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ムIn Cora's Garden' Curriculum and Pilot Program Evaluation. Publication
Youth Accessibility Plan - Arts Opportunities for Youth in Duluth. Publication
Worker Training Follow Up System. Publication
Women and War. Publication
Winona County Compost Feasibility Study. Publication
Whole Farm Cooperative Marketing Options. Publication
Where the Food Grows on Water: Continuance of Scientific Racism and Colonialism. Publication
Westford Township GIS Demonstration Project. Publication
Western Area City County Cooperative (WACCO) Technology Audit. Publication
West Central Minnesota Telecommunications Report. Publication
West Central Minnesota Recreational Trails Inventory. Publication
Watonwan and Blue Earth County Focus Group Meetings for Recreational Trails - Final Report. Publication
Wadena Agricultural Community Biomass Assessment Project. Publication
Volunteer Income Tax Assistant Sites. Publication
Villages of Steele County: Community Revival. Publication
Van's Island: Wastewater Treatment and Next Steps. Publication
Value-Added and Scaling Up Local Foods: Navigating Regulations for Processing Local Foods in Commercial Kitchens in Minnesota. Publication
Upper Mississippi Forest Certification Initiative. Publication
Understanding the Importance of Research at Community Colleges and Workforce Centers. Publication
Two Harbors Band Shell Park Upgrade: Evaluation and Design of Structure. Publication
Tulibee Refuge Lake Conservation Easement Purchase Targeting: A GIS Analysis Publication
Toward a Food Hub in North-Central Minnesota: Reframing the Conversation, Examining a Hub’s Regional Economic Effects. Publication
The Tallgrass Aspen Parkland Birding Trail: The Stories of the Landscape Publication
The Solar Coaster: Putting Solar on Schools in Northern Minnesota Means More Than Energy Publication
The Feasibility of Diversifying the Madelia Region with Multifunctional Landscapes: a Pilot Study of Alternative Futures. Publication
The Economic Impact of Farm-to-School Lunch Programs: A Central Minnesota Example. Publication
Terres Farm Trail System. Publication
Sustaining Green Space in the Rural-Urban Fringe: A Landowner's Guide. Publication
Sustainable Farming Association: Making a Difference for Farmers in Minnesota. Publication
Supporting Data for the Series of Analysis Maps Created for the Minnesota Trails Initiative Granite Falls to Skalbakken Park Trail Study. Publication
Summary of Market Research on Nonformal Agricultural and Environmental Education Programs in Minnesota and Recommendations for Programming at Farmamerica. Publication
Strengthening the Latino Community in Todd County. Publication
Strategic Management Plan for Creating a Forestry Co-op. Publication
Southwest Minnesota Housing Partnership Survey Analysis. Publication
Southeast Minnesota Resource Mapping Survey. Publication
Solar Dehydration Project Publication
Short-Term Cost-Benefits of Intensive Home Visiting Publication
Selective Review of Documents Related to Sustainable Development in Southeast Minnesota. Publication
Secondary (9-12) Curriculum Project Final Report, A. Publication
Scaling Up Local Foods: West Central Minnesota Institutional Market Study. Synthesis of Existing Research and Report on West Central Partnership Institutional Market Survey. Publication
Saving Traditional American Seeds: Preserving Culture Through Gardening. Publication
Rural Women's Leadership in Minnesota: Present Status and the Need for Increased Involvement. Publication
RREAL Solar Thermal Heating Assistance. Publication
Rochester in Support of Everyone Focus Group Summaries and List of Resources. Publication
River Watch Database Project Update. Publication
RISE: Rochester in Support of Everyone. Publication
Rice County Focus Group Meetings for Trails ラ Final Report. Publication
Revitalization Project Publication
Revealing a Hidden Oasis: A Site Analysis and Conceptual Master Plan for the Northland Arboretum. Publication
Responsive Housing Redevelopment Near North Minneapolis. Publication
Resource Guide to Becoming a US Citizen Publication
Resource Guide to Becoming a US Citizen Publication
Report to Sylvan Shores Property Owners Association. Publication
Report on Assessment of Needs for Interpretive/Services. Publication
Report of the Findings from the Diversity Leadership Workshop: Focus on Immigration in Rural Communities, August 18-20, 2003, Faribault, Minnesota. Publication
