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Site-wide content categorized under “community planning”

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CURA Reporter. Spring 2006 Issue. Publication
New Prague: A Tradition of Progress. An Urban Design for New Prague, Minn. Publication
Duluth Open Space Initiative Organizational Goals and Action Steps. Publication
Lanesboro and the Root River Valley: Ideas for Recreational Development and Community Design. Publication
Near North/Willard-Hay Community: Current State of the Community, 2000. Publication
Study of St. Paul's Rehabilitation Program. Part I: Conclusions and Recommendations. Part II: Issues and Attitudes. Part III: ITA Reports. Publication
Resources for Organizers. Publication
A GIS Map Making Guide for Neighborhood Organizations and other Community-based Groups in Northeast Minneapolis. Publication
Parallels: Teaching Architecture in Elementary and Secondary Schools. Publication
Success Measures Home Improvement Program Evaluation. Publication
2001 Perceptions of Social Problems and Aspirations of Minnesota's Iron Range Youth. Publication
Report on the Transient Nature of Selected Downtown Residents in Duluth, Minnesota. Publication
Community Benefits Agreements in Minneapolis Neighborhood Planning: The Harrison Neighborhood and Redevelopment of the Bassett Creek Valley. Publication
City of Henderson: Trail Development. Publication
LRT, Development and Neighborhood Planning: A Summary of Planning Efforts along the Future Hiawatha LRT Line Publication
Summit-University Community Survey: Results and Technical Report. Publication
Frogtown Action Alliance Comprehensive Neighborhood Action Plan: An Evaluation for the McKnight Foundation. Publication
District 7 Then and Now: A Summary of Existing Planning Documents Publication
Who's Organizing the Twin Cities? Publication
Oromo Community Engagement: Bridging Social Capital in the Cedar-Riverside Neighborhood. Publication
Midtown Greenway Land Use and Transit Project. Publication
Project Rediscovery: Lake City, A Study of Choices. Publication
Creating Public Open Spaces: The Midtown Greenway. Publication
City of Henderson: Community Image. Publication
Franklin Avenue Light Rail Transit Task Force. Publication
Minnesota Project Rediscovery, Parks and Open Space: Mora, Minnesota. Publication
Citizens' Participation in the Phillips Neighborhood: A Record and Discussion of Actions Taken, 1987-1988. Working Draft. Publication
An Analysis of the Population and Housing Characteristics of Longfellow Neighborhood and Recommendations to Inform the Development of a Housing Strategy. Publication
Who's Organizing the Twin Cities? Publication
Thomas-Dale District 7 Planning Council Area Plan. Publication
More than Just Bricks and Mortar': A History of Redevelopment Efforts along the East Franklin Avenue Corridor, 1982-2007. Publication
Perception of Social Problems and Aspirations of Iron Range Youth. Publication
Changing Populations in Merriam Park, Saint Paul. Publication
Cotton Park Master Plan. Publication
City of Henderson: Water Resources. Publication
Midtown Greenway Zoning Overlay District Evaluation. Publication
Project Rediscovery. Publication
Process for Rediscovery 74-75. Publication
46th Street Light Rail Traffic Issues in Minneapolis, A Research and Participatory Study. Publication
Resources for Community Organizers. Publication
Bottineau Neighborhood Housing Inventory and Analysis. Publication
Franklin Avenue LRT Station Area Planning and Design. Publication
Project Rediscovery: Red Wing, A Study of Choices. Publication
CURA Reporter. Summer 2006 Issue. Publication
City of Henderson: Land Use Alternatives. Publication
Reaney Feasibility Study. Publication
Staples. Publication
Residents Speak: Report of the Summit-University Needs Appraisal Project. Publication
Community Housing Review: Greater Longfellow Community 2002. Publication
Neighborhoods and City Hall in St. Paul and Minneapolis. Publication
The Mother of All Maps. Publication
Traffic Literature Review: Congestion and Quality of Intersections. Publication
Lake Benton Community Study. Publication
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