Cafe Publication
Characteristics of Hispanic Students in Minnesota Public Schools and Post-Secondary Institutions: A Look at Demographics, Graduation, Attrition, Retention and Participation. Publication
Ute Mountain Ute Tribe: Five-Year Transportation Development Plan. Publication
Southeast Asian Resident Study. Publication
Chippewa Indians: A Native American Curriculum Unit for the Third Grade. NATAM XIII. Publication
Exploring Political Tolerance with Adolescents. Publication
Tenant Integration and Adaptation of Older Tenants: Impact of Age and Disability Integration in Minneapolis Public Housing. Publication
Deconcentrating Poverty in Minneapolis: Hollman v. Cisneros. Report No. 1: Policy Context and Previous Research on Housing Dispersal. Publication
Health Behavior and Health Needs of American Indians in Hennepin County. Publication
Managing on a Limited Income. Publication
Achievements of First-Generation Hmong Youth: Findings from the Youth Development Study. Publication
Suburban School Children and American Indians: A Survey of Impressions. Publication
History of the Thomas-Dale Neighborhood, the Thomas Dale Block Club, and the Impact the Thomas-Dale Block Club Has Made in its Neighborhood. Publication
Indian Americans at Mille Lacs. Publication
What Twelve to Fifteen Year-Olds Want: A Reference for After School Youth Programmers. Publication
St. Anthony Village Survey of Older Adults: Results and Technical Report. Publication
Final Report: Dream of Wild Health Project Publication
Alien Students, Alien Staff: How Awesome the Gap in Higher Education. Publication
Problem of Metaphorical Nonequivalence in Cross-Cultural Survey Research: Comparing the Mental Health Statuses of Hmong Refugee and General Population Adolescents. Preliminary draft. Publication
Profiles of the Twin Cities Poor. Report/Four. Living on AFDC: Many Families Cannot Afford Basic Necessities. Publication
Deconcentrating Poverty in Minneapolis: Hollman v. Cisneros. Report No. 6: The Experiences of Dispersed Families. Publication
American Indian Elders and Aging: A Bibliography. Publication
Somali Families and Parent Involvement in Schools. Publication
Urban Indian Education in Minneapolis: An Interim Analysis of Survey Materials Gathered from School Officials and Influential Persons. Publication
Refugees and Researchers. Publication
Indians and Other Americans in Minnesota Correctional Institutions. Publication
Assets and Needs Assessment of Foreign Trained Medical and Nursing Graduates in Minnesota and Utilization of Foreign Trained Healthcare Professional Graduates. Publication
Comparative Survey of U.S. and Swedish Youth from Iron Mining Districts: Attitudes, Perceptions and Aspirations. Publication
Metropolitan Minority Business Survey: A Study of the Twin City Minority Business Activity and Problems. Publication
Mental Health Crisis Services Monograph: Examining the Condition of Mental Health Crisis Services in Minnesota and Beyond. Publication
Focusing Our Vision: American Indian Urban Higher Education Initiative. Symposium Report, May 7-8, 1997. Publication
State of Diversity: A Plan of Action for Minnesota. Publication
Moving History 1 & 2. The Hollman Story and Breaking New Ground. Publication
Minnesota Mailing List for Equal Opportunity Announcements and Advertisements, 1997. Third edition. Publication
Bibliography of Social Science Research and Writings on American Indians. Publication
Oromo Community Engagement in the Cedar-Riverside Neighborhood. Publication
Formal Education of Menominee Children at the Middle School Level: Teachers. Publication
Voiceless Groups in the Twin Cities Community: Programming Needs of Some of Public Television's Non-Audiences. Publication
Examination of the 1968-69 Urban Indian Hearings Held by the National Council on Indian Opportunity. Publication
Oromo Community Engagement: Bridging Social Capital in the Cedar-Riverside Neighborhood. Publication
Rochester in Support of Everyone Focus Group Summaries and List of Resources. Publication
Problems of Black Business. Publication
CURA Reporter. November 1979 issue Publication
Social Capital Database Pilot Project: Results and Recommendations. Publication
Hmong Textile Arts in the Schools: Hmong Textile Arts at Harding Senior High School. Publication
Hmong Community Development Program. Publication
Housing Satisfaction of Elderly Residents of Government Subsidized Housing in Duluth: Breakdown of Data by Housing Unit. Technical Report #2. Publication
Representing Poor Students’ Interests: Insights and Lessons from the Fight to Save North High in Minneapolis. Publication
Economic Impact of Undocumented Workers in Minnesota. Publication
