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Project Update: Arthritis in American Indian Country. Publication
Psychological Screening of Rural Head Start Children. Publication
Visitor Management and Revegetation Efforts on a Degraded Lake Superior Cliff Edge. Publication
Mapping Demographic Trends for School Enrollment Projection in the Independent School District 709 (Duluth, MN). Publication
Two Harbors: Perceptions and Concerns for the 21st Century. A Community Survey. Publication
Under-, Over-, and Mismatched Skills Employment in Northeast Minnesota, Including the Port Cities. Publication
Environmental Studies in the Lake Superior Watershed: An Annotated Bibliography. Publication
Ruffe: A Ballast Water Survey. Summary Report. Publication
CURA Reporter. Fall 2005 Issue. Publication
Regional Assessment Project: Community Indicators for the Twin Ports Region. Publication
Formative Evaluation of 'Our House': Transitional Housing for Homeless Mentally Ill Women. Publication
Community and Regional Research in Duluth. Publication
Archaeological Excavation at the Fish Lake Dam Site: Year 2000. Publication
Information System Data Collection Protocol Development Project. Final Report. Publication
Project Update: Fish Lake Dam Site Excavation. Publication
Analyzing Housing Demand in Northeast Minnesota and Duluth: Three Scenarios. Publication
CURA Reporter. Winter 2006 Issue. Publication
Process Evaluation of the South St. Louis Adult Drug Court Program. Publication
Perceptions of Social Problems and Aspirations of Swedish Iron Range Youth. Publication
The Longitudinal Study of Students' Basic Skills: The Development and Use of an Assessment Methodology. Publication
The Risk to Native Minnesota Beach Grass, Ammophilia breviligulata, Posed by Historical Restoration Efforts that Used Michigan Plants. Publication
Evaluation of Service Leadership Project: Final Report. Publication
A Process Evaluation of the South St. Louis County Adult Drug Court. Publication
Identifying and Interpreting Contemporary Wild Rice Habitat in Ceded Chippewa Lands of Northern Minnesota. Publication
Coastal Area Impervious Surface Assessment. Publication
CCRR. Publication
Assessing a Rock Climbing Management Plan: Determining Baseline Behaviors toward Protecting Resource Degradation. Publication
Water Quality and Land Use Relationships in the St. Louis Bay Area of Concern: A Study of Three Urban Watersheds in Duluth, Minnesota. Publication
CURA Reporter. Winter 2002 Issue. Publication
The PaleoIndian-Archaic Transition in Northeastern Minnesota. Publication
East Hillside Endion Neighborhood Senior Survey Final Report. Publication
Arthritis in Indian Country: Determining the Prevalence and Effects. Publication
Barriers to Oral Health: The Problems People with Low Incomes Face in Accessing Dental Care. Publication
History of Italians and Italian-Americans on Minnesota's Iron Range: Collections of the Iron Range Research Center, Chisholm, Minnesota. Publication
International Wolf Center Program Development Survey. Final Report: Survey Results. Publication
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