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Nelson Community Based Research Presentation: Toolkit for Short-Term Rentals Event
Neighborhoods Now! Neighborhood Systems Change Event
Frogtown Square: A New Case Study of Mixed-Use, TOD Development Event
Neighborhoods Now! Neighborhood Issues Organizing Event
Community Based Research Workshop Event
Motivations and Needs of HIRED’s Ramsey County Welfare-to-Work Participants and Local Employers Project
Understanding Strategies and Tactics in Commercial Corridor Revitalization Project
William Mitchell Community Development Clinic Project
William Mitchell Community Development Clinic Project
Year Round Local Foods Market in downtown Willmar Project
Appropriate Business Mix for a Rural Transit Center in Lent Township Project
Addressing “Talent Loss” in the Twin Cities Metropolitan Area: Understanding the Local Development of Non-Immigrant and Immigrant Minority Students’ Academic Mindsets Project
Economic Justice Monitoring Project Project
Worker Earnings, Commuting, and Labor Force Participation in Minnesota Counties Project
Economic Justice Monitoring Project (Phase II - Recommendations) Project
West Broadway Business Improvement District Project
Measuring the Return on Investment for Participant outcomes in 3 Community Action Duluth employment programs Project
Minnesota Boomers at Work/in Transition Project
Community Kitchen Partnership and Small Business Incubator Project
Leveraging the Youth Development Study Archive to Inform Local Public Policy Project
Neighborhoods Now! Project
Integrating Site Design into Conservation Corps Minnesota Projects Project
Supply Chain Analysis Project Project
Economic Justice Monitoring Project (Phase II - Recommendations) Project
West Broadway Farmers Market Study Project
Workplace Victimization among Healthcare Workers Project
Asset Building through Family and Community Based Financial Well Being Project
Establishing a Baseline of Opportunities & Challenges for Regional Food Value Chain Businesses Project
Rank the Banks Report Card & Community Engagement Project
Building the Creative Economy for Minnesota's Artists and Communities Project
The Future of Our Farmland: An Agricultural Inventory for Scott County, Minnesota Project
Work Aspirations and Career Expectations of Somali Youth and Young Adults Project
Sewn Products in Minnesota: Identifying Policy Influences on Industry Development and Fostering a Skilled Workforce Project
Good Food Advocacy Campaign and Northside Growers Collaborative Project
HIRE Minnesota – Racial Equity in the Hospitality Industry Project
Healthy Neighborhood, Fresh Food Initiative Project
Economic Justice Monitoring Project (Phase II - Recommendations) Project
Employer Assisted Housing Models and their Applicability to the Lowry and Chicago Avenue Corridors Project
Evaluating the Potential of the Buy Fresh Buy Local Strategy for Northwest Minnesota Project
Competitive Position for Brainerd and Baxter Regarding Development Fees Project
The Impacts of Transportation Investments on Economic Growth in the Twin Cities Project
Minneapolis-St. Paul Regional Cluster Competitiveness Study Project
African-Immigrant Organizations in Minneapolis and Saint Paul: Development, Practices, and Financing Project
Understanding Strategies and Tactics in Commercial Corridor Revitalization Project
Building a Cooperative Loan Fund Project
Building Sustainable Local Agricultural System Capacity through Farm to Institution Planning Project
Scaling Up Local Foods for Institutional Demand in West Central Minnesota What does the market really want?: Project
Internal Migration and Recovery from the Great Recession in Urban Minnesota Counties and Neighborhoods Project
Employee Turnover in Minnesota Companies Project
A Guide to Local Food System Planning for Scott County, Minnesota Project
Starling Program Planning Project
Setting the Table Market Meals Project
Handbook for Navigating through the Minneapolis Commercial Corridor Process. Publication
Tourism and the International Wolf Center. Publication
Worker Training Follow Up System. Publication
Regional Consumer Price Comparisons--With Specific Applications to Minnesota. Publication