The Impact of Residential Segregation on the Development of Social Capital and Social Mobility of Immigrants: The Example of the Mexican Population in the West Side of St. Paul, Minnesota, USA. Publication
Latina Mothers' Perceptions of the Minnesota Healthcare System: Examining the Spillover Effects of Uninsurance on Healthcare Access, Quality, and Cost. Publication
Parochial Education of Menominee Children: A Study of One School. Publication
Hmong in the West: Observations and Reports. Publication
White Hmong Dialogues Cassette Tape. Publication
The Social Determinants of Native Youth Gang Involvement Publication
How Many Liberians Live in Northwest Hennepin? Publication
Building Financial Stability in Farmworker and Rural Latino Organizations. Publication
Corporate-Nonprofit Linkages in Minneapolis-St. Paul: Findings from a Longitudinal Study, 1980-1988. Publication
Final Report, 701: Special Projects: Minorities in Planning and Title VIII: Careers in Community Development. Publication
Local Policy Responses to Immigration in the United States. Publication
History of the Vento Village Partnership & Community-Based Participatory Evaluation Model for the Vento Village Partnership. Publication
National Study of American Indian Education Research Reports. Vol. II. Education of American Indians. Publication
Reflections on Traditional American Indian Ways. Publication
Realides Suburbanas: Latinos en el Condado de Dakota [Suburban Realities: Latinos in Dakota County]. Publication
Language and Related Characteristics of 1968 Haskell Institute Students. Publication
Contemporary American Indian Social Movements: A Bibliography. Publication
New Village: A Housing Cooperative of Cambodian and Laotian Refugees. Publication
Envision North St. Paul: Engaging Underrepresented Participants In Response to the Request By the City of North Saint Paul. Publication
Needs Assessment Survey for a Resource Center for African Immigrants and Refugees in St. Paul, Minnesota, Publication
American Indians and Home Ownership. Publication
Learning to Bridge Different Ways of Knowing: The Dream of Wild Health American Indian Seed-Garden Project as Mentor. Publication
St. Paul Model Cities Educational Impact Study Project. Publication
Southeast Asian Refugee Youth: An Annotated Bibliography. Publication
U.S. and Canadian Indian Periodicals. Publication
Employment Patterns Affecting Chicanos and Latinos in the Twin Cities. Publication
Homeless School Children. Preliminary Report. Publication
Evaluation of the McKnight Low-Income Single Parent Loan Program. Publication
The Minnesota Benefit Bank: Piloting Tax Preparation and Tax Credits. Publication
Minnesota Governments: Human Rights and Diversity Survey. Statewide Report. Publication
Establishing the World: Hmong Shamans. Publication
Migrant Farmworkers in South-Central Minnesota: Farmworker-Led Research and Action for Change. Publication
Native American Curriculum Unit for the Fourth Grade. NATAM IV. Publication
Road to Common Cause: The Threatened State of Tribal Sovereignty. Forum Report, May 30-31, 1996. Publication
Indian Education in Minneapolis: An Interim Report. Publication
Root Causes and Solutions to Disparities for Hispanics/Latinos in the Juvenile Justice System. Publication
1999 SAGE, The Self-Audit for Gender Equity: A Survey of Minnesota Law Firms: Results and Technical Report. Publication
Migrant Worker Housing Survey Results from South-Central Minnesota. Publication
Rise and Fall of a Dakota Immersion Pre-School. Publication
Minnesota Mailing List for Equal Opportunity Announcements and Advertisements. Publication
Indians in Minneapolis. Publication
Sixty-Six Thousand Strong: An Annotated Guide to Research Materials on Black Minnesotans. A Report on Minority Public Policy Studies by the Minnesota Council on Black Minnesotans. Publication
Minority Owned Business Publication
Evaluation Report of the 1968-69 University of Minnesota Cultural Education Specialist and Associate Program: Indian American and Afro-American Aspects. Publication
Indian Education in the Minneapolis Public Schools. Publication
Older Minnesotans: What Do They Need? How Do They Contribute? Publication
Let Us Meet You Where You Are: Securing the Educational Accomplishments of Migrant Students (SEAMS). Publication
Problems with Alcohol Among Urban Indians in Minneapolis. Publication
Accepting the Circle of Life: Lessons from the Anishinabe about Caring for Elders. Publication
Deconcentrating Public Housing in Minneapolis: Hollman v. Cisneros. Publication
Preschool Child's Image of the American Indian: A Native American Curriculum Unit for Pre-Kindergarten. NATAM XII. Publication
Little Earth Residents Association Volunteer Handbook. Publication
