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Community Based Research Workshop Event
Breaking the Cycle: Funding LGBTQ Health Equity Work Event
CURA RA Showcase Event
STEPS to Better Transportation Choices: The Green Line Walkability Survey Summary Event
Nelson Community Based Research Presentation: Toolkit for Short-Term Rentals Event
De-Gentrifying Portland: So hopefully you won't have to go through that Event
Kris Nelson Community Based Research deadline for Summer projects News story
Raising the Standard of Living for Workers While Raising the Standard of Care for Clients News story
Student Profile of Lawrence Karongo News story
Have questions that you need help answering? CURA can help News story
Nelson Program Annual Report Highlights Four Semesters of Community-Based Research News story
Community Based Research Request for Proposals due March 15 News story
Fall 2017 Community Based Research Proposals are due June 15 News story
Deadline for fall community based research project proposals is July 3 News story
Alisha Volante and her Research on the Rondo Neighborhood & African American History in St. Paul News story
Disrupting Poverty with Mentoring Young Adults News story
In depth with Lann Briel and her work on the Medicine Wheel for the American Indian Family Center (AIFC) News story
Making Capital Funding Decisions More Equitable in St. Paul: A Story of Policy Change through Community-Based Research News story
NPCR Renamed the Kris Nelson Community-Based Research Program News story
Upcoming Kris Nelson Community Based Research Deadline News story
Kris Nelson Community-Based Research Program Program
Liberty Plaza Residents Survey. Publication
Exploring School-to-Work Programs and School/Work/Community Partnerships on St. Paul's West Side. Publication
Seward Redesign. 2000 Business Survey. Publication
Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design in the Bancroft Neighborhood. Publication
Logan Park and St. Anthony East Community Health Program: Needs and Expectations for a Healthy Community. Publication
Alternative Forms of Historic Designation: A Study of Neighborhood Conservation Districts in the United States. Publication
The Experiences of Latino(a) Renters in Powderhorn Park Neighborhood Publication
Providing Support for an Innovative Neighborhood Economic Development Strategy: Report on a Survey of the Needs of Homebased Business in the Marcy-Holmes Neighborhood. Publication
A GIS Map Making Guide for Neighborhood Organizations and other Community-based Groups in Northeast Minneapolis. Publication
Building Community in Seward Neighborhood: A Self-Study Project of the Seward Neighborhood Group. Publication
Maintaining and Developing Rental Housing in Hamline-Midway. Publication
Development and Implementation of GIS at East Side Neighborhood Development Company. Publication
View from Dayton's Bluff, The: Historical Analysis and Observations. Publication
The State of Black Women’s Economics in Minnesota Publication
Longfellow Community Population and Housing Characteristics, 1940-2000. Publication
Improving the Social, Physical, and Economic Capital of an Urban Community through Residential Revitalization. Publication
Traffic Literature Review: Congestion and Quality of Intersections. Publication
Impact of Contract for Deed Sales in Frogtown. Publication
Community Reinvestment Act Compliance: Creating Partnerships to Serve Communities in Minneapolis and St. Paul. Publication
Neighborhood Housing Condition: Survey Methodology. Publication
Southside Child Care Collaborative: Recommended Funding Schema. Publication
The Safe Route System in District 1. Publication
Creating Public Open Spaces: The Midtown Greenway. Publication
Whittier Alliance Home-Based Business Results. Publication
Equitable Access for All Publication
Multi-Family Rental Housing Review Greater Longfellow 2005. Publication
Saint Paul District 10 Business Survey. Publication
How Do We Get from Here to There? Cross-Cultural Organizing and the District 7 Planning Council. Publication
Investigating Barriers to Mental Health Care for Minnesota’s Refugee Populations. Publication
Housing Barriers and Resources for African Americans in East St. Paul. Publication
Minority Owned Business Publication
Multimodal Transportation at the Franklin Portland Gateway. Publication
The Struggle: A Review of Common and Evidence-Based Practices in Shelter Care, Residential Treatment, and Day Treatment for Youth Publication
Summary of Hope Community NPCR Research Assistantship Work. Publication
Report on the State of Public Art in the West Side Neighborhood of Saint Paul, Minnesota. Publication
Billboards in Our Community. Publication
Juxtaposition Master Plan. Publication
Kenny Bicycle Planning Group. Publication
Buckthrorn Problem. Publication
Stabilizing Housing Careers and Building Community. Publication
Assessment of the East Side Community Outreach Partnership Center. Publication
Jordan Neighborhood Crime Research. Publication
Working in the Intersections of Domestic Violence and Human Trafficking: Lessons Learned Publication