Documenting Filing: Why Injured Workers Don't File Claims. Publication
A Business Plan and Community Vision for a Productive Greenhouse in Seward. Publication
Upper Mississippi Forest Certification Initiative. Publication
Community Reinvestment in the City of St. Paul: Are Residents and Businesses Receiving the Financial Services They Need? Publication
Estimating Underemployment in West Central Minnesota: Douglas, Grant, Pope, Stevens, and Traverse Counties. Publication
Future Fit of Industry in St. Paul. Report to the City of St. Paul's Department of Planning and Economic Development. Publication
Minority Owned Business Publication
Manual: How to Conduct a Home-Based Business Survey for Twin Cities' Neighborhoods. Publication
Idle Youth in Minnesota. Publication
Update on the Upper Midwest's Trade Centers. Publication
Why Don't State and Local Economic Development Programs Produce Economic Development? Publication
Drained Wealth, Withered Dreams. The Disparate Impact of Predatory Lending in the Twin Cities. Publication
Neighborhood Employment Network Affiliate and Minnesota Family Investment Program Performance Management Study. Publication
BioBusiness Resource Network. Publication
Corporate-Nonprofit Linkages in Minneapolis-St. Paul: Preliminary Findings from Three Surveys. Publication
Artist-Centric Urban and Regional Development: An Occupational Approach. Publication
Are Good Jobs Disappearing? Third in the series, What the 1990 Census Says About Minnesota. Publication
Entrepreneurship and Future Employment in Minnesota. Publication
Hmong in the Workplace Publication
Powderhorn Park Neighborhood Association Node Study. Publication
Raising Minnesota's Minimum Wage. Publication
Minnesota AFL-CIO's Workers' Organizing Rights Commission: Final Report. Publication
North Metro I-35W Corridor Coalition Survey about Employment: Results and Technical Report. Publication
Greater Cass Lake Area Tourism Impact Analysis. Publication
North Saint Paul Economic Restructuring: Downtown Niche Analysis Publication
Farm-to-School in Central Minnesota - Applied Economic Analysis. Publication
Questions About Women in the Minnesota Economy. Publication
Hatching Small Businesses. Publication
Eco-Industrial Park Development: Manufacturing Changes. Final Project Report. Publication
Elliot Park Jobs Project. An Examination into Training Opportunities and Employment Possibilities within the Elliot Park Neighborhood. Publication
Quantifying the Effectiveness of Soil Remediation Techniques in Compact Urban Soils. Publication
The New Minnesotans: How Are They Doing in Economic Terms? Publication
Office of Career Development. Publication
Twin Cities Area Survey and Low Income Survey 1984: Summary of Findings on Economy and Employment. Publication
Northeast Minneapolis Central Avenue Commercial Corridor: Business Survey Report. Publication
Aligning HIRED Workshops with Work Readiness Standards. Publication
Business Firm as an Instrument of Social Change: A Colombian Model. Publication
Analysis of the First Source Program in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Publication
Central Avenue Parking Study: Collaboration and CPTED in Practice. Publication
Seven Years of Welfare Reform-Weighing the Results: A Summary of Research Findings on the Minnesota Family Investment Program (MFIP). Publication
Beyond the Malling of America: The Rise of Twin Cities Festival Markets. Publication
Underreporting of Work-related Injuries Among Minority Population in Minnesota. Focus Group Discussions with Latino Population in Minnesota. A draft report. Publication
Report on Youth Activities and Employment. Publication
Job Bank Merrick Community Services Client Database. Publication
Educational Needs of Dislocated Workers in Minnesota. Publication
Looking Toward the Mall of America after 1992. Publication
Regional Labor Markets: Econometric Analysis. Publication
Evaluating Redevelopment on Lyndale. Publication
Understanding the Importance of Research at Community Colleges and Workforce Centers. Publication
Product Tracking (Systems) Alternatives for the Headwaters Forestry Cooperative (HFC). Publication
