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Title I Program: Community Service and Minnesota's Commitment, Report on Minnesota Title I Higher Education Act Evaluation Team. Publication
CURA Reporter. April 1998 Issue. Publication
Higher Education in Correctional Institutions. Publication
CURA Reporter. Spring 2002 Issue. Publication
Hamline: An Urban University 'With It.' Publication
Building Community: The First Five Years of NPCR. Publication
Urban Planning at North Hennepin Junior College. Publication
Neighborhood Planning for Community Revitalization: Building Community-University Partnerships. Publication
Focusing Our Vision: American Indian Urban Higher Education Initiative. Symposium Report, May 7-8, 1997. Publication
HECC Projects Enrollments. Publication
Midwest Consortium for Latino Research Survey of Faculty Members: Results and Technical Report. Publication
Inventory of Existing and Proposed Programs of Higher Education in Minnesota's Correctional Institutions. Publication
Minnesota Colleges Serving as Community Resources. Publication
Community-University Engagement: The East Side Community Outreach Partnership Center. Publication
Financing Education Beyond High School: Is the Minnesota Experiment Working? Publication
CURA Reporter. Spring/Summer 2010 Issue. Publication
Report on the Status of Child Care: Programs, Services and Needs at the Twin Cities Campus, University of Minnesota. Publication
UNN: University Neighborhood Network. A Program of Neighborhood Planning for Community Revitalization. Publication
Students of Color in Minnesota's Colleges and Universities. Publication
Characteristics of Hispanic Students in Minnesota Public Schools and Post-Secondary Institutions: A Look at Demographics, Graduation, Attrition, Retention and Participation. Publication
U-SEARCH: Fostering Environmental Stewardship at the University. Publication
Note on University Research and Service to the Community Publication
CommUniversity Collaborative Compact. University of Minnesota, Morris. Final Report. Publication
Linking Neighborhoods with Academic Classrooms. Publication
Targeted Subsidization of Postsecondary Education Enrollment in Minnesota: A Policy Evaluation. Publication
CURA Reporter. Winter 2005 Issue. Publication
Child Care at the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities: A Preliminary Needs Assessment. Publication
Efforts and Solutions Concerning Problems Unique to Campus Communities and Recommendation for Action. Publication
2005 Minnesota State Survey--Part II: Results and Technical Report. Publication
Directory of Metropolitan Career Counseling Opportunities for Women - College and University Based, Community Based, Public Institutions, Resources for Counselors, Vocational Schools. Publication
Needs Assessment Survey Study: American Indian Urban Higher Education Initiative. Publication
Solving Real Engineering Problems. Publication
Twin Cities - University Community Partnership: Inventory Assessment Report. Publication
Inventory of Higher Education Programs in State and Federal Penal Institutions During the 1972-73 Academic Year. Publication
Enrollment Question: Minnesota Tertiary Education Attendance Patterns in Transition. Publication
Postsecondary Opportunity and Choice: Factors Influencing the Attendance Decisions of Minnesota Students. Publication
Slipping By: How Postsecondary Options for Minnesota High School Students Were Legislated. Publication
Improving the Education of Minnesota's Students from Pre-K through College: Measuring Student Progress and Using Data to Drive Decision Making. Publication
West Central Minnesota: Becoming a Region? Publication
Public College Enrollment in Minnesota's Changing Population Pattern 1970-85. Publication
Alien Students, Alien Staff: How Awesome the Gap in Higher Education. Publication
Conservation of Human Resources. Publication
Alexandria Technical College Master Plan. Publication
Critique of the On-Going and Proposed Higher Education Programs at the Major Correctional Institutions in Minnesota. Publication
Upward Bound. Publication
CURA Reporter. Winter 2002 Issue. Publication
Training in Co-op Development. Publication
New Careers Program: A Retrospective. Publication
Campus Child Care: The State of the Art. Results of a Selective National Survey. Publication
Neighborhood Planning for Community Revitalization: Building Community-University Partnerships. Publication
United Negro College Fund (Minnesota): Donor Profile 1992. Publication
University Students as Community Partners. Publication
Critical Issues in Higher Education Programs Serving Urban American Indians. Publication
Mankato Urban Studies Institute No Ivory Tower. Publication
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