Characteristics and Attitudes of 1968 Haskell Institute Students. Publication
Elliot Park Youth and Family Resources. Publication
Midwest Consortium for Latino Research Survey of Faculty Members: Results and Technical Report. Publication
Guidelines for the Development of Diversity Leadership and Education: A 'How-To' Manual for Communities and Schools. Publication
Modernization and Education Reform in Native Alaska. Publication
Youth Accessibility Plan - Arts Opportunities for Youth in Duluth. Publication
Evaluation of the Duluth Indian Teacher Training Program. Publication
United Negro College Fund (Minnesota): Donor Profile 1992. Publication
Profiles of the Twin Cities Poor. Report/Two. Unmet Basic Needs of Low-Income Single Parent Families. Publication
An Assessment of Current Trends in Injection Drug Use in the Twin Cities Transgender and Gender-Nonconforming Population. Publication
Deconcentrating Poverty in Minneapolis: Hollman v. Cisner. Report No. 4: Changes to the Public Housing Stock in Minneapolis. Publication
Child Abuse Prevention: Understanding the Needs of the African American Community. Publication
Rise of African American Poverty in the Twin Cities, 1980 to 1990. Publication
New Careers Program: A Retrospective. Publication
Third Quarter 1970 Report of the Training Center for Community Programs, University of Minnesota. Publication
CYDR (Center for Youth Development and Research): Two Year Milestone. Publication
Indian Americans in Saint Paul: An Interim Report. Publication
Field Study of Appreciative Inquiry Method: Understanding and Supporting our Diverse Community.Category: Organizational Development, Planning and Evaluation Publication
Mille Lacs Indian Museum Trail System. Publication
Mapping Child Care Equity and School Readiness Disparities. Publication
American Indian Culturally-Specific Juvenile Programming Survey: Summary Report. Publication
La Raza Federation of Minnesota, Inc. Annual Report 1992-93. Publication
In A Different Light: A Feminist Perspective on the Role of Mothers in Father-Daughter Incest. Reprint. Publication
Deconcentrating Poverty in Minneapolis: Hollman v. Cisneros, Reports 1-8. Publication
Indian Alcoholism in St. Paul. Publication
Needs Assessment of Foreign-Trained Healthcare Professionals in Minnesota. Publication
Suggested Educational Programs for Teachers and Parents of Urban Indian Youth. Publication
Students of Color in Minnesota's Colleges and Universities. Publication
Rural and City Indians in Minnesota Prisons. Publication
Foreign-Trained Health Care Professionals Assets and Needs Assessment: A Focus Group Study. Publication
Gun Violence Reduction Study: Minneapolis Youth Speak on Selected Strategies. Publication
Closing the Gap: Enhancing Technology Programming for Youth in North Minneapolis. Publication
Women's Economic Index for the Minnesota Women's Consortium. Project Report. Publication
Family Stabilization Research for Informed Program Implementation and Public Policy Evaluation. Publication
RAP Head Start Internship Program Student Handbook. Publication
Our Changing Community: A Haven of Cultural Diversity. Publication
Residential Segregation - Stumbling Block or Stepping Stone? A Case Study on the Mexican Population of the West Side of St. Paul, Minnesota, USA. Publication
Somali Community Needs Assessment Project. A Report Prepared for the Somali Resource Center. Publication
Annotated Bibliography on Refugee Mental Health. Publication
Toward Preventing Youth Violence: Engaging Urban Middle-School Students in Community Service Learning. Publication
Menominee Parents and the Education of Menominee Children. Publication
Annotated Bibliography of Recent Research on Chicanos and Latinos in Minnesota. Publication
Black History Focus 1974-75. Publication
The Rondo Neighborhood & African American History in St. Paul, MN: 1900s to Current Publication
Women and War. Publication
Office of Career Development: The New Careers Experience. Publication
Women's Voices--A Research Report. Publication
GIFT Project-Phase I. Publication
Teachers of Saint Paul Elementary Indian Children: 1969 Survey Results. Publication
American Indians and Juvenile Justice: A Bibliography. Publication
American Indians in St. Paul: A Preliminary Data Report. Publication
Indians' Identification with the Earth: A Native American Curriculum Unit for the High School. NATAM XVI. Publication
American Indians and Repatriation: A Bibliography. Publication
Homeownership and Affordability for Low-Income Suburban Households. A Report on Permanently Affordable Homeownership in West Suburban Hennepin County. Publication
Disparities in Health Access: Voices from Minnesota's Latino Community. Publication
American Indian Housing Report: Phillips Community. Publication