Look at Four Plant Shutdowns in Minnesota. Publication
Minority Business Training in Minneapolis: BEAM. Publication
Building a Strategy for Marketing Minnesota's Secondary Materials. Publication
Greater Minnesota Rising Publication
Characteristics of Poverty: Incidence, Change, and Correlates. Fifth in the series, What the 1990 Census Says About Minnesota. Publication
Lake Street Business Profile for the Powderhorn Park Neighborhood Association and the Lake Street Task Force. Publication
Income and Poverty in Minnesota. Publication
Military Production and the Minnesota Economy: A Report for the Minnesota Task Force on Economic Conversion. Publication
On Quantifying the Economic Impact of the Arts in the Minneapolis Arts District. Publication
CURA Reporter Summer 2012 Publication
Event Marketing and Expansion Assessment. Publication
Trade Centers of the Upper Midwest: Changes from 1960 to 1989. Publication
Fergus Falls: As the Retailers See It. Publication
Building a Strategy for Marketing Minnesota's Secondary Materials. Executive Summary: A Blueprint for Action. Publication
Defining Personal Financial Assets in the African American Community Publication
Employment and Business Survey in the Phillips Neighborhood. Publication
Federal Cutbacks and the Local Economy. Publication
Role of the Church in Community Development: Two Case Studies Publication
Development of Physical Ability Tests for Police Officers: A Construct Validation Approach. Publication
Recruiting and Retaining Nurses in Minnesota. Publication
Evaluation of HIRED Vocational Programming at Broadway High School, Minneapolis. Publication
Models and Strategies for a Produce Distribution Plan. Publication
Findings from the Second Phase of a Study of the Transition from Welfare to Work in Hennepin County, Minnesota. Publication
Urban Development and the Politics of a Creative Class: Evidence from a Study of Artists. Publication
Poverty of Opportunity: Restoring the Minnesota Dream. Publication
Minnesota Rural Grocery Survey Publication
Upper Harbor Terminal Policy and Action. Research Project Report. Publication
Minnesota's Performance in Attracting Foregn Direct Investment. Publication
Minnesota's Economic Recovery Fund: Positive Results, Room for Improvement. Publication
Work Skills Survey of Firms 2000: Technical Report. Publication
West Central Minnesota Telecommunications Report. Publication
Analyzing Current Downtown Conditions and Market Analysisfor Brainerd, Minnesota. Publication
Proceedings from a Forum and Consultation on the Church as Partner in Community Economic Development. Publication
A Consumption Base Theory of Development: An Application to the Rural Cultural Economy. Publication
Employment Patterns Affecting Chicanos and Latinos in the Twin Cities. Publication
The Minnesota Economy: Competitive Performance in Manufacturing, Mining, Construction, Services, and Government in the 1970s. Data Base Report #3. Publication
Educating for Rural Economic Development: A Minnesota Application of the Land Grant Model. Final Report for the Bush Foundation Grant. Publication
Whittier Works Business Survey. Publication
An Evaluation of Lifetrack Services to Karen in a Second Wave of Migration to Worthington, Minnesota: Nine Rays of Light Reach the Star of the North. Publication
New Careers Program: A Retrospective. Publication
New Designs for the Minneapolis Employment and Training Program. Publication
Minneapolis Neighborhood Employment Training Evaluation: Results and Technical Report. Publication
Providing Support for an Innovative Neighborhood Economic Development Strategy: Report on a Survey of the Needs of Homebased Business in the Marcy-Holmes Neighborhood. Publication
A Guide to Local Food System Planning for Scott County, Minnesota. Publication
Northeast Minneapolis: Have Jobs Declined? Publication
Estimating New Firms and New Jobs: Considerations in Using the Dun and Bradstreet Files. In the Proceedings of the Fifth Annual Babson College Entrepreneurship Research Conference, Frontiers of Entrepreneurship Research 1985. Publication
Exploring School-to-Work Programs and School/Work/Community Partnerships on St. Paul's West Side. Publication