Hmong-Americans in the Mainstream Newspapers of the Twin Cities. Publication
Profiles of Successful African-Americans in Our Communities. Publication
Evaluating Redevelopment on Lyndale. Publication
Understanding the "Walk-In" Phenomenon at the Karen Organization of Minnesota. Publication
Planning and Implementation of 2002 Old Town Payne Avenue Antique Fair and Neighborhood Tour Payne/Phalen Neighborhood, City of St. Paul. Publication
Lake Street Business Profile for the Powderhorn Park Neighborhood Association and the Lake Street Task Force. Publication
Central Corridor Light Rail Transit (LRT) in Minneapolis and Saint Paul: Sustaining Affordable Housing in the Central Corridor - The Neighborhood Connection. Publication
The Food Desert in St. Anthony Park Publication
Sheridan Veterans Memorial. Publication
Franklin Steel Commons. Publication
Stevens Square Community Organization: An NRP Retrospective. Publication
In the Beginning: A Review of Design Options Under Consideration and Questions Facing Zona Latina. Publication
Coordinating Community-Based Economic Development in the Phillips Neighborhood: Approaches and Challenges of the People of Phillips. Publication
Assessment of Restorative Justice Outcomes. Publication
Community Garden Social Impact Assessment Toolkit. Publication
Action on Arcade: Strategic Plan. Building an Environment for Re-Investment through Physical, Social and Economic Action. Publication
Affordable Housing Development for Asian Americans. Publication
MYA “Disrupting Poverty” Impact Study Publication
Review of Community Food Security Literature and Future Directions for Addressing Community Food Insecurity in North Minneapolis. Publication
NPCR Program Evaluation and Summary Project: Years One to Four (1993-1997). Publication
Method for Measuring Community Empowerment. Publication
Local Connections: Linking Urban Farmers with Food Vendors in North Minneapolis Publication
Neighborhood Home Improvement Loan Fund Handbook. Publication
Westland Commons Development: Vision & Design Guidelines for a Sustainable Development-St. Paul’s North End. Publication
Mental Health and the Gut Microbiome Publication
Economic Indicators of the Lake Street Corridor. Publication
Community Housing Review: Greater Longfellow Community 2002. Publication
Automobile Recycling Alternatives: Why Not? A Look at the Possibilities for Greener car Recycling. Publication
Skyline Towers 1999 Assessment. Publication
Neighborhood Revitalization: Phalen Greenway. Publication
Barge Channel Road Industrial Area: Redevelopment for a Sustainable Community. Publication
A Narrative for Success: Articulating the Value of Hopewell Music Cooperative North Publication
Best Practices for Spending Phase II Housing Dollars: Recommendations for the Corcoran Neighborhood Organization. Publication
Piecing It All Together: A Quantitative and Qualitative Assessment of HOME Link. Publication
Capital Improvements Database: Tracking Changes Made in Affordable Rental Units. Publication
Business Analysis of the Midtown Lake Street Commercial Corridor in South Minneapolis. Publication
Neighborhood Transportation Planning Issues and Strategies in the Linden Hills Neighborhood. Publication
Neighborhood Advocacy for Pedestrian Realm Improvements in the Central Corridor: A Central Corridor Pedestrian Planning Report. Publication
Lyndale Neighborhood Association Problem Properties Handbook. Publication
The Mississippi Courts: Historically Capturing a Community and River Legacy. Publication
Neighborhood Economic Development Handbook for All Neighborhood Members. Publication
North End Rental Census. Publication
Minneapolis American Indian Center: A New Vision for Social, Cultural, Arts and Economic Development Publication
Homeownership and Community Building on the East Side of St. Paul. Publication
Personnel and Organization Management Manual for Minneapolis Neighborhood Organizers. Publication
Healthy Foods Healthy Lives Project Sweetie Pie-Camden Greenhouse Project Publication
Building Community Connections: An Evaluation of the Seward Neighborhood Group's Resident Facilitation Services at Seward Towers East and West. Publication
Whittier Works Business Survey. Publication
Micro Venture Capital: A Feasibility Study. Publication
Midtown Greenway Zoning Overlay District Evaluation. Publication
Grass Lake: Past, Present, and Future Kenny Neighborhood Association. Publication
Ward 1 Community Survey Plan. Publication
Neighborhood Planning for Community Revitalization: Building Community-University Partnerships. Publication
Liberty Plaza Residents Survey Report - 2003. Publication
Upper Harbor Terminal Policy and Action. Research Project Report. Publication
Bibliography of Historical Resources for Northeast Minneapolis. Publication
Community Of Opportunity: A Demographic Analysis Of Low To Moderate Income South Minneapolis. Publication
HOMELink Hmong Program Evaluation. Publication
Northside Cultural Arts Feasibility Study. Publication
Bottineau Neighborhood Housing Inventory and Analysis. Publication
Mobile Justice': A Study of the Effects of Transportation Projects on Manufactured Home Parks. Publication