Attorneys' Perspectives on the Violation of the Civil Rights of Immigrants Detained in Minnesota. Publication
Influential Persons and Menominee Education. Publication
White Hmong Dialogues. Publication
Minnesota Mailing List for Equal Opportunity Announcements and Advertisements. Publication
From Village to Town: An Intermediate Step in the Acculturation of Alaska Eskimos. Publication
Indian Employment in Minneapolis. Publication
Attitudes of St. Paul Indian Parents and Influential Persons toward Formal Education. Publication
Report on Women's Advocates Shelter. Publication
Analysis of Admissions and Tuition Policies for Undocumented Students at Big Ten Schools. Publication
Building a Neighborhood-based Culture of Learning: Evaluating Progress of the East Side Learning Collaborative. Publication
Attitude of Minneapolis Agency Personnel Toward Urban Indians. Publication
Toward Hmong Self-Sufficiency: The Challenge of Economic Development for the Hmong. Publication
Family View of Mobility Among Low-Income Children. Publication
Minnesota Indians: Sioux and Chippewa, A Native American Curriculum for the Third Grade. NATAM III. Publication
HAP (Hmong American Partnership) Evaluation Status Report. Publication
Attitudes and Characteristics of Selected Wisconsin Indians. Publication
Communiversity Personnel Grants. Publication
Indochinese Refugee Settlement Patterns in Minnesota. Publication
Saving Traditional American Seeds: Preserving Culture Through Gardening. Publication
Indian Archery: A Native American Curriculum Unit for Middle and High School. NATAM XI. Publication
Life of Shong Lue Yang: Hmong 'Mother of Writing' (Keeb Kwm Soob Lwj Yaj: Hmoob 'Niam Ntawv'). Publication
Update on the Needs of Minnesota Indians. The Impact of FY1981-1982 Budget Cuts and Program Changes. Publication
Training Southeast Asian Women for Employment: Public Policies and Community Programs, 1975-1985. Publication
Studies of Children Homeless in Minneapolis: 1989-1996. Publication
Meeting the Basic Needs of the Working Poor. Publication
Project Update: Mutual Adaptation between Karen Refugees and a Rural Minnesota Community. Publication
Feasibility Analysis of an American Indian Multi-Purpose Facility in East St Paul: Update of a Demographic Database for American Indians in the Twin Cities. Publication
Black Families, Minority Families, and Public Policy. Publication
Hispanic Students: Adjusting Dreams to Reality. Publication
Promoting Generous Giving among Teens. Publication
Ojibwa (Chippewa) Myths and Legends: A Native American English Unit for the Junior High School. NATAM VII. Publication
Minnesota Stereotypes about Minorities Match Nation. Publication
Public Education of the Prairie Island Sioux: An Interim Report. Publication
American Indian Capacity Building in St. Paul, Minnesota. Publication
Southeast. Asian Youth and Parent Surveys about the Use of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Other Drugs: Results and Technical Report. Publication
New York Mills Regional Cultural Center Youth Arts Program Implementation Project. Publication
National Study of American Indian Education Research Reports. Vol. I. Assorted Research Papers. Publication
Directory of Nonprofit Organizations of Color in Minnesota, Third Edition, February 1997. Publication
Indigenous Corn Propagation Project. Publication
Literature Review: The Development of Culturally Appropriate Child Sexual Abuse Prevention Curriculum for the Ojibwe School. Program for Aid to Victims of Sexual Assault, Duluth, MN. Publication
Phillips Neighborhood Resource Directory for Youth and Families. Publication
Report of a Longitudinal Study of the Vocational Acculturation of Hmong Adolescents: Preliminary First-Wave Findings. Preliminary draft. Publication
Contrasting Chippewa, Sioux, and Anglo Values: A Native American Curriculum Unit for the Sixth Grade. NATAM XIII. Publication
Educating Mexicanos and Latinos. Publication
Pilot City Health Center Evaluation Report. Publication
Deconcentrating Poverty in Minneapolis: Hollman v. Cisneros. Report No. 2: Planning for North Side Redevelopment. Publication
Assessment of the Impact on Mental Health Service Providers by Southeast Asian Refugees in Minnesota: A Survey of 50 Selected Mental Health Service Providers. Publication
Minority Stereotypes in Minnesota. Publication
Project Update: Dakota Immersion Preschool at Pezihutazizi. Publication
Teachers of Minneapolis Elementary Indian Children: 1969 Survey Results. Publication
KMOJ/U of M Journalism Internship Project. Publication
Indian Americans in Duluth: A Summary and Analysis of Recent Research. Publication
West Seventh Neighborhood Cultural/Ethnic Diversity Project. Publication