CURA Reporter Fall/Winter 2011 Publication
Day Labor: A Labor Market Analysis of Temporary Industrial Workers. Publication
Are You Employing Your Total Self? Publication
Metropolitan Minority Business Survey: A Study of the Twin City Minority Business Activity and Problems. Publication
Whittier Alliance Home-Based Business Results. Publication
East Side Work Resource HUB Project Study. Publication
Citizen Opinion on the Economy. Publication
Who Owns Downtown? Publication
Neighborhood Employment Network Client Survey. Publication
Bryn Mawr Home-based Business Survey. Publication
Trade Centers of the Upper Midwest: 1999 Update. Publication
Community-based Economic Development Organizations in Minnesota. Publication
Problems of Black Business. Publication
Saint Paul Community Development Agenda 1996-2001. Publication
Ramping up the Minnesota hazelnut industry through market development Publication
Income and Poverty. First in the series, What the 1990 Census Says About Minnesota. Publication
Nonprofits and the Corporate Grants Economy in the Twin Cities, 1980-1989. Publication
MCCED Enterprise Development Directory. Publication
Downtown Saint Paul Retail/Commercial Inventory. Publication
Don't Pass Us By. Publication
Implementing the LOCI Software in Minnesota: Tests in Benton, Sherburne and Wright Counties. Publication
State Evaluation of Foreign Sales Efforts. Publication
Corporate-Nonprofit Linkages in Minneapolis-St. Paul: Findings from a Longitudinal Study, 1980-1988. Publication
Building a Strategy for Marketing Minnesota's Secondary Materials. Volume I: Market Status Report. Publication
The State of Black Women’s Economics in Minnesota Publication
Hawthorne Northside Business Survey. Publication
Implementing the Stevens Square-Loring Heights Common Social Services Plan: An Examination of the NiCo Employment Project. Publication
Geography of Consumer Demand: Gasoline Retailing in St. Cloud. Publication
Market Analysis of Goodwill Easter Seals Job Training Program. Publication
Rural Community Viability--An Overview. Publication
Primer: Understanding the Child Care Trilemma from an Economic Perspective. Publication
Economic Indicators of the Lake Street Corridor. Publication
Meander 2005: Upper Minnesota Valley Art Crawl. Publication
Minnesota as a Host for Foreign Direct Investment: A Comparison with Other States. Publication
Business Improvements for 2004 - Second Harvest Heartland. Publication
Ending Welfare Dependency: The BOSS Program in St. Paul. Publication
Consumer-Driven Demand Analysis for Locally Grown and Organic Wool in the Upper Midwest Publication
Neighborhood Economic Development Handbook for All Neighborhood Members. Publication
Neighborhood Shopping Center in North Minneapolis: An Economic Analysis. Publication
Evaluating Economic and Fiscal Impacts of an Evolving Swine Industry. Publication
Loans to Business to Encourage Rural Economic Development. Publication
Minnesota Department of Human Services Employee Opinion Survey: Results and Technical Report. Publication
Omega Food Cooperative Report. Publication
Pomme de Terre Food Co-Op. Publication
Powderhorn East Business Survey. Publication
Crossover: How Artists Build Careers across Commercial, Nonprofit, and Community Work. Publication
Indian Employment in Minneapolis. Publication
Industry Square: Issues and Alternatives in Development. Publication
Training Southeast Asian Women for Employment: Public Policies and Community Programs, 1975-1985. Publication
Saint Paul District 10 Business Survey. Publication
Did the Economic Lot of Minnesotans Improve During the 1990s? Publication
What Is a Good Job? Publication
Work Skills Survey of Firms 2001: Technical Report. Publication
Strategic Management Plan for Creating a Forestry Co-op. Publication
Facilitating Small Farmer's Access to New Sales Channels in Minnesota: A Transaction Cost Analysis. Publication
Economic Health Through Community-Based Development. Publication
Plant Shutdowns: A Look at Some of the Responses. Publication
Management of Private Enterprise: Progress for the Future, Paper Number One. Publication