Ramping up the Minnesota hazelnut industry through market development Publication
Quantifying the Economic Opportunity of Local Food Production in Cook County Publication
Quality of Place in Rural Minnesota. Publication
Project Update: Housing for Migrant Workers in Minnesota. Publication
Project Update: Bringing INFO-U to New Audiences. Publication
Program Goals Evaluation Plan Narrative. Publication
Profile of 2008 International Festival of Owls Attendees. Publication
Product Tracking (Systems) Alternatives for the Headwaters Forestry Cooperative (HFC). Publication
Pomme de Terre River Association - TDML Research Project. Publication
Pomme de Terre Food Co-Op. Publication
Pioneer Retirement Community Project. Publication
Pioneer Public TV Summer Internship Report Publication
Pine Island 21st Century Vision: Long Range Comprehensive Plan. Publication
Overview of Crime and Jail Use in Blue Earth County, 1995-2001. Publication
Overcoming Barriers, Celebrating Successes, Municipal Sustainability Efforts in Northwest Minnesota. Publication
Out of Home Placement Study. Publication
Organic Control of Colorado Potato Beetles in Potato Production. Publication
Opportunities and Constraints for Winona’s Riverfront. Publication
Omega Food Cooperative Report. Publication
Nursing Cost Estimates: Educating One Nurse. Publication
Northland Food and Farming Initiative Report. Publication
Northfield Downtown Development Corporation Report. Publication
North Circle Project. Publication
Norris Camp Interpretive Center Conceptual Master Plan Publication
Next Gen Initiatives: Strategies and Models for Engaging YoungProfessionals in their Community. Publication
New York Mills Sculpture Garden. Publication
New York Mills Regional Cultural Center Youth Arts Program Implementation Project. Publication
Models and Strategies for a Produce Distribution Plan. Publication
Minnesota Rural Grocery Survey Publication
Minnesota Rural Futures Survey Results. Publication
Minnesota River Valley Partners Project. Publication
Minnesota Housing Partnership Report. Publication
Minnesota Children with Special Health Needs Development and Behavior Clinics Evaluation II. Publication
Milan Preservation Project. Publication
Milaca Downtown Revitalization. Publication
Milaca Community Library Needs Assessment/Feasibility Study. Publication
Migrant Worker Housing Survey Results from South-Central Minnesota. Publication
Meander 2005: Upper Minnesota Valley Art Crawl. Publication
Marketing Strategies for Kensington Runestone Park. Publication
Marketing Minnesota's Fields and Forests: Research on the Potential for Developing a Farm Stay Database and Joint Marketing Program in Minnesota. Publication
Market Analysis of Goodwill Easter Seals Job Training Program. Publication
Market & Feasibility Study for the proposed North American Owl Center in Houston, Minnesota. Publication
Mapping the Root River Watershed for Improved Implementation of Storm Water Management. Publication
Mankato Active Citizenship Report. Publication
Lutsen & Tofte Visitor Survey: Full Report. Publication
Long-Range Humanities Program Planning 'In Their Own Words.' Publication
Long Lake Wastewater Feasibility Study. Publication
Local Produce Locker: Exploring the Financial Feasibility of Small-scale Local Food Processing in South Central Minnesota Publication
Local Foods Planning and Zoning Publication
Local Foods Expansion Project Marketing Plan. Publication
Lewis Lake Environmental Assessment. Publication
Leech Lake Band of Ojibwe Final Report on Proposed Solar Powered Furnace Manufacturing Business. Publication
Learning to Bridge Different Ways of Knowing: The Dream of Wild Health American Indian Seed-Garden Project as Mentor. Publication
Laying the Groundwork: Telling Our Story - Minnesota Community Land Trusts. Publication
Landowner Meetings ラ Final Report. Publication
Land Use Analysis of the Greater Bemidji Area. Publication
Jumpstart 4 Kindergarten: An Early Childhood Data Tracking System. Publication
Itasca County Resorts and Tourism. Publication
Itasca Area Community Asset Mapping Project Publication
Irving and John Anderson Park Master Plan 2013. Publication
Inventory and Assessment of Natural Resources in Crow Wing County: A Framework for Conservation and Recreation Planning. Publication