1998 Minority Supplement: Results and Technical Report. Publication
Post-Employment and Job-Retention Report: Identifying Best Practices to Increasing Participation Rates Through Pre- and Post-Employment Services. Publication
Useful Information for Native Artists Going into Public Schools. Publication
Preliminary Development of a Study Protocol to Evaluate the Efficacy of Acupuncture Therapy for Treatment of Chronic Pain and Depression. Publication
Profiles of the Twin Cities Poor. Report/Five. Special Problems of Low Income Vulnerable Households. Publication
Deconcentrating Poverty in Minneapolis: Hollman v. Cisneros. Report No. 7: Mobility Certificates. Publication
Early Intervention Poverty Prevention Program, 1988-1995. Merriam Park Community Services and Hallie Q. Brown, Inc., Longitudinal Evaluation. Publication
American Indians and Our Police, Courts, and Jails Publication
Supporting the Career Aspirations of American Indian Youth. Publication
An Experimental University Television Course on Native Americans: 1970-71. Publication
Hmong and Their Neighbors. Publication
Indians of the Urban Slum: Field Notes from Minneapolis. Publication
Feasibility Study for the Creation of a Latino Credit Union in Minnesota. Publication
Perceptions of Social Problems and Aspirations of Swedish Iron Range Youth. Publication
Hispanic Focus-groups Discuss Experiences, Attitudes about Workplace Safety. Publication
College Readiness Center Survey. Publication
Needs Assessment Survey Study: American Indian Urban Higher Education Initiative. Publication
State of Diversity: A Resource Guide. Publication
Impact of the Affordable Housing Crisis and Housing Development on Low-Income Communities and Communities of Color. Publication
CURA Research Reports on Underrepresented Groups. Publication
American Indian Alcoholism in St. Paul. Publication
Diversity Coalitions in Rural Minnesota Communities. Publication
Indians and Their Education in Minneapolis and Saint Paul. Publication
Review of Recent Research on Minneapolis Indians: 1968-69. Publication
Native American Students in Standard Metropolitan Statistical Areas: A Selective Analysis of 1970 Census Data. Publication
Assessing the Housing Need in the Latino Community. Publication
Poverty Explains Some of the Achievement Gap, but Not All Publication
Strengthening the Latino Community in Todd County. Publication
Black Business in the Twin Cities. Publication
An Evaluation of Lifetrack Services to Karen in a Second Wave of Migration to Worthington, Minnesota: Nine Rays of Light Reach the Star of the North. Publication
The Institute for Immigrant & Refugee Health and Wellness. Publication
Collaborating for Change: New Directions for Meeting the Higher Education Needs of Urban American Indians. The Final Report for the American Indian Urban Higher Education Initiative Two-Year Research and Planning Phase. Publication
Early Marriage in a Hmong Cohort. Publication
Towards an Architectural Definition of Normalization: Design Principles for Housing Severely and Profoundly Retarded Adults. Publication
CURA Reporter Summer/Fall 2013. Publication
Los Latinos in el East Side de St. Paul [Latinos on the East Side of St. Paul] Publication
Minneapolis Native American Housing Survey: Technical Report. Publication
Detecting Racial Profiling in Minneapolis Traffic Stops: A New Approach. Publication
Formal Education of Menominee Children at the High School Level: Students. Publication
White Hmong Language Lessons. Publication
Nonprofit Organizations of Color in Minnesota: An Overview and Directory. Publication
Immigration in Minnesota. Challenges and Opportunities. Publication
Rural Women's Leadership in Minnesota: Present Status and the Need for Increased Involvement. Publication
Discrimination in St. Paul's Financial Services. Publication
Barriers to Oral Health: The Problems People with Low Incomes Face in Accessing Dental Care. Publication
The Neighborhood Partnership Initiative Program: Providing Focus and Funding for Collaborative Projects That Make a Difference. Publication
Safety on the Streets. Publication
National Study of American Indian Education Research Reports. Vol. III. Teachers and curriculum for American Indian Youth. Publication
Hmong Odyssey: A History and a Play. Project Report. Publication
New Guidelines for Fighting Discrimination in Public Contracts. Publication
Mathematical Contributions of the Mayas, Aztecs and Incas: A Native American Curriculum Unit for Middle and High School. NATAM XIX. Publication
Exploring the Life Course: Transitions and Timing in a Hmong Cohort. Publication
Conservatism in a Minnesota Border Town. Publication
Aging in Place: City of North Saint Paul Multidisciplinary Perspectives on Aging Resilient Communities Project. Publication