Micro Venture Capital: A Feasibility Study. Publication
Access to Growing Job Centers in the Twin Cities Metropolitan Area. Publication
Plymouth Avenue Shopping Center. Publication
Do Highway Funds Spur Economic Development? Publication
Southeast Industrial Area Economic Development Study: Phase I and Phase II. Publication
Assessing Minneapolis–St. Paul’s Regional Economic Competitiveness: An Analysis of Industry Clusters Publication
Camp Katherine Parson Business Plan. Publication
Evaluating International Business Development: Lessons for Minnesota. Publication
Retail Sales Trends in Minnesota. Publication
Minnesota Economy: A Regional Perspective for 1967-83. Publication
Comprehensive Parking Study of University and Raymond Avenues, St. Paul. Publication
Artists' Centers: Evolution and Impact on Careers, Neighborhoods, and Economies. Publication
New Jobs From Community-Based Economic Development. Publication
Women's Economic Index for the Minnesota Women's Consortium. Project Report. Publication
Stevens Square Community Organization Economic Development Study. Publication
Survey of East 7th Street Businesses. Publication
Trade Centers of the Upper Midwest. Publication
Tax Incentives and Public Loans and Subsidies: What Difference Do They Make in Nonmetropolitan Economic Development? Publication
Business Analysis of the Midtown Lake Street Commercial Corridor in South Minneapolis. Publication
North Minneapolis LAC Business Start-Up and Growth Guide. Publication
Whole Farm Cooperative Marketing Options. Publication
Fundamental Principles and Model for Social Intervention of Colombia's Fundacion Social. Publication
Office of Career Development: The New Careers Experience. Publication
Investigating Eco-Industrial Park Development: Final Report and Recommendations for Future Consideration. Publication
Economic Impact of Undocumented Workers in Minnesota. Publication
Survey of Home-Based Businesses in the Powderhorn Park Neighborhood. Publication
Are Good Jobs Disappearing in Minnesota? Publication
Impact of Branch Banking Commercial Credit in Nonmetropolitan Areas. Publication
Minnehaha Avenue Retail Market Analysis. Publication
Blandin Community Investment Partnership: Networking for the Future. Publication
Trade Centers of the Upper Midwest: Three Case Studies Examining Changes from 1960 to 1989. Publication
Organization of Work: Changes and Their Consequences. Publication
An Evaluation of the Performance of Applied General Equilibrium Models of the Impact of NAFTA. A Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis Research Department Staff Report. Publication
Solar Dehydration Project Publication
Coordinating Community-Based Economic Development in the Phillips Neighborhood: Approaches and Challenges of the People of Phillips. Publication
Improving Economic Forecasting in Minnesota. Publication
Characteristics of Poverty in Minnesota. Publication
Forging a Peace Economy in Minnesota: A Report for the Minnesota Task Force on Economic Conversion. Publication
Who's Financing the American Dream? A Comprehensive Study of Home Purchase Lending in Twenty Large Metropolitan Areas from 1994 to 1996. Publication
Opportunities and Constraints for System Change: A Historical Perspective on the Community Employment Partnership. Publication
FAIM Return on Investment Project. Publication
Forced Out: Older Workers Confront Job Loss. Publication
Artists and the Arts as Economic Development. Publication
Pension Plan Survey of Nonprofit Organizations in Minnesota. Publication
First Steps Curriculum and Job-Readiness Curriculum Outline. Publication
Strategies of Economic Development: East Side Neighborhood Development Company. Publication
Older Displaced Workers and Work-Retirement Options: A Case Study. Publication
Impact Study of Community Development Block Grant/Financial Management Education Program. Publication
2001 Work Skills Survey of the General Population: Results and Technical Report. Publication
Food and Farming: Potential for Partnership. Publication
Job Loss in Paper Mills in Minnesota and Maine. Publication
Marketing Minnesota's Fields and Forests: Research on the Potential for Developing a Farm Stay Database and Joint Marketing Program in Minnesota. Publication
