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Site-wide content categorized under “Community Geographic Information Systems Program”

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Geo:Code is back and it's going metrowide! Event
Draw Your Own Map Event
Job-to-Job Flows Explorer: New Census Bureau Statistics on Worker Reallocation Seminar & Training Workshop Event
Setting a New Compass for Climate Change Event
Visualizing Neighborhoods: a Hackathon for Good Event
Visualizing Neighborhoods "Hackathon" a Success! News story
Call for Community Mapping Project Proposals News story
2020 Census response rate map for the Twin Cities News story
Community Geographic Information Systems (CGIS) Program
St. Anthony West STAWNO NRP Housing Project. Publication
CURA Launches Minnesota 3-D Mapping Application. Publication
St. Anthony West Housing Tenure and Density Project. Publication
Hiawatha LRT Potential Commuters. Publication
Minnesota 3-D Worker and Resident Analysis: North Minneapolis. Publication
Urban NRP Funding and GIS Analysis of Powderhorn Park. Publication
Twin Cities Neighborhood Maps. Publication
Elliot Park Youth and Family Resources. Publication
Longfellow Buckthorn Busters Project. Publication
We Compost! Seward Project. Publication
Near North and Willard-Hay Neighborhood Planning and Affordable Housing Project. Publication
Minnesota 3-D Analysis of Commuting Patterns around University Avenue. Publication
Longfellow Housing Need and Neighborhood Demographic. Publication
Connecting Twin Cities Job Center Locations and Minnesota 3-D Commuteshed Data. Publication
Senior Age Population and Household Size in Longfellow. Publication
Standish-Erickson Tracking NRP Activity (1996-2001) and the Effects. Publication
Hawthorne Zoning Disposition Project. Publication
Powderhorn Park West Census Mapping Project. Publication
Whittier Supportive Housing Project. Publication
Minnesota 3-D: Bringing Planning and Community Data Together Online. Publication
Hawthorne Northside Business Survey. Publication
Determining Where Twin Cities Hospital Employees Are Traveling from to Their Place of Employment. Publication
Minneapolis Neighborhoods and St. Paul Planning Districts. Publication
Minnesota 3-D Analysis: University Rental Housing Study. Publication
Powderhorn Park At-Risk Property Locator. Publication
Harrison Glenwood Avenue Planning. Publication
Longfellow, Powderhorn Park and Whittier Lake Street Planning Project. Publication
St. Anthony West Senior Housing Resource Study Project. Publication
Powderhorn Park West Lake Street Initiative Project. Publication
Attracting Workers to Live Closer to Their Place of Employment: Columbia Heights, Minnesota. Publication
Seward NRP Phase 1 Review Project. Publication
Minnesota 3-D Comparison Analysis of Its Community Partners. Publication
"Assembly and Uses of a Data-Sharing Network in Minneapolis." Chapter in _Putting Data to Work: Data-Driven Approaches to Strengthening Neighborhoods._ Publication
Longfellow Community Council Lead Exposure Risk Analysis. Publication
Whittier Analysis of Impacts on Residential Property Values. Publication
Hawthorne Neighborhood Assessment of Homestead Program. Publication
Seward Longfellow Greenway Planning. Publication
Harrison Neighborhood Environmental Assessment. Publication
38th Street and Hiawatha: Transit Oriented Development Potential along the Light Rail. Publication
Longfellow Dynamic Volunteer Map. Publication
Interstate 394 Commuter Patterns. Publication
North Minneapolis Housing Market Index. Publication
Elliot Park Land Use Study. Publication
Seward Urban GIS Project Redevelopment Suitability Analysis along the Midtown Greenway. Publication
Harrison Neighborhood Crime and Safety Data. Publication
Near North and Willard-Hay Plymouth Avenue Vision Project. Publication
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