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Human Services Data Book. A Directory of Data Sources for the Arrowhead Region. Publication
American Indians on the East Side of St Paul. Publication
Changes in Communities Served by the Northwest Community Revitalization Corporation. Publication
CURA Reporter. Winter 2007 Issue. Publication
Franklin Avenue LRT Station Area Planning and Design. Publication
Building Community: The First Five Years of NPCR. Publication
Empowerment, Marginalization and Public Participation GIS. Report of Vareniius Workshop. Publication
Hassan Township: Resources Now and in the Future. Publication
There Goes the Neighborhood? The Impact of Subsidized Multi-Family Housing on Urban Neighborhoods. Publication
Report to the Public on the Ortonville-Big Stone Futures Study. Publication
Aurora/St. Anthony Neighborhood Development Corporation Seventeen Year Progress Report. Publication
Powderhorn East Business Survey. Publication
Community Development Efforts in Central St Paul. Publication
Citizen Participation in Minneapolis. Publication
Johnson Street Business District Parking Study. Publication
Students as Interns: The Partnership with the Phalen Corridor Initiative. Publication
Mapping for Change: Using Geographic Information Systems for Community Development. Publication
CURA Reporter. Spring/Summer 2010 Issue. Publication
Renville County Development Program: A Setting for Service Learning. Publication
Emergence of a New 'Downtown'. Publication
Phalen Corridor Initiative Report: Summary of Big Communities Meetings--March 1999. Publication
Visions of People, a Look at Imagination, Philosophies of the Land, and the Well-Being of People. Publication
Coordinating Community-Based Economic Development in the Phillips Neighborhood: Approaches and Challenges of the People of Phillips. Publication
MCCED Enterprise Development Directory. Publication
Business Analysis of the Midtown Lake Street Commercial Corridor in South Minneapolis. Publication
Learning by Doing: Implementing Community Service-based Learning. Publication
Multi-Family Rental Housing Review Greater Longfellow 2005. Publication
Putting Creativity to Work. Publication
Role of the Church in Community Development: Two Case Studies Publication
The Impact of St. Paul Vacant Buildings on Neighboring Property Values. Publication
CURA Reporter, Spring 2008 issue. Publication
Selective Review of Documents Related to Sustainable Development in Southeast Minnesota. Publication
Housing Development and Organizational Conflict in an Urban Neighborhood, An Essay of Opinion Shaped by Observing Events in the Elliot Park Neighborhood 1979-83. Publication
Quality of Place in Rural Minnesota. Publication
Final Report, 701: Special Projects: Minorities in Planning and Title VIII: Careers in Community Development. Publication
Handbook for Navigating through the Minneapolis Commercial Corridor Process. Publication
Challenge in the Countryside. Publication
Franklin Avenue Light Rail Transit Task Force. Publication
Proceedings from a Forum and Consultation on the Church as Partner in Community Economic Development. Publication
Thomas-Dale District 7 Planning Council Area Plan. Publication
Looking Back at City Venture Corporation. Publication
Summary of Hope Community NPCR Research Assistantship Work. Publication
CURA Work Study Program Receives $25,000 Grant. Publication
Pine Island 21st Century Vision: Long Range Comprehensive Plan. Publication
Advancing Neighborhood Goals: The Role of Geographic-Based Community Development Corporations. Publication
Community Participation and Geographical Information Systems. Publication
New Prague: A Tradition of Progress. An Urban Design for New Prague, Minn. Publication
Development and Implementation of GIS at East Side Neighborhood Development Company. Publication
Ortonville-Big Stone Future Study: Scientific Report. Publication
Fiscal Impacts of the St. Paul Houses to Homes Program. Publication
Rural Community Viability--An Overview. Publication
Community Reinvestment Act Compliance: Creating Partnerships to Serve Communities in Minneapolis and St. Paul. Publication
Institutionalizing Organized Citizen Participation: Challenges and Opportunities. Publication
The Mother of All Maps. Publication
CURA Reporter. Winter 2002 Issue. Publication
Traffic Literature Review: Congestion and Quality of Intersections. Publication
New Publication: Transforming Community Development with Land Information Systems. Publication
Saint Paul Community Development Agenda 1996-2001. Publication
Gnesen Township: 2002 Gnesen Planning Survey. Community Survey Results. Publication
A Housing Inventory of Pequot Lakes, Minnesota. Publication
Report on the Minneapolis Citizen's Advisory Committee on Community Development: The Characteristics of the Elected and Appointed Officials. Publication
Bridging Two Worlds: NPCR Program Evaluation Final Report for the First Three Years, 1993-94 to 1995-96. Publication
Loring Park Development: The Design, the Development, and the Difference it Has Made. Publication
Maintaining and Developing Rental Housing in Hamline-Midway. Publication
Economic Health Through Community-Based Development. Publication
Light Rail Transit Ridership Survey: Cedar Riverside Station. Publication
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