Prospects for Retail Business in Duluth. Publication
Entrepreneurship and Employment Growth. Publication
Duluth Retail Market Analysis. Publication
Educational Needs of Dislocated Workers in Minnesota. Publication
St. Paul's North End Community: A Report on Industrial, Commercial, and Residential Redevelopment. Publication
Supporting the Career Aspirations of American Indian Youth. Publication
Evaluation of the Cambridge Telework Center: Commuting Time and Distance, Work Attitudes, Job Performance, and Financial Impact. Publication
1999 Work Skills Survey of the General Population: Results and Technical Report. Publication
Hennepin Avenue Task Force. Background Report for Martin and Pitz Consultant Team. Publication
Post-Employment and Job-Retention Report: Identifying Best Practices to Increasing Participation Rates Through Pre- and Post-Employment Services. Publication
Twin Cities' Festival Markets: The Merchants' Perspective. Publication
Alternatives to Economic Dislocation: A Feasibility Study. Publication
38th Street Market Study. Publication
Trade-Center Hierarchy in Greater Minnesota. Publication
Well-Being of Parents and Children in the Minnesota Family Investment Program in Hennepin County, Minnesota, 1998-2002. Publication
When Women Must Work: A Study of the Location of Jobs With Livable Wages for Women in Minnesota. Publication
Hispanic Focus-groups Discuss Experiences, Attitudes about Workplace Safety. Publication
Harrison Neighborhood Association: Business Development Along Glenwood Avenue. Publication
Aiming Higher: East Side Work Resource Hub Evaluation. Publication
Economics of New Firms: Policy Implications for Minnesota. Publication
Shopping Downtown. Publication
Credit Rationing in Non-Metropolitan Markets for Small Business Loans. Publication
Sheridan Neighborhood Business Community Study. Publication
Certified Firewood Marketing Plan For Certified Wood From Central Minnesota. Publication
Community-Based Economic Development in Minnesota: An Update. Publication
Black Business in the Twin Cities. Publication
Poverty and Urban Decline: The Twin Cities Compared with Ten Other Metropolitan Areas. Publication
Quantifying the Economic Opportunity of Local Food Production in Cook County Publication
Path of Urban Decline: The Twin Cities and Ten Other U.S. Metropolitan Areas. Second in the series, What the 1990 Census Says About Minnesota. Publication
Strategies for Economic Development. Publication
Minnesota Economic Indicators: Part I - Purpose and Precedent Publication
Job Disparities and Economic Development Opportunities. Publication
Smaller Minnesota Cities Are Holding Up Well Economically. Publication
Western Area City County Cooperative (WACCO) Technology Audit. Publication
City Venture Corporation: An Experiment in Urban Development Through Public/Private Partnership. Publication
Discrimination in St. Paul's Financial Services. Publication
Building a Strategy for Marketing Minnesota's Secondary Materials. Volume II: A Blueprint for Action. Publication
A Review of Local Wage Theft Ordinances, Data Practices, & Evaluation Procedures Publication
Home Based Business Survey for the Field Regina Northrop Neighborhood. Publication
Survey Report: The Needs and Issues of Home-Based Businesses in the CARAG Neighborhood. Publication
Women, Work, and the City. Publication
The Minnesota Economy: An Examination of Employment Growth and Occupational Structure and a Review of Recent Performance Records in Agriculture and Agricultural Services; Finance, Insurance, and Real Estate; and Transportation, Communications… Publication
Inside State and Local Economic Development Programs: The Record of Minnesota's Small Cities Economic Development Program. Publication
Findings from the First Phase of a Study of the Transition from Welfare to Work in Hennepin County, Minnesota. Publication
Blue Thumb: Connecting Native Plant Growers with Buyers. Publication
Itasca County Resorts and Tourism. Publication
Economic and Local Government Impacts of the Minnesota Swine Industry. Publication
