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Project Update: Arthritis in American Indian Country. Publication
Duluth Retail Market Analysis. Publication
Remaking Public Housing in Duluth . Publication
Water Quality and Land Use Relationships in the St. Louis Bay Area of Concern: A Study of Three Urban Watersheds in Duluth, Minnesota. Publication
City Examines Itself: The Duluth Attitude Survey. Report No. 1. Publication
Secondary (9-12) Curriculum Project Final Report, A. Publication
Evaluation of Minnesota's Analyses of Impediments to Fair Housing Choice. Publication
Geographic Information Systems: A Feasibility Study for the City of Duluth Police Department. Publication
Report on the Transient Nature of Selected Downtown Residents in Duluth, Minnesota. Publication
Housing Satisfaction of Elderly Residents of Government Subsidized Housing in Duluth: A Summary of Data. Technical Report #1. Publication
Future City: Duluth Tomorrow. Publication
CURA Reporter. Fall 2005 Issue. Publication
Early Childhood Education Research Project: 1991-1992. Publication
Perceptions Regarding the Services of the Department of Water and Gas, Duluth, Minnesota. Publication
CURA Reporter. Spring/Summer 2009 Issue. Publication
Effectiveness of the Automated Probation Reporting System (APRS) Pilot Project. Final Report. Publication
Evaluation of the Duluth Indian Teacher Training Program. Publication
Formative Evaluation of 'Our House': Transitional Housing for Homeless Mentally Ill Women. Publication
Duluth Community SurveyラResident Perceptions about Open Space: Results and Technical Report. Publication
Neighborhood Therapy for Duluth's West End. Publication
Project Update: Fish Lake Dam Site Excavation. Publication
Prospects for Retail Business in Duluth. Publication
Pollution and the St. Louis River. Publication
CURA Reporter. Summer 2006 Issue. Publication
City Examines Itself: The 1974 Duluth Attitude Survey. Report No. 2: Detailed Statistical Analysis. Publication
East Hillside Endion Neighborhood Senior Survey Final Report. Publication
Indian Americans in Duluth: A Summary and Analysis of Recent Research. Publication
Duluth Police Department Community Relations Survey. Publication
Immigrants and Radicals in Duluth: An Historical Investigation. Publication
Housing Satisfaction of Elderly Residents of Government Subsidized Housing in Duluth: Breakdown of Data by Housing Unit. Technical Report #2. Publication
West End Market Analysis. Publication
A Process Evaluation of the South St. Louis County Adult Drug Court. Publication
The Risk to Native Minnesota Beach Grass, Ammophilia breviligulata, Posed by Historical Restoration Efforts that Used Michigan Plants. Publication
Evaluation of the Leadership Service Project: Report of Pre-test Information. Supplement: Report of Pre-test Information. Publication
Duluth Open Space Initiative Organizational Goals and Action Steps. Publication
Analyzing Housing Demand in Northeast Minnesota and Duluth: Three Scenarios. Publication
Mapping Demographic Trends for School Enrollment Projection in the Independent School District 709 (Duluