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North American Agriculture and the Greenhouse Problem. Report of the Humphrey Institute Symposium on the Response of the North American Granary to Greenhouse Climate Change. Publication
CURA Reporter. February 2001 Issue. Publication
Regional Approach to Farmland Preservation: The Twin Cities Metropolitan Agricultural Preserves Act in a Geographical Perspective. Publication
Assessing the Barriers to and Potential for Wetland Restoration in Agricultural Watersheds. Publication
Life Insurance Company Ownership of United States' Agricultural Land in 1986. Publication
Milan Preservation Project. Publication
Will Farmland Survive the Farm Crisis? The Winona County Data. Publication
The Feasibility of Diversifying the Madelia Region with Multifunctional Landscapes: a Pilot Study of Alternative Futures. Publication
Survey of Pork Producers and Affiliated Individuals: Results and Technical Report. Publication
Asset Survey for the Experiment in Rural Cooperation, a University of Minnesota Sustainable Development Partnership in Southeast Minnesota.. Publication
Study of Land Sales by Government and Insurance Lenders in Seven Southeastern Minnesota Counties. Publication
Exploring the Potential for a More Local Food System in the Western Lake Superior Region . Publication
Economic and Local Government Impacts of the Minnesota Swine Industry. Publication
Atlas of Minnesota, Social and Economic Characteristics of the North Star State. population,2nd edition. Publication
Municipal Wastewater Treatment: A Novel Opportunity to Slow the Proliferation of Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria? Publication
Agriculture Toward the 21st Century. Publication
Farming and Soil Carbon: A Partial Solution to the Global Warming Problem. Publication
Atlas of Minnesota Resources and Settlement. Publication
Models and Strategies for a Produce Distribution Plan. Publication
Minnesota Rural Futures Survey Results. Publication
Scott County Prime Farmland Mapping Project. Publication
Survey of Dairy Producers and Affiliated Individuals: Results and Technical Report. Publication
Prairie Pot-Hole Landscape of South Heron Lake: Opportunities for Restoration and Development. Publication
Hassan Township: Resources Now and in the Future. Publication
Summary of Results: Survey of Winona County Farm Operators. Publication
Evaluating Economic and Fiscal Impacts of an Evolving Swine Industry. Publication
Regional Farmland Protection: The Twin Cities Experience. Publication
Learning to Bridge Different Ways of Knowing: The Dream of Wild Health American Indian Seed-Garden Project as Mentor. Publication
Geographic Patterns. Minnesota's Changing Agricultural Land. Publication
Growing Awareness of Renewable Energy in Olmstead County. Publication
Life Insurance Companies and Farm Foreclosures. Publication
The Future of Our Farmland: An Agricultural Inventory for Scott County, Minnesota. Publication
Minnesota Crop Production Retailers Survey of Members and 2004 Short Course and Trade Show Attendees: Results and Technical Report. Publication
Rural Women's Leadership in Minnesota: Present Status and the Need for Increased Involvement. Publication
Eureka Township Envisioning Task Force Report: Exploring the Possibilities. Publication
Agricultural Changes and the Depopulation of Nonmetropolitan Minnesota. Publication
Dust Bowl in the 1970s. Publication
Land Use: Trends and Policies in the Upper Midwest. Publication
CURA Reporter. Winter 2007 Issue. Publication
Life Insurance Company Ownership of United States Agricultural Land in 1988. Publication
Digitization and Preservation of Milan's Film History. Publication
Atlas of Minnesota Resources and Settlement. 3rd edition. Publication
Organic Control of Colorado Potato Beetles in Potato Production. Publication
Survey of Fruit and Vegetable Growers: Results and Technical Report. Publication
Summary of Market Research on Nonformal Agricultural and Environmental Education Programs in Minnesota and Recommendations for Programming at Farmamerica. Publication
Effects of Farm Foreclosure on Soil Conservation Practices in Four Minnesota Counties. Publication
Updating and Incorporating Sustainability into Scott County’s Zoning Code. Publication
Minnesota Economy: A Regional Perspective for 1967-83. Publication
Differential Assessment of Farmland in Anoka County. Publication
CURA Reporter. Fall 2006 Issue. Publication
Minnesota Farmers Survey. Publication
CURA Reporter. Spring/Summer 2010 Issue. Publication
Life Insurance Company Ownership of United States' Agricultural Land in 1987. Publication
Indigenous Corn Propagation Project. Publication
Southeast Minnesota Resource Mapping Survey. Publication
Agricultural Preservation Precedent Studies Publication
Survey of Poultry Producers and Processors: Results and Technical Report. Publication
Pope County: A Study of Agriculture and Tourism. Publication
Eureka Township Envisioning Task Force Report: Summary Report. Publication
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