Under-, Over-, and Mismatched Skills Employment in Northeast Minnesota, Including the Port Cities. Publication
Directory of Metropolitan Career Counseling Opportunities for Women - College and University Based, Community Based, Public Institutions, Resources for Counselors, Vocational Schools. Publication
Biomass for Cooling System Technologies: A Feasibility Guide Publication
Commercial Activities in Dayton's Bluff/District 4: A Business Profile for the Dayton's Bluff Community Council. Publication
What Works at Work? Evidence from the Minnesota Human Resources Management Practices Study. Publication
North American Free Trade. Publication
Minnesota Human Resource Management Practices Survey: Results and Technical Report. Publication
Northfield Downtown Development Corporation Report. Publication
Supporting Diversity in Community Development through the Krusell Fellowship. Publication
Best Practices in Microlending. Publication
New Management Model for Downtown Minneapolis. Publication
The Urban Core as a Cultural Sticky Place. In Dietrich Henckel, Elke Pahl-Weber, and Benjamin Herkommer (eds.), Time Space Places. Publication
Making a Living? The State of Working Minnesota Labor, Day 2000. Publication
West End Market Analysis. Publication
Comparative Study of the Costs of Administration in Public and Private Elementary Schools. Publication
Report on Employers' Needs in the West Side Neighborhood, Saint Paul, Minnesota. Publication
The North American Free Trade Agreement: Its Impact on Minnesota and Wisconsin. Publication
Survey and Analysis of South St. Anthony Park. Publication
2004 Work Skills Survey of the General Population: Results and Technical Report. Publication
Action on Arcade: Summary Analysis Report. Building an Environment for Re-Investment through Physical, Social and Economic Action. Publication
Milaca Downtown Revitalization. Publication
New Firms in Minnesota: Explorations in Economic Change. Publication
New Firms in Minnesota: Their Contributions to Employment and Exports, Their Start-up Problems and Current Status. Draft Report of Phase I of the New Firms Project. Publication
When Government Intervenes to Assist Small Business. Publication
Job Training and Support Programs: An Assessment for the Green Institute. Publication
Achieving Success in Business: A Comparison of Somali and American-Born Entrepreneurs in Minneapolis. Publication
Vocational Assessment. Publication
Black Business in Minneapolis and Saint Paul, a Comparative Study of Black and White Owned Businesses. Publication
Survey of Service Providers and Business on Franklin Avenue. People of Phillips. Publication
Action on Arcade: Strategic Plan. Building an Environment for Re-Investment through Physical, Social and Economic Action. Publication
Employment in Powderhorn East. Publication
NETS for the Unemployed in Minneapolis. Publication
Poverty is the Barrier. Publication
Southside Childcare Collaborative: An Examination of the Market for Childcare in Four South Minneapolis Neighborhoods. Publication
Main Street Impact Project. Publication
Mandating Comparable Worth in Minnesota. Publication
Black Capitalism: The National Scene. Publication
Pope County: A Study of Agriculture and Tourism. Publication
Cultivate Corcoran: An Analysis of the Corcoran Retail Environment Publication
Planning and Implementation of 2002 Old Town Payne Avenue Antique Fair and Neighborhood Tour Payne/Phalen Neighborhood, City of St. Paul. Publication
Home on the Range. Publication
Taxes, Jobs, and Market Growth Rates. Publication
Sears-Reading Market Place. Publication
Promoting Economic Development in North Minneapolis through Land Use Policy. Publication
Foundations for Nature-Based Tourism in Lake of the Woods. Publication
1987 Minnesota New Firms Study: An Exploration of New Firms and Their Economic Contributions. Publication
Growth of Minority Business in the Twin Cities Metropolitan Area. Publication
Ecocenter as Tourist Attraction: Ely and the International Wolf Center. Publication
Minnesota 3-D Worker and Resident Analysis: North Minneapolis. Publication
Economic Development and Employment Research Area
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