Shingle Creek Elementary Re-use Options: A Feasibility Study and Impact Analysis. Publication
Comprehensive Parking Study of University and Raymond Avenues, St. Paul. Publication
Funding Trends for Neighborhood Organizations in Minneapolis and St. Paul: A Case Study Examination of Organizations and Collaborations. Publication
Handbook for Navigating through the Minneapolis Commercial Corridor Process. Publication
Buying a Home with Contract for Deed: What You Should Know First. Publication
Neighborhood Livability in Minneapolis: Three Studies. The Criminal Justice System in Hennepin County: Analysis and Recommendations for Action, Livability in Minneapolis Neighborhoods: An Examination of Problem Rental Property, and Community-Oriented… Publication
Southeast Industrial Area Economic Development Study: Phase I and Phase II. Publication
ReDesign: Built from the Inside Out Publication
Light Rail Transit Ridership Survey: Cedar Riverside Station. Publication
Primer for Developing a Community-Based Restorative Justice Model. Publication
Manual For Preserving The Records Of Neighborhood Organizations. Publication
Road to the Community Plan. Publication
Status Report on the Achievement Plus Initiative at Dayton's Bluff Elementary. Publication
Neighborhood Planning for Community Revitalization. Annual Report: Year One. Publication
Defining Personal Financial Assets in the African American Community Publication
Industrial Land Use and Environmental Impacts: A GIS Study of The East Side of Minneapolis. Publication
Reconnecting the Urban Landscape. Publication
A Report to the Center for Urban and Regional Affairs by Southeast Minneapolis Council on Learning. Publication
Examination of Beltrami Youth and Senior Activities. Publication
GIS and the Internet: Tools for Neighborhood Access to Information. Publication
Survey Report: The Needs and Issues of Home-Based Businesses in the CARAG Neighborhood. Publication
Westminster Place Barter Connection. Publication
Intergenerational Community as Intervention. Publication
Oromo Community Engagement in the Cedar-Riverside Neighborhood. Publication
Stevens Square Community Organization Economic Development Study. Publication
Hip Hop Pedagogy Publication
The Mother of All Maps. Publication
MCDA and Single-Family Housing Development in Minneapolis: Report to the United Neighborhoods Coalition. Publication
Models of Community Action in Steven's Square: Faith-Based and Community Organization Collaboration. Publication
Breaking the Cycle: Funding LGBTQ Health Equity Work. Publication
Homelink Program Evaluation. Publication
LEED for Neighborhood Development and the Loring Park Neighborhood. Publication
Reconnecting North Minneapolis and the Mississippi Riverfront Publication
Assessing the Housing Need in the Latino Community. Publication
A Business Plan and Community Vision for a Productive Greenhouse in Seward. Publication
Housing Early Warning System Feasibility in the Hamline Midway Area. Publication
All Wood Products Neighborhood Dispute Report. Publication
Licensed Child Care Market in Phillips. Publication
Bryn Mawr Home-based Business Survey. Publication
The Green Line Walkability Survey: Routes to Rails in the Central Corridor Publication
Phalen Corridor Initiative Report: Summary of Working Group Meetings. Publication
HomeLink Marketing and Media Campaign. Project Summary Report. Publication
CURA Indigenous Seed Recipe Report Publication
North St. Paul Oral History. Publication
Cedar Riverside NRP Directory. Publication
Liberty Plaza, Inc. Residents' Needs Survey Report. Publication
Vacant Land Assessment for Urban Agriculture in North Minneapolis. Publication
There Goes the Neighborhood? The Impact of Subsidized Multi-Family Housing on Urban Neighborhoods. Publication
Marcy-Holmes Neighborhood Environmental Profile. Publication
CURA & Lyndale Neighborhood Association: the Value of Place-based Organizing. Publication
Examining Implications of Improved Riverfront Access and Redevelopment in North Minneapolis Publication
Listening to the Community Findings from the Phillips Neighborhood Park System. Publication
Upper Mississippi River Industrial Corridor Report. Publication
Fiscal Impacts of the St. Paul Houses to Homes Program. Publication
Light Rail Transit Resource Guide. Publication
Planning for the Future of Cleveland Park: A Community Led Vision. Publication
1990 Saint Paul Housing: Plan Challenges and Opportunities for Dayton's Bluff. Publication
Midtown Greenway Land Use and Transit Project. Publication
Highlighting What Worked: Lessons Learned from the Teen Tech Crew’s Civic Technology Project, What’sWerk? Publication
Community-Owned Affordable Housing - Is it Practical? Publication
Impact of Welfare Reform on the Como, Marcy-Holmes, Prospect Park, and University Neighborhoods of Minneapolis. Implications for the South East Business Association (SEBA) and South East Improvement Association (SECIA). Publication
Reaney Feasibility Study. Publication
Phillips Neighborhood Lead Collaborative: Final Report. Publication
District 6 Planning Council, Serving the North End/South Como Neighborhoods: Resident Livability Report. Publication
