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Useful Information for Native Artists Going into Public Schools. Publication
United Negro College Fund (Minnesota): Donor Profile 1992. Publication
Improving Access to Care for Traumatized Children: Law Enforcement-Mental Health Collaborations for Child Witnesses to Violence. Publication
Critical Issues in Higher Education Programs Serving Urban American Indians. Publication
Many Faces of Mexico. Publication
Logic Models for Major Programs of the Phyllis Wheatley Community Center. Publication
Quality of Life in Castle Towers Park: A Survey of Resident Attitudes. Publication
A Rural Community’s Response to its Changing Demography: Welcome to Worthington. Publication
Gauging Program Services: Present and Future Payne-Phalen Living At Home/Block Nurse Program. Publication
Homeownership and Affordability for Low-Income Suburban Households. A Report on Permanently Affordable Homeownership in West Suburban Hennepin County. Publication
The Benefit Bank: An Aid to Public Benefits in Minnesota. Publication
Summary Report on the Bus Mediation Program at Olson Contemporary School. Publication
Camp Katherine Parson Business Plan. Publication
Study Area Electric Utilities. Publication
Communiversity Personnel Grants. Publication
Minnesota Hispanic Education Program Parental Involvement Survey: Project Update, August 1994. Publication
Unlawful Detainer Court Study. State of Minnesota, Hennepin County, Fourth Judicial District Court, First Division, Minneapolis. Publication
Focusing Our Vision: American Indian Urban Higher Education Initiative. Symposium Report, May 7-8, 1997. Publication
Our Changing Community: A Haven of Cultural Diversity. Publication
CURA Reporter. Spring/Summer 2010 Issue. Publication
Child Abuse Prevention: Understanding the Needs of the African American Community. Publication
Managing on a Limited Income. Publication
Mental Health Crisis Services Monograph: Examining the Condition of Mental Health Crisis Services in Minnesota and Beyond. Publication
Model for Bringing Academics into the Minority Community. Publication
Social Capital Database Pilot Project: Results and Recommendations. Publication
Impact Study of Community Development Block Grant/Financial Management Education Program. Publication
History of the Vento Village Partnership & Community-Based Participatory Evaluation Model for the Vento Village Partnership. Publication
Africa: One Continent, Many Worlds. Publication
The Minnesota Benefit Bank: Piloting Tax Preparation and Tax Credits. Publication
Current Status of Food Shelf and Soup Kitchen Programs within the Phillips Neighborhood of Minneapolis, Minnesota. Publication
Characteristics of Hispanic Students in Minnesota Public Schools and Post-Secondary Institutions: A Look at Demographics, Graduation, Attrition, Retention and Participation. Publication
American Indian Culturally-Specific Juvenile Programming Survey: Summary Report. Publication
Preliminary Development of a Study Protocol to Evaluate the Efficacy of Acupuncture Therapy for Treatment of Chronic Pain and Depression. Publication
CURA Reporter. Summer 2006 Issue. Publication
Minnesota Governments: Human Rights and Diversity Survey. Suburban Hennepin Report. Publication
Reality Based Research Study of American Indians in the Frogtown and Summit/University Neighborhoods. Publication
Mapping Child Care Equity and School Readiness Disparities. Publication
No Magic Bullet: What Minneapolis Youth Say About Gun Violence. Publication
Digital Inclusion and the Twin Cities Homeless Community. Publication
Family Stabilization Research for Informed Program Implementation and Public Policy Evaluation. Publication
New Village: A Housing Cooperative of Cambodian and Laotian Refugees. Publication
GIFT Project-Phase I. Publication
Public Interest Law Consortium (PILC). Formative Evaluation. Publication
Building a Neighborhood-based Culture of Learning: Evaluating Progress of the East Side Learning Collaborative. Publication
Analysis of Alternatives for Financing Maintenance and Repair of Public Ditches. An Advisory Report Prepared for the Minnesota Board of Water and Soil Resources. Publication
First Steps Curriculum and Job-Readiness Curriculum Outline. Publication
Evaluation of the Duluth Indian Teacher Training Program. Publication
When the Poor Face Housing Court. Publication
Needs Assessment Survey Study: American Indian Urban Higher Education Initiative. Publication
HAP (Hmong American Partnership) Evaluation Status Report. Publication
Post-Employment and Job-Retention Report: Identifying Best Practices to Increasing Participation Rates Through Pre- and Post-Employment Services. Publication
A World of Difference' Teacher Survey: Winter, 1992-93. Publication
Plymouth Youth Center Longitudinal Study Year 3 Report. Publication
College Readiness Center Survey. Publication
Pilot City Health Center Evaluation Report. Publication
The Institute for Immigrant & Refugee Health and Wellness. Publication
Survey and Analysis of South St. Anthony Park. Publication
Safety on the Streets. Publication
Guide to Small-Scale Wind Energy Publication
Identifying Barriers in Graduation for Latinos in the South Hennepin Region. Publication
Literature Review: The Development of Culturally Appropriate Child Sexual Abuse Prevention Curriculum for the Ojibwe School. Program for Aid to Victims of Sexual Assault, Duluth, MN. Publication
Chronic Alcoholism Project, Spring 1990. Final Report. Publication
Asian American Youth in the Twin Cities: Overachievers or Delinquents? Publication
Program Evaluation of the Intervention Program of the Women's Coalition, Duluth, MN. Publication
Learning to Bridge Different Ways of Knowing: The Dream of Wild Health American Indian Seed-Garden Project as Mentor. Publication
Minnesota Governments: Human Rights and Diversity Survey. Statewide Report. Publication
Laketrails Base Camp: Evaluation Proposal. Draft. Publication
African Nonprofits: A Report of Financially Active African-led Nonprofit Organizations in Minnesota Serving African Immigrants, Refugees, and Asylees. Publication
Gun Violence Reduction Study: Minneapolis Youth Speak on Selected Strategies. Publication
CURA Reporter Spring 2012 Publication
PRISM Express Program Evaluation. Publication
Communiversity Comes to Life. Publication
Aligning HIRED Workshops with Work Readiness Standards. Publication
CommUniversity Collaborative Compact. University of Minnesota, Morris. Final Report. Publication
GMCC Community Justice Project Evaluation. Publication
Public Interest Law Consortium (PILC). A Project of the Minnesota Justice Foundation (MJF), the University of Minnesota School of Law, and the William Mitchell College of Law. Formative Evaluation. Publication
Hispanic Education Career Fair Planning and Implementation Manual. Publication
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