Los Latinos en las comunidades de Frogtown y Summit-University de St. Paul [Latinos in the Frogtown and Summit-University Communities of St. Paul. Publication
Hmong Resettlement Study Site Report, Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota. Publication
Designing a Social-Welfare Safety Net that Supports Low-Income Workers. Publication
Native American Curriculum Unit for the Fifth Grade. NATAM V. Publication
Hmong: An Annotated Bibliography, 1983-1987. Publication
American Indians in Minneapolis. City Watch No. 5. Publication
First Steps Curriculum and Job-Readiness Curriculum Outline. Publication
Extended Review of the Literature: The Impact of Frequent Family Moves on School Achievement and Development for Low-Income Children. Publication
Minnesota Philanthropy and Disadvantaged People: A Report on Who Benefits from Grantmaking. Publication
Outreach to Hmong Americans on the East Side of St. Paul. Publication
Services for Indian Children: How Local Government Responds. Publication
Gambling with Their Lives: American Indians and the Casinos. Publication
Project Update: Arthritis in American Indian Country. Publication
Native American Curriculum Unit for the Second Grade. NATAM II. Publication
Reality Based Research Study of American Indians in the Frogtown and Summit/University Neighborhoods. Publication
Indian Recipient in Minneapolis: An Exploratory Study. Publication
Other Family: How Gangs Impact Latino Families and Communities, The. Publication
2001 Survey of Older Minnesotans: Results and Technical Report. Publication
Where the Food Grows on Water: Continuance of Scientific Racism and Colonialism. Publication
Barrow and Kotzebue: An Exploratory Comparison of Acculturation and Education in Two Large Northeastern Alaska Villages. Publication
Nonprofit Organizations of Color in Minnesota: An Overview and Directory. Publication
Hispanic Education Career Fair Planning and Implementation Manual. Publication
Black Leadership: On the Dawn of the 21st Century. Publication
Africans in Minnesota: A Status Report. Publication
Minnesota Rural Grocery Survey Publication
Chippewa Indians: A Native American Curriculum Unit for the Fifth Grade. NATAM XV. Publication
Model for Bringing Academics into the Minority Community. Publication
Estimating Mental Illness Among the Homeless: The Effects of Choice-Based Sampling. Publication
CURA Reporter Spring 2012 Publication
Kids Mobility Project. Publication
Arthritis in Indian Country: Determining the Prevalence and Effects. Publication
Have Attitudes toward American Indians Changed? Publication
Project Update: Housing for Migrant Workers in Minnesota. Publication
Some Suggestions for Librarians in High Schools with Native American Students. NATAM XIV. Publication
Women's Association of Hmong and Lao for the Future of Women and Girls. Publication
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Profiles of Successful African-Americans in Our Communities. Publication
1999-2000 SAGE, the Self-Audit for Gender Equity: A Survey of Minnesota Law Firms. Publication
ムIn Cora's Garden' Curriculum and Pilot Program Evaluation. Publication
Next Gen Initiatives: Strategies and Models for Engaging YoungProfessionals in their Community. Publication
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Unbalanced Perspective: Two Minnesota Textbooks Examined by an American Indian. Publication
`New' Youth Services. Publication
Indian Americans in Southside Minneapolis: Additional Field Notes From the Urban Slum. Publication
Underreporting of Crime by the Latino Community in the Lyndale Neighborhood: Perception or Fact? Publication
Little Earth of United Tribes Design Project. Publication
African Nonprofits: A Report of Financially Active African-led Nonprofit Organizations in Minnesota Serving African Immigrants, Refugees, and Asylees. Publication
Asian American Youth in the Twin Cities: Overachievers or Delinquents? Publication
Program Evaluation of the Intervention Program of the Women's Coalition, Duluth, MN. Publication
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Directory of Asian American Community Organizations in the Twin Cities. Publication
Social Problems and Political Styles of Minneapolis Indians: An Interim Report. Publication
The Black Church and Youth Education in St. Paul. Publication
Formal Education of Menominee Children at the High School Level: Teachers. Publication
Hmong Youth in St. Paul's Public Schools. Publication
Black Is. Laboratory Series One. Publication
St. Paul Festivals: Cinco de Mayo, Dragon Festival, Highland Fest and Grand Old Days. Publication
Black Business in Minneapolis and Saint Paul, a Comparative Study of Black and White Owned Businesses. Publication
Sovereignty: The Heart of the Matter. Critical Consideration on the Interface between the Indian Child Welfare Act and Adoption and Safe Families Act. A summary of proceedings of the conference held May 17, 2000, University of Minnesota. Publication
Black Capitalism: The National Scene. Publication
PRISM Express Program Evaluation. Publication
Minnesota Hispanic Education Program 15th Annual Education Fair: A Summary of the Planning and Implementation for the Event. Publication
New Voices in the Media: The INTER-RACE Race & Media Guidebook. Publication
Housing Satisfaction of Elderly Residents of Government Subsidized Housing in Duluth: A Summary of Data. Technical Report #1. Publication
Waterpipe Smoking among Somali and Oromo Immigrants in Twin Cities: Knowledge, Attitudes, and Beliefs. Publication
Minnesota Mailing List for Equal Opportunity Announcements and Advertisements, 2006. Fourth edition. Publication
Child Welfare Issues in Latino/Chicano Communities: A Selected Annotated Bibliography (1984-1993). Publication
When Troubled Youth Can't Stay at Home: An Analysis of Out-of-Home Placements in Hennepin County. Publication
Overview of the Native American Curriculum Series. Publication
Bibliography of the Hmong (Miao). Publication
White Hmong Language Lessons Cassette Tapes. Publication
Norris Camp Interpretive Center Conceptual Master Plan Publication
American Indians in St. Paul: A Preliminary Data Report. Publication
Assessment of Interest in Youth Arts Programming. Publication
Growth of Minority Business in the Twin Cities Metropolitan Area. Publication
Women's Voices--Private Lives, Public Policies. Publication
The Prostitution Project: Community-Based Research on Sex Trading in North Minneapolis. Publication
Aligning HIRED Workshops with Work Readiness Standards. Publication
Formal Education of Minnesota Indians: Historical Perspective Until 1934. Publication
Final Report of the Post-Croson Project. Publication
Southeast Asian Refugee Studies/Refugee Studies Center Archival Collection. Publication
Junior High Indian Children in Minneapolis: A Study of One Problem School. Publication
American Indians and Religious Freedom: A Bibliography. Publication
Low Income Home Owner Profiles Project. Survey of Metro Area Mortgage Loan Originators. Publication
Engaging Underrepresented Populations in North St. Paul, MN Publication
Los Latinos in el West Side de St. Paul [Latinos on the West Side of St. Paul] Publication
Indian Housing in Minneapolis and Saint Paul. Publication
Achieving Success in Business: A Comparison of Somali and American-Born Entrepreneurs in Minneapolis. Publication
Summary Report on Menominee Education: 1968-70. Publication
Annotated Bibliography of Cambodia and Cambodian Refugees. Publication
Minnesota Indian in Minneapolis. Publication
Making a Living? The State of Working Minnesota Labor, Day 2000. Publication
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Adult Day Care: Its Effects on Families of Elderly Disabled Members. Publication
GMCC Community Justice Project Evaluation. Publication
Minnesota Governments: Human Rights and Diversity Survey. Suburban Hennepin Report. Publication
Training Refugee Women for Employment in Minnesota. Publication
Our Children's Songs: American Indian Students and the Schools. Publication
Native American Curriculum Unit for the First Grade. NATAM I. Publication
Many Faces of Mexico. Publication
Indian Americans in Dallas: Migrations, Missions, and Styles of Adaptation. Publication
Directory of Nonprofit Organizations of Color in Minnesota. Fifth Edition, January 2005. Publication
Minority Population Distribution Trends in the Twin Cities Metropolitan Area. Publication
Faribault Diversity Project Report. Publication
Indian Games: A Native American Curriculum Unit for the Tenth Grade. NATAM X. Publication
Older Generation of Southeast Asian Refugees: An Annotated Bibliography. Publication
Hmong in Transition. Publication
The State of Black Women’s Economics in Minnesota Publication
Education-Related Preferences and Characteristics of College-Aspiring Urban Indian Teenagers: A Preliminary Report. Publication
Special Education Efforts for Black Children. Publication
Minnesota Senior Study. Publication
Digital Inclusion and the Twin Cities Homeless Community. Publication
2004 State of Students of Color: Building Alliances for Student Success. Publication
Traditional American Indian Leadership: A Comparison with U.S. Governance. Publication
Treatment for African American Men Who Batter. Publication
Sport as Prevention? Minneapolis' Experiment with Late-Night Basketball. Publication