Blue Thumb: Connecting Native Plant Growers with Buyers. Publication
Downtown Saint Paul Retail/Commercial Inventory. Publication
Welfare Reform and the Phillips Neighborhood: Areas of Concern (1997). Publication
Funding Collaboratives for Neighborhood Organizations: An Analysis of Local and National Experiences. Publication
West Side Community Indicators Project --2012 Baseline. Publication
Strategies in Dealing with Problem Properties in Dayton's Bluff. Publication
Hale School Renovation and Expansion. Final Report. Publication
The Rondo Neighborhood & African American History in St. Paul, MN: 1900s to Current Publication
ReMix Project: Juxtaposition Arts Publication
Ecology and Geology of the Mississippi River Gorge. Publication
SECIA - Environmental Inventory. Publication
Elliot Park Jobs Project. An Examination into Training Opportunities and Employment Possibilities within the Elliot Park Neighborhood. Publication
Profiles of the Development of Neighborhood Child-Care Facilities. Publication
Kenny Neighborhood Association Wetland Bird Foraging: A Comparative Study. Publication
City of Lakes Community Land Trust 2012 Homeowner Survey. Publication
Neighborhood Planning for Community Revitalization: Building Community-University Partnerships. Publication
CLCLT [City of Lakes Community Land Trust] Homebuyer Initiated Program Concept Development Publication
Linden Hills and Fulton Neighborhoods: Land Use Impact Study and Potential Sites for a Neighborhood Community Center/Gym Facility. Publication
Discerning Where They Are: Understanding Current Housing Trends and Related Internal Processes of Six Minneapolis Neighborhood Organizations. Publication
CAPI in the Brooklyns: A Strategic Plan for Asset-Based Community Development. Publication
East Seventh: A Cosmopolitan Corridor. Publication
Indoor Recreational Spaces Study. Publication
Residential Investment Activities in West Side Saint Paul. Publication
Minnehaha Avenue Retail Market Analysis. Publication
38th Street Market Study. Publication
Prosecution of Misdemeanor Offenses, The. Publication
Lind-Bohanon Neighborhood Assessment. Publication
Nokomis East Neighborhood Social Programming Research and Bossen Community Survey. Publication
Appetite for Change Community Cooks: Participant Survey Results. Publication
American Indians on the East Side of St Paul. Publication
Hennepin Avenue Task Force. Background Report for Martin and Pitz Consultant Team. Publication
Assets and Needs Assessment of Foreign Trained Medical and Nursing Graduates in Minnesota and Utilization of Foreign Trained Healthcare Professional Graduates. Publication
Strategies of Economic Development: East Side Neighborhood Development Company. Publication
Efforts and Solutions Concerning Problems Unique to Campus Communities and Recommendation for Action. Publication
Community Asset Mapping Project. Publication
HomeLink Marketing and Media Campaign: To Increase Homeownership Rates for People of Color on the East Side of St. Paul. Publication
Twin Cities Community Garden Resource Guide. Publication
A Review of Local Wage Theft Ordinances, Data Practices, & Evaluation Procedures Publication
Success Measures Home Improvement Program Evaluation. Publication
Public History Community Research Project for St. Paul Model Cities: St. Paul’s Brotherhood of Sleeping Car Porters, 1925-1941 Publication
LRT Station Location and Configuration: Impacts andImplications for Development along the Central Corridor. Publication
Research to Update and Expand Old Highland Neighborhood Walking Tour, Minneapolis, Minnesota. Publication
Abandoned Gas Station Inventory of the Jordan Area: Minneapolis, Minnesota. Publication
How to Build a Community GIS - The MNIS Handbook. Publication
Fulton NRP Education Task Force Effective Education/Community Programs. Publication
Tuttle Community School Landscape Improvement. Publication
St. Anthony East Neighborhood Survey. Publication
Community Benefits Agreements in Minneapolis Neighborhood Planning: The Harrison Neighborhood and Redevelopment of the Bassett Creek Valley. Publication
Harrison Neighborhood Association: Business Development Along Glenwood Avenue. Publication
A REVIEW OF MINNESOTA MEDICAID REIMBURSEMENT RATES: 2004-2014, Impacts on Mental Health Providers Publication
2005 St. Paul Housing Study: Owner-Occupied Housing. Publication
Accessing Housing Data in Saint Paul and Ramsey County, Minnesota. Publication
Sheridan Neighborhood Business Community Study. Publication
Transit, More Than a Ride—Improving Rider Experience. Publication
Evaluation of the Dayton's Bluff Children's Stability Project, Year Two. Publication
Affordable Housing Siting Opportunities in Minneapolis. Publication
Block-based Neighborhood Stabilization. Publication
Manufactured Home Park Policy Best Practices for Comprehensive Plan Updates Publication
Family Means: Assessing the Youth and Family Needs of Households with Children in Landfall, Minnesota. Publication
Envisioning a Permanent Home for the Midtown Farmers' Market. Publication
East 38th Street Development Study. Publication
