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Challenges to Child Welfare: Countering the Call for a Return to Orphanages. Publication
Improving Access to Care for Traumatized Children: Law Enforcement-Mental Health Collaborations for Child Witnesses to Violence. Publication
Mental Health Needs of Children in Foster Care: A Case of Benign Neglect? Summary of a Forum on the Findings from a Cohort Study of Children in the Child Welfare System. Publication
Short-Term Cost-Benefits of Intensive Home Visiting Publication
Fragile Early Years: Assessing the Mental Health of Infants and Toddlers. A summary of proceedings of the symposium held September 30, 1999. Publication
Wrap Up: Reflections and Recommendations - The Meth Problem: What Do We Know? Publication
Are Communities the Problem or the Solution for High-Risk Families and Children? Publication
When the Rehabilitation Ideal Fails: A Study of Parental Rights Termination. Publication
Assessment of Child Welfare Training Needs. Publication
Children of the State: Children in the Child Welfare System, Minnesota. Executive Summary. Publication
CURA Reporter. Spring 2007 issue. Publication
Rethinking Child Welfare: Can the System Be Transformed through Community Partnerships? Publication
A Briefing Paper on the Minnesota Child Welfare System: Responding to the Needs of Children Unable to Live at Home. Publication
Protective Supervision: An Exploratory Study - Strengthening the Capacity to Respond to Children in High-Risk Families. Publication
Child Welfare Issues in Latino/Chicano Communities: A Selected Annotated Bibliography (1984-1993). Publication
MN Child Response Initiative Community Needs Assessment Results. Publication
Quantitative and Qualitative Evaluation of St. Louis County (MN) Intensive Family-Based Services Program. Publication
CURA Reporter. Summer 2006 Issue. Publication
To Promote the General Welfare. Publication
Sovereignty: The Heart of the Matter. Critical Consideration on the Interface between the Indian Child Welfare Act and Adoption and Safe Families Act. A summary of proceedings of the conference held May 17, 2000, University of Minnesota. Publication
Sorting Out the Evidence for Interventions that Work in Child Protection: Intuition, Experience, and Technology. Highlights from Forum Proceedings. Publication
Services for Indian Children: How Local Government Responds. Publication
Contributions of Ethnographic Interviewing to Culturally Competent Practice. Publication
Challenges to the Child Welfare System: Medically Fragile Children and the Call for a Return to Orphanages. Policy Position Paper. Publication
Report on Children in Neglecting Families: The State of Minnesota 1982 and 1992. Publication
Searching for the Sources of Error in Child Protection: When We Make Errors, Why Are They So Hard to Correct? Publication
Challenges and Opportunities Posed by the Reform Era. Publication
Child Welfare Services Face Setbacks. Publication
Considering Attachment Issues in Permanency Decisions. Publication
To Promote the General Welfare. Publication
Minnesota Child Welfare Training Project. Interim Project Report, July 1, 1975 - March 15, 1976. Publication
Assessment of Child Welfare Training Needs. Final Report. Publication
Home Visiting At-Risk Families: The Dakota Healthy Families Program. Publication
Children in the Shadows: The Fate of Children in Neglecting Families. Publication
Social Justice Framework for Child Welfare: The Agenda for a New Century. A Summary of Proceedings of the Conference Held June 23, 2000, at the University of Minnesota. Publication
The Co-Occuring Conditions of Mental Illness and Substance Abuse - The Search for an Integrated Treatment Plan. Publication
American Indian Child Welfare: A Bibliography. Publication
Debating the Options for Adolescents at Risk: Can We Safeguard the Interests of Endangered Adolescents? Publication
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