Intercultural Adaptation of Refugees and Rural Communities: From Burma to Minnesota Publication
Institutional Food Market Survey. Publication
Initiatives: Linking Sustainable Agricultural and Natural Resources Opportunities in Southeast Minnesota with the University of Minnesota. Publication
Indigenous Corn Propagation Project. Publication
Increasing Healthy Food Access Publication
In the Heart of Minnesota's Vacation and Recreation Area Publication
Implementing the LOCI Software in Minnesota: Tests in Benton, Sherburne and Wright Counties. Publication
Identifying County Land Conservation Priorities/Recreation Opportunities. Publication
Houston County Trail Development Master Plan. Publication
Homeowner Yard and Landscape Study for the Cascade Lake Watershed. Publication
HomeGrown: Sustainable Agriculture and Local Foods in Central Minnesota. Publication
Home Visiting At-Risk Families: The Dakota Healthy Families Program. Publication
Historic Murphy's Landing Program Evaluation. Publication
Historic Landscape Report: Warden House Stillwater, Minnesota. Publication
Highway 29 North Shore Asset Inventory. Publication
Gull Lake Micropolitan Pilot Area: Planning Terms and Definition Research. Publication
Guidelines for the Development of Diversity Leadership and Education: A 'How-To' Manual for Communities and Schools. Publication
Growing Green Feasibility Study and Business Plan. Publication
Growing Awareness of Renewable Energy in Olmstead County. Publication
GreenStep Cities Internship. Publication
Greater Minnesota Rising Publication
Greater Cass Lake Area Tourism Impact Analysis. Publication
Gary Pines Master Plan Publication
Gale Woods Farm Curriculum Directory. Publication
Friends of the Vermillion River Water Trail Study. Publication
Foundations for Nature-Based Tourism in Lake of the Woods. Publication
Forest Resource Management in Southeast Minnesota. Publication
Food Sovereignty in Northern Minnesota; Building a Sustainable and Accessible Food System in This Region. Publication
Food and Farming: Potential for Partnership. Publication
Focus Group Study: College in the Schools Student Experience in Central Minnesota. Publication
First Call for Helpᆴ Southwest: Building Regional Identity Project. Publication
Findings on the Economic Benefits of Broadband Expansion to Rural and Remote Areas. Publication
Final Report: Dream of Wild Health Project Publication
Fighting Food Insecurity in Duluth: Evaluating the Efficacy of Chum's Food Shelves Publication
Fergus Falls Art Crawl. Publication
Feasibility and Business Planning for Olcott Park Greenhouse. Publication
Farming and Soil Carbon: A Partial Solution to the Global Warming Problem. Publication
Farm-to-School in Central Minnesota - Applied Economic Analysis. Publication
Farm to Schools Lunch Program: Implementing Local Rochester-Area Foods into School Lunches. Publication
Faribault Diversity Project Report. Publication
Family Assets for Independence in Minnesota. Publication
FAIM Return on Investment Project. Publication
Facilitating Small Farmer's Access to New Sales Channels in Minnesota: A Transaction Cost Analysis. Publication
Extending the Minnesota Growing Season with Solar Heated High Tunnels Publication
Exploring Collaborative Opportunities in Natural Resource Planning and Conservation. Publication
Expansion of Invasive Carp Range in Minnesota: Using Glacial Geomorphology, Digital Elevation Models and Vector Data to Identify Potential Watershed Breaches in ArcGIS Publication
Event Marketing and Expansion Assessment. Publication
Evaluation of the Farm Beginnings Mentorship Program. Publication
Evaluating the Potential of the Buy Fresh Buy Local Strategy for Northwest Minnesota. Publication
Elder Network Mental Health and Aging Study. Publication
Eco-Rehab: An Ecological Guide for the Rehabilitation of Cabins at the Arcola Mills Center. Publication
Duluth Open Space Initiative Organizational Goals and Action Steps. Publication
Digitization and Preservation of Milan's Film History. Publication
Damiano Center's Kids Cafe Publication
Dakota Women's March, The. Publication
Cyrus Magnet School: School Marketing Plan 2005-2006. Publication
Customer Satisfaction Survey Results and Analysis. Publication
Cultural Diversity: A Case Study on Assessing the Present and Planning for the Future. Publication
Crow Wing County’s Lakeshore Impervious Coverage Research Project. Publication