Runaway Train? Federal Preemption of State and Local Laws. Publication
Stop Night Noise! Building Neighborhood Capacity and Power. Publication
Vacant Housing in the Context of a City Neighborhood: The West Side, St. Paul, Minnesota. Publication
YOUR IDEA HERE: A Toolkit for Unlocking the Community Potential of Vacant Storefronts. Publication
How and Why Community Groups Use Maps and Geographic Information. Publication
Lyndale Neighborhood: Health Indicators, Social Research and the Civic Process. Publication
Adapting the Community Capitals Framework Publication
Job Disparities and Economic Development Opportunities. Publication
Diamond Lake: An Analysis of an Urban Wetland and Projections for the Future. Publication
Community Gardens in the Phillips Neighborhood. Publication
South Asians Health and Awareness Research. Publication
John A. Johnson Housing Opportunity Project Survey. Publication
Whittier Homeownership Center Targeting Project. Publication
Going Beyond the Art: A Program Evaluation of Juxtaposition Arts Between 2005 and 2009. Publication
InHabitation Report Publication
Minneapolis Housing Cost Trends. Publication
Lucy Craft Laney Campus Redesign Master Plan. Publication
Housing Activity in Minneapolis: How MCDA Housing Policies Affect the Neighborhoods in Minneapolis. Publication
An Overview of School Issues in the Longfellow Neighborhood. Publication
Improving Water Quality in the Minneapolis Chain of Lakes and Minnehaha Creek: Stakeholders and Potential Strategies. Publication
Community Oriented Policing Evaluation of the Seward Neighborhood. Publication
Working with Men to End Violence Against Women: A Qualitative Exploration. Publication
East Side Work Resource HUB Project Study. Publication
Stone Arch Bridge Continued: A Plan for Sixth Avenue. Publication
Urban Farm & Garden Alliance Nelson Report Publication
The Effects of Prostitution on Businesses in North Minneapolis. Publication
Predicting Housing Abandonment in Minneapolis' Central Neighborhood: Creating an Early Warning System. Publication
North Minneapolis Southeast Asian Initiative Project Evaluation. Publication
Saint Paul District Councils: An Exploration of Current & Promising Evaluation Practices Publication
Linden Hills Library Community Survey: Final Report. Publication
Assessing Public Parking Demand at Southwest Lake and Hiawatha. Publication
Positive East Side Survey. Publication
District 7 Then and Now: A Summary of Existing Planning Documents Publication
Stevens Square-Loring Heights: A Community Defined. Publication
Franklin Avenue Light Rail Transit Task Force. Publication
Farmland Preservation in Scott and Dakota Counties Publication
Phalen Corridor Initiative Report: Summary of Big Communities Meetings--March 1999. Publication
GIS-Based Environmental Equity and Risk Assessment: Methodologial Problems and Prospects. Publication
Cultivate Corcoran: An Analysis of the Corcoran Retail Environment Publication
A Study of Prostitution in the Jordan Neighborhood Pilot Study for the Northside Project Folwell Neighborhood Association. Publication
Planning for the Future of the Summit-University Neighborhood. Publication
Study of Environmental Profile Around Industries in the Lind-Bohanon Neighborhood Area. Publication
LRT, Development and Neighborhood Planning: A Summary of Planning Efforts along the Future Hiawatha LRT Line Publication
Single Parents Building Community in the Corcoran Neighborhood. Publication
The Prostitution Project: Community-Based Research on Sex Trading in North Minneapolis. Publication
Equity, Gentrification, and Light Rail. Publication
The History and Health Consequences of the Arsenic Contamination in and Around the CMC Heartland Lite Yard Site in South Minneapolis. Publication
West Side Community Environmental Inventory. Publication
Super Block' Rental Housing Survey Publication
Business Improvement Districts in the Twin Cities: Opportunities and Challenges. Publication
Aiming Higher: East Side Work Resource Hub Evaluation. Publication
Telling Stories and Creating Jobs: Community Arts as a Tool for Social Change. Publication
Urban Farm & Garden Alliance Nelson Report UPDATE Publication
Oromo Community Engagement: Bridging Social Capital in the Cedar-Riverside Neighborhood. Publication
Tracking Impacts of Welfare Reform in the Phillips Neighborhood: Food Shelves, Child Care, and Housing. Publication
Job Training and Support Programs: An Assessment for the Green Institute. Publication
Housing Resource Guide. East Phillips Improvement Coalition (EPIC). Publication
Bicycles in Audubon Park. Publication
Don't Pass Us By. Publication
Action on Arcade: Summary Analysis Report. Building an Environment for Re-Investment through Physical, Social and Economic Action. Publication
Midtown Greenway Coalition: Public Open Space Vision Plan. Publication
Health Care for Houses: Suggestions to Help Market Boarded and Vacant Houses for Rehabilitation in Central Neighborhood. Publication
How to Record the Oral History of Your Neighborhood. Publication
The Cupcake Study: Parking on Five Saint Paul Commercial Corridors— From Strains to Solutions. Publication
