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Achieving Success in Business: A Comparison of Somali and American-Born Entrepreneurs in Minneapolis. Publication
Community Involvement in the Whittier Neighborhood: An Analysis of Neighborhood Conditions and Neighborhood Change. Publication
Employment and Business Survey in the Phillips Neighborhood. Publication
Estimating New Firms and New Jobs: Considerations in Using the Dun and Bradstreet Files. In the Proceedings of the Fifth Annual Babson College Entrepreneurship Research Conference, Frontiers of Entrepreneurship Research 1985. Publication
New Jobs From Community-Based Economic Development. Publication
Report on Employers' Needs in the West Side Neighborhood, Saint Paul, Minnesota. Publication
Powderhorn East Business Survey. Publication
Minnehaha Avenue Retail Market Analysis. Publication
Northeast Minneapolis: Have Jobs Declined? Publication
Emerging New Metropolis--Minneapolis-St. Paul Case. Publication
Who Owns Downtown? Publication
Metropolitan Minority Business Survey: A Study of the Twin City Minority Business Activity and Problems. Publication
Toward Hmong Self-Sufficiency: The Challenge of Economic Development for the Hmong. Publication
Corporate-Nonprofit Linkages in Minneapolis-St. Paul: Findings from a Longitudinal Study, 1980-1988. Publication
Marcy-Holmes Neighborhood Environmental Profile. Publication
West End Market Analysis. Publication
Vocational Assessment. Publication
Commercial Activities in Dayton's Bluff/District 4: A Business Profile for the Dayton's Bluff Community Council. Publication
1987 Minnesota New Firms Study: An Exploration of New Firms and Their Economic Contributions. Publication
Environmental Profile of the Lind-Bohanon Neighborhood. Publication
Economic Health Through Community-Based Development. Publication
Management of Private Enterprise: Progress for the Future, Paper Number One. Publication
Employment in Powderhorn East. Publication
1999 Work Skills Survey of the General Population: Results and Technical Report. Publication
2001 Minnesota State Survey - Part I: Results and Technical Report. Publication
Black Business in the Twin Cities. Publication
CURA Reporter. Spring/Summer 2010 Issue. Publication
Fergus Falls: As the Retailers See It. Publication
Credit Rationing in Non-Metropolitan Markets for Small Business Loans. Publication
Marcy-Holmes Neighborhood Environmental Profile: 1997 Update. Publication
Community-based Economic Development Organizations in Minnesota. Publication
Working through Language Barriers. Publication
New Management Model for Downtown Minneapolis. Publication
The Quarry: A Planning and Development History of the Northeast Minneapolis Retail Center. Publication
Twin Cities' Festival Markets: The Merchants' Perspective. Publication
Work Skills Survey of Firms 2000: Technical Report. Publication
Nonprofits and the Corporate Grants Economy in the Twin Cities, 1980-1989. Publication
Black Capitalism: The National Scene. Publication
Neighborhood Therapy for Duluth's West End. Publication
Columbia Park Environmental Profile. Publication
New Firms in Minnesota: Their Contributions to Employment and Exports, Their Start-up Problems and Current Status. Draft Report of Phase I of the New Firms Project. Publication
Beyond the Malling of America: The Rise of Twin Cities Festival Markets. Publication
Saint Paul District 10 Business Survey. Publication
Corporate-Nonprofit Linkages in Minneapolis-St. Paul: Preliminary Findings from Three Surveys. Publication
Business Analysis of the Midtown Lake Street Commercial Corridor in South Minneapolis. Publication
New Firms in Minnesota: Explorations in Economic Change. Publication
Changing Metropolitan Regions. Publication
Economics of New Firms: Policy Implications for Minnesota. Publication
Black Business in Minneapolis and Saint Paul, a Comparative Study of Black and White Owned Businesses. Publication
Final Report of the Post-Croson Project. Publication
Growth of Minority Business in the Twin Cities Metropolitan Area. Publication
Analyzing Current Downtown Conditions and Market Analysisfor Brainerd, Minnesota. Publication
Entrepreneurship and Future Employment in Minnesota. Publication
Survey and Analysis of South St. Anthony Park. Publication
Cooperative Recycling in Dinkytown: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. A Resource Guide for the Dinkytown Business Association (DBA). Publication
Community-Based Economic Development in Minnesota: An Update. Publication
Whittier Works Business Survey. Publication
Prospects for Retail Business in Duluth. Publication
Survey of Service Providers and Business on Franklin Avenue. People of Phillips. Publication
Business Firm as an Instrument of Social Change: A Colombian Model. Publication
Work Skills Survey of Firms 2001: Technical Report. Publication
Mapping Downtown Development in St. Paul: A New Geographic Information System for Understanding the Past. Publication
Problems of Black Business. Publication
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