Crow Wing County’s Lakeshore Impervious Coverage Research Project Phase II. Publication
Crossing Paths: A Study of the Interaction Between Law Enforcement and the Mentally Ill. Publication
Creating Public Outreach Information to Support a Culture of Water Quality Stewardship in the Zumbro Watershed Publication
Creating a National Heritage Area for the Coteau Region. Publication
Cotton Park Master Plan. Publication
Cost Effectiveness of the Freeborn County Restorative Justice Program. Publication
Corn Stover Utilization and Soil Health. Publication
Consumer-Driven Demand Analysis for Locally Grown and Organic Wool in the Upper Midwest Publication
Conservation Design for Commercial Properties. Publication
Community Offender Reentry Program Evaluation Project. Publication
Community Language in the Classroom: Collaborations for Ojibwe Language Publication
Community Building on the Edge of the Wilderness. Publication
Community Biomass Energy Feasibility Study. Publication
Community Assistantship Program: Connecting the University with Greater Minnesota. Publication
Community Assistantship Program Receives Blandin and McKnight Foundation Grants News story
Community Assistantship Program (CAP) Program
Community Action Duluth: Measuring the Return on Investment for Participant Outcomes in Three Community Action Duluth Employment Programs. Publication
Communities and Local Energy: A Workbook--The Future Is Now. Publication
Collaboration: A Youth Development Initiative of the Faribault Youth Service Center. Publication
Cold-Climate Greenhouse Resource: A Guide for Designing and Building a Cold-Climate Greenhouse Publication
Clean Energy Resource Teams Strategic Energy Plan. Publication
City of Rockford Survey Report. Publication
Choices for the Future of the Hiawatha Valley. Publication
Changing How Minnesota History Is Told: A Program Evaluation for Historic Murphy's Landing. Publication
Champion Communities Toolkit. Publication
CGB School Greenhouse. Publication
Certified Firewood Marketing Plan For Certified Wood From Central Minnesota. Publication
CarFit Minnesota: Community Engagement in Action. Publication
Cambridge: Design Opportunities Publication
Building Financial Stability in Farmworker and Rural Latino Organizations. Publication
Blandin Community Investment Partnership: Networking for the Future. Publication
Biomass Gasification. Publication
Biomass for Cooling System Technologies: A Feasibility Guide Publication
BioBusiness Resource Network. Publication
Big Stone Lake Food Shelf C-G-B Elementary Fruit Tree Project. Publication
Big Stone County Draft Comprehensive Plan. Publication
Best Practices in Microlending. Publication
Baby Steps Program Evaluation. Publication
Attempt to Understand the Physical Hydrology of the Chippewa River Watershed. Publication
Asset Survey for the Experiment in Rural Cooperation, a University of Minnesota Sustainable Development Partnership in Southeast Minnesota.. Publication
Assessment of Public Health Needs in Four Counties in Western Minnesota. Publication
Assessment of Interest in Youth Arts Programming. Publication
Assessment of Disease Management of Diabetes-Phase 1. Publication
Assessing the Impediments to Success in Sustainable Agriculture in the Central Region of Minnesota. Publication
Appleton Celebrating 125 years 1881-2006. Publication
Appetite for Change's Community Cook Program: A Qualitative Analysis. Publication
Analyzing Current Downtown Conditions and Market Analysisfor Brainerd, Minnesota. Publication
Analysis of the Proposed Mill Towns Trail. Publication
Analysis of the Proposed Mill Towns Trail. Publication
Analysis of Impacts of Land Use Patterns on General Development Lakes in Rice County, Minnesota. Publication
Advancing Minnesota's Community Solar Access in Municipally and Cooperatively Owned Electric Territories Publication
Accessory Dwelling Units to Support Farm Transitions Publication
A Sustainable, Localized Food Service Plan: Development Strategies for Lakewood Health System Publication
A Senior Care Facility in Milan, Minnesota: Survey Analysis and Recommendations. Publication
A Preliminary Assesment of Impairments to Melrose Lake, MN 2013. Publication
A Housing Inventory of Pequot Lakes, Minnesota. Publication
A Community Oriented Vision and Plan for the Rural America Arts Plaza Plainview, Minnesota. Publication
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