Job Bank Merrick Community Services Client Database. Publication
Appendix Materials for Stevens Square Community Organization: An NRP Retrospective. Publication
Johnson Street Business District Parking Study. Publication
29th Avenue NE - A Streetscaping Plan for Audubon Park. Publication
The MN Senior Citizen Property Tax Deferral and Other Property Tax Relief Programs for Seniors. Publication
Southside Childcare Collaborative: An Examination of the Market for Childcare in Four South Minneapolis Neighborhoods. Publication
Sears-Reading Market Place. Publication
Bridging Two Worlds: NPCR Program Evaluation Final Report for the First Three Years, 1993-94 to 1995-96. Publication
St. Paul Community Geographic Information Systems (GIS). Publication
Transportation in the Blake Road Neighborhood: The Uses and Needs of Residents. Publication
St Paul Community Gardens: A Study of Public Land Use Policies and Relationships with District Councils. Publication
Survey of Service Providers and Business on Franklin Avenue. People of Phillips. Publication
Equitable Access for All Publication
Feasibility Study for the Creation of a Latino Credit Union in Minnesota. Publication
Powderhorn Park Neighborhood Association Node Study. Publication
Stevens Square-Loring Heights Neighborhood Clinton Sector Redevelopment Plan Publication
Indigenous Evaluations: Fostering a Healing Community. Publication
Survey of Harding High School's School-to-Career Program. Publication
Access and Equity: Reconnecting North Minneapolis and the Mississippi Riverfront Publication
Designing Strategies to Promote Land Stewardship Practices Among Rural Landowners in Washington County. Publication
The Struggle: A Review of Common and Evidence-Based Practices in Shelter Care, Residential Treatment, and Day Treatment for Youth Publication
Minneapolis Community Gardens: A Study of Public Policies in Minneapolis and Hennepin County. Publication
Bridging Social Capital: Responsive Listening Project. Publication
Housing the Whittier Neighborhood. Publication
Near North/Willard-Hay Community: Current State of the Community, 2000. Publication
Restorative Justice in the Context of Community: An Analysis for the Central City Neighborhoods Partnership. Publication
Logan Park Neighborhood Association: Problem Properties. Publication
Business and Employment Assessment: Understanding Employment Practices in the Harrison Neighborhood. Publication
Building Community: The First Five Years of NPCR. Publication
How and Why Community Groups Use Maps and Geographic Information. Publication
American Indian Family Center Needs Assessment Report Publication
Art Center Case Studies: A Comparative Report on Five Art Center Spaces and Design Decisions. Publication
Aurora/St. Anthony Neighborhood Development Corporation Seventeen Year Progress Report. Publication
Environmental Profile of the Lind-Bohanon Neighborhood. Publication
West Broadway Avenue: Community Retail Recruitment Strategies. Publication
Survey of East 7th Street Businesses. Publication
Twin Cities Pride Festival & Parade Attendee Profile. Publication
Stryker-George: Plan for Action Publication
Preserving Homeownership in North Minneapolis: Responding to the Impact of Foreclosures. Publication
Bridging the Gap. Publication
Seward Neighborhood and Community Oriented Policing (COP): Comparison to Best Practices. Publication
Community Development Efforts in Central St Paul. Publication
Employment and Business Survey in the Phillips Neighborhood. Publication
Community Planning Catalyst for Merriam Park and Snelling Hamline. Publication
Social Capital and Community Gardens: A Literature Review. Publication
Employer-Assisted Home Ownership. Publication
Proposal for Creation of a Housing Partnership in the Stevens Square Community. Publication
Towards a Logan Park Neighborhood Conservation District Publication
On Quantifying the Economic Impact of the Arts in the Minneapolis Arts District. Publication
What Twelve to Fifteen Year-Olds Want: A Reference for After School Youth Programmers. Publication
Minneapolis Neighborhood Information Systems Toolkit. Publication
Financial Capacity-Building Opportunity: A Look at Twin Cities Immigrant & Refugee Entrepreneurs Publication
Home Based Business Survey for the Field Regina Northrop Neighborhood. Publication
Summary of Neighborhood Housing Programs Submitted to the Field-Regina-Northrop Neighborhood Revitalization Project. Publication
Smith Avenue: A Historical Overview 1950-Present. Publication
The Various Impacts & Returns of Comprehensive Value-Based Financial Literacy Programming: Re-Evaluation of the Family Stabilization Plan Publication
NOMI Final Report. Publication
A Guide to Neighborhood Assessment: A Student Workbook. Publication
Marcy-Holmes Neighborhood Environmental Profile: 1997 Update. Publication
Hamline-University Rental Profile. Publication
Hospitality Training Programs: A Review for Potential in Minnesota. Publication
School Mobility and Housing in the Dayton's Bluff Community. Publication
Franklin Avenue LRT Station Area Planning and Design. Publication
An Innovative Approach to Environmental Outreach Publication