Population, Ecology, and the American Indian: A Native American Curriculum Unit for Middle High School. NATAM XII. Publication
Laketrails Base Camp: Evaluation Proposal. Draft. Publication
Alienation, Commitment, and Indifference of Minneapolis Junior High School Indian Students: A Second Problem School Report. Publication
Senior Age Population and Household Size in Longfellow. Publication
East Metro Integration District Survey about Diversity: Results and Technical Report. Publication
Report of the Findings from the Diversity Leadership Workshop: Focus on Immigration in Rural Communities, August 18-20, 2003, Faribault, Minnesota. Publication
National Study of American Indian Education Research Reports. Vol. V. the Education of Indian Children and Youth. Summary Report and Recommendations. Publication
Directory of Asian American Youth Programs in the Twin Cities. Publication
Dakota Women's March, The. Publication
Minnesota Hispanic Education Program Parental Involvement Survey: Project Update, August 1994. Publication
Human Face of Poverty: Chicano-Latino Children in Minnesota. Publication
Minority Elders in Minnesota. Publication
Education and Related Characteristics of Urban Indians in the United States: A Selective Summary of the 1960 Census Data. Publication
Three Ethnic Specific Schools in the Twin Cities: Making Desegregation a Choice? Publication
Profiles of the Twin Cities Poor. Report/One. An Overview: The Twin Cities Poor and Their Problems. Publication
Deconcentrating Poverty in Minneapolis: Hollman v. Cisner. Report No. 3: Baseline Data Analysis for North Side Redevelopment. Publication
Mental Health, Achievement, and Adjustment: A Study of Hmong Adolescents. Preliminary draft. Publication
New Languages in Minnesota. Publication
Native American Trust Land Transfers in Minnesota. Publication
Teachers of Minneapolis Junior High School Indian Children: A Second *Problem School.* Publication
Rice Street Teen Center Project. Publication
Indian Americans in Omaha and Lincoln. Publication
North Minneapolis Southeast Asian Initiative Project Evaluation. Publication
Assessing Transportation Needs on Indian Reservations. Final Report. Publication
Logic Models for Major Programs of the Phyllis Wheatley Community Center. Publication
Use of Evaluation Methods in Multi-Cultural Communities in Action: School Success and Human Needs Programs and the 1995-96 Goals and Objectives. Publication
We Must Be Organized: Dual Organizations in an American Hmong Community. Publication
Profiles of the Twin Cities Poor. Report/Six. Working Poor. Publication
School Readiness and Overall Development: Two Sides of One Issue for Preschoolers in High-Poverty Neighborhoods? Publication
Deconcentrating Poverty in Minneapolis: Hollman v. Cisneros. Report No. 8: Replacement Housing. Publication
Call to Serve: The Impact of Welfare Reform on the Constituency of the Minneapolis Urban League. Publication
Protecting the Civil Rights of Detained Immigrants in Minnesota Publication
The New Minnesotans: How Are They Doing in Economic Terms? Publication
Proposed University-Community Pre-School Music Program for Inner-City Children from Low-Income Backgrounds. Publication
Refugee Youth in the Twin Cities: Aspirations of the Hmong, Khmer, Lao, and Vietnamese. Publication
Minnesota Indian Resources Directory, Second Edition. Publication
Hmong-Americans in the Mainstream Newspapers of the Twin Cities. Publication
No Magic Bullet: What Minneapolis Youth Say About Gun Violence. Publication
The MN Senior Citizen Property Tax Deferral and Other Property Tax Relief Programs for Seniors. Publication
Underreporting of Work-related Injuries Among Minority Population in Minnesota. Focus Group Discussions with Latino Population in Minnesota. A draft report. Publication
Gauging Program Services: Present and Future Payne-Phalen Living At Home/Block Nurse Program. Publication
Critical Issues in Higher Education Programs Serving Urban American Indians. Publication
Examination of the 100 AAMSA as It Compares to Other Mentoring/African-American Culture School Programs. Publication
Clearing the Way: Deconcentrating the Poor in Urban America. Publication
Directory of Nonprofit Organizations of Color in Minnesota. Fourth Edition, September 2001. Publication
Bibliography: Nursing Research and Practice with Refugees. Publication
Residential Segregation of Immigrants: A Case Study of the Mexican Population on St. Paul's West Side. Publication
Menominee Children: A Study of Two Elementary Schools. Publication
Indian Residents in Minneapolis: A Further Examination of Their Characteristics. Publication
Bibliography: Intercultural Programs. Publication
Underserved and Underrepresented Groups Research Area
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