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CURA Reporter. June 2000 Issue. Publication
Harrison Glenwood Avenue Planning. Publication
Primer for Developing a Community-Based Restorative Justice Model. Publication
The Effects of Prostitution on Businesses in North Minneapolis. Publication
Geographic Information Systems: A Feasibility Study for the City of Duluth Police Department. Publication
Community Involvement in the Whittier Neighborhood: An Analysis of Neighborhood Conditions and Neighborhood Change. Publication
1991 Minnesota State Survey: Results and Technical Report. Publication
There Goes the Neighborhood? The Impact of Subsidized Multi-Family Housing on Urban Neighborhoods. Publication
Restorative Justice in the Context of Community: An Analysis for the Central City Neighborhoods Partnership. Publication
Study of the Impact of Peace Poles in the Frogtown Neighborhood. Publication
ReMix Project: Juxtaposition Arts Publication
Frogtown Action Alliance Comprehensive Neighborhood Action Plan: An Evaluation for the McKnight Foundation. Publication
There Goes The Neighborhood? Subsidized Housing in Urban Neighborhoods. Publication
Practicing Restorative Justice: Family Group Conferencing and Juvenile Crime in the Suburban Metro Area. Publication
Harrison Neighborhood Crime and Safety Data. Publication
Standish-Ericsson Neighborhood Association: Neighborhood Revitalization Program--First Step Action Plan Evaluation. Publication
A Study of Prostitution in the Jordan Neighborhood Pilot Study for the Northside Project Folwell Neighborhood Association. Publication
Evaluation of the CARE Program. Publication
Harrison Neighborhood Needs Assessment, A Community-Based Project for Neighborhood Improvement Planning. Publication
Southeast Asian Resident Study. Publication
Other Family: How Gangs Impact Latino Families and Communities, The. Publication
Building Community in Seward Neighborhood: A Self-Study Project of the Seward Neighborhood Group. Publication
Underreporting of Crime by the Latino Community in the Lyndale Neighborhood: Perception or Fact? Publication
Jordan Neighborhood Crime Research. Publication
Neighbors and Government Collaborate in Fighting Crime: The CARE Program in North Minneapolis. Publication
2006 Minnesota State Survey: Results and Technical Report. Publication
Safety on the Streets. Publication
Historical Assessment of Holland Community Housing. Publication
Prosecution of Misdemeanor Offenses, The. Publication
The Effects of Prostitution on North Minneapolis Residents. Publication
Jordan Neighborhood CARE Program. Publication
Prosecution of Rapists. Publication
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