Fighting Graffiti: An Investigation of Causes and Solutions. Publication
Working through Language Barriers. Publication
Calhoun Gateway Small Area Plan. Publication
Mississippi Corridor Neighborhood Coalition (MCNC) Environmental Inventory Report. Publication
Neighborhood in Transition: An Analysis of Factors Influencing Property Value Change in the McKinley Neighborhood. Publication
Church as a Protective Factor in Urban African American Youth. Publication
Mobile Justice': A Study of the Effects of Transportation Projects on Manufactured Home Parks. Publication
Nokomis Neighborhood Circulator Feasibility Study. Publication
Cooperative Recycling in Dinkytown: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. A Resource Guide for the Dinkytown Business Association (DBA). Publication
Standish-Ericsson Neighborhood Association: Neighborhood Revitalization Program--First Step Action Plan Evaluation. Publication
Juxtaposition Arts: Evaluation Plan. Publication
Problem/At-Risk (PAR) Property Study: Dayton's Bluff Neighborhood, St. Paul, Minnesota. Publication
Hale-Page-Diamond Lake: A Neighborhood History for Today. Publication
Documenting & Improving Alliance Housing’s Landscaping Assets Publication
West Broadway Gateway Project. Publication
West Seventh Neighborhood Cultural/Ethnic Diversity Project. Publication
Funding for Neighborhood Organizations: A Study of Trends Over 1993-1996. Publication
District Five Planning Council: A History of Its Impact in Payne-Phalen. Publication
Historical Assessment of Holland Community Housing. Publication
Growing Community Resilience: Empowering Neighborhoods with Tools of Design for the Northern Climate. Publication
UNN: University Neighborhood Network. A Program of Neighborhood Planning for Community Revitalization. Publication
Underreporting of Crime by the Latino Community in the Lyndale Neighborhood: Perception or Fact? Publication
Commercial Activities in Dayton's Bluff/District 4: A Business Profile for the Dayton's Bluff Community Council. Publication
35W/Lake Street Access Project: Study of Transportation Planning Through a Public/Private Partnership Process. Publication
Wealth Creation Programs for East African Women in Cedar Riverside: An Asset and Gap Analysis. Publication
Process and Procedure: How Structural Problem Properties Are Addressed in the City of St. Paul. Publication
Brief History of CARAG. Publication
University Communities Housing Needs Survey. Publication
The Quarry: A Planning and Development History of the Northeast Minneapolis Retail Center. Publication
Central Avenue Parking Study: Collaboration and CPTED in Practice. Publication
Study of the Impact of Peace Poles in the Frogtown Neighborhood. Publication
Linden Hills Bicycle and Pedestrian Path Project: Report and Recommendations. Publication
Organizing to Address Housing Deterioration and Abandonment in Central Phillips. Publication
Road Construction Business Survival Guide Brochure, 2012. Publication
American Indians in St. Paul: A Preliminary Data Report. Publication
Northeast Minneapolis Central Avenue Commercial Corridor: Business Survey Report. Publication
Thomas-Dale District 7 Planning Council Area Plan. Publication
Creating a Housing Database for the East Side Neighborhood of St. Paul, Minnesota. Publication
Comparative Cost Analysis of Single Family Home Construction Publication
Building Art Space Into a New Multi-Use Building. Publication
Outreach to Hmong Americans on the East Side of St. Paul. Publication
Skyline Towers Collaborative. Publication
The North Minneapolis African American Housing Opportunity Survey Publication
More than Just Bricks and Mortar': A History of Redevelopment Efforts along the East Franklin Avenue Corridor, 1982-2007. Publication
Bottineau Neighborhood Master Plan. Publication
Disrupting Poverty, Part 1 + 2 Publication
Eleanor Graham Community Garden and Ashland Park Design Project. Publication
Sparc's Willow Reserve Project. Publication
Connecting Neighborhoods: The 22nd Avenue Northeast Greenway. Publication
Community Reinvestment Act Compliance: Creating Partnerships to Serve Communities in Minneapolis and St. Paul. Publication
Implementing the Stevens Square-Loring Heights Common Social Services Plan: An Examination of the NiCo Employment Project. Publication
Jordan Area Community Council. The School Site House Moving Project: A Report. Publication
East Saint Paul: Gateway Transit Corridor Analysis. Publication
Needs Assessment of Foreign-Trained Healthcare Professionals in Minnesota. Publication
Report on Youth Activities and Employment. Publication
Working Conditions of Home Care Workers in Minnesota: Survey Summary Publication
Envisioning the Arts Avenue: A Pedestrian Design and Lighting Study for the Sheridan Neighborhood. Publication
Report on Employers' Needs in the West Side Neighborhood, Saint Paul, Minnesota. Publication
Cleveland Neighborhood Revitalization Program Evaluation. Publication
Corridors to Freedom, Action Research for Emancipation. Publication
Feasibility Analysis of an American Indian Multi-Purpose Facility in East St Paul: Update of a Demographic Database for American Indians in the Twin Cities. Publication
Cedar‐Riverside Parks and the Mississippi River. Publication
A Study of Capital Improvement Budget (CIB) and Neighborhood Sales Tax Revitalization (STAR) Programs across St. Paul, MN Council Districts Publication
Changes in Communities Served by the Northwest Community Revitalization Corporation. Publication
A Master Plan for Miriam Park. Publication
Green Institute Deconstruction and Used Building Materials Health and Safety Research Project. Publication
An Analysis of the Population and Housing Characteristics of Longfellow Neighborhood and Recommendations to Inform the Development of a Housing Strategy. Publication
Cleveland Neighborhood Issues Campaign: 'The Cleveland Clean-Up.' Publication
Developing an Early Warning System for an Eight-Block Area of Minneapolis' Phillips Neighborhood: Methodology, Results, and Implications for Future Studies. Publication
West Bank Improvement District: A Technical Report. Publication
Phalen Corridor Initiative Report: Summary of 1998 Neighborhood Visits. Publication
Implementation Study of the Stevens Square-Loring Heights Common Social Services Plan. Publication
The Experiences of Latino(a) Renters in Powderhorn Park Neighborhood Publication
Foreign-Trained Health Care Professionals Assets and Needs Assessment: A Focus Group Study. Publication
Transit Utilization in the East Harriet Neighborhood. Publication
Sources of Funding for the Development of Affordable Housing. Publication
South Asians Health and Awareness Research. Publication
Investigating an Affordable Housing Preservation Strategy. Publication
Neighborhood Resource Center Coalition: Lowry Hill East, Marcy-Holmes, Corcoran, Hale, Page, Diamond Lake, Victory, Northeast Reps. Publication
Preventing Foreclosures in North Minneapolis: An Evaluative Study of the Northside Community Reinvestment Coalition’s Foreclosure Prevention Outreach Project. Publication
A Roadmap for the Preservation of Urban Gardens and Parklets in Frogtown Publication
The Impact of St. Paul Vacant Buildings on Neighboring Property Values. Publication
Farmers Market Model Research. Publication
Health and Safety at Deconstruction Services. Publication
Ryan Lake Trail Concept Plan. Publication
Manual: How to Conduct a Home-Based Business Survey for Twin Cities' Neighborhoods. Publication
Develop and Analyzing the Neighborhood Early Warning System in Hamline-Midway. Publication
Understanding Strategies and Tactics in Commercial Corridor Revitalization. Publication
Housing Assistance for Culturally Specific Groups. Publication
Loring Park Neighborhood Boundary Study Adjustment Study. Publication
West Broadway Business Incubator & Co-working Space Project Publication
St. Paul Festivals: Cinco de Mayo, Dragon Festival, Highland Fest and Grand Old Days. Publication
Where Do We Go from Here? An Analysis of Trends in the Stevens Square-Loring Heights Neighborhood. Publication
Field Study of Appreciative Inquiry Method: Understanding and Supporting our Diverse Community.Category: Organizational Development, Planning and Evaluation Publication
Connecting the Community Report Publication
Columbia Park Environmental Profile. Publication
Social Media Use in Neighborhood Associations. Publication
Seward Strategies to Enhance Walking and Biking. Publication
Solar Thermal Research Project. Publication
Central Avenue Parking Inventory: A Part of the Central Avenue Plan. Publication
Guide to Establishing a Historical Document Survey Project. Publication
West Side Community Indicators Project. Publication
East Side's Main Street Monitors. Publication
Funding Trends for Neighborhood Organizations in Minneapolis and St. Paul: A Case Study Examination of Organizations and Collaborations. Publication
Frogtown as a model for innovative vacant land management: Health, economic, and ecological effects of improving access to parks Publication
The Effects of Prostitution on North Minneapolis Residents. Publication
Welfare Reform: Impact on Families in Summit-University. 'The Facts and the Families' and 'The Changes and the Challenges.' Publication
Humboldt Industrial Area Community Land Use Plan. Publication
St. Paul's North End Community: A Report on Industrial, Commercial, and Residential Redevelopment. Publication
Tales of Bottineau. Publication
Survey of Home-Based Businesses in the Powderhorn Park Neighborhood. Publication
Market Survey of In-Home Health Care Providers. Publication
46th Street Light Rail Traffic Issues in Minneapolis, A Research and Participatory Study. Publication
St. Anthony East: The History of a Community. Publication
Crime Prevention through Environmental Design: Central Avenue Project. Publication
Business Improvement Districts: An Introduction. Publication
Report on Homeowner Survey Responses for Dayton's Bluff NHS. Publication
Windom: Historical Perspectives. Publication
Policy and Regulatory Barriers to Affordable Housing Development In Twin Cities Suburban Communities Publication
Harrison Neighborhood Association Anti-Racism Project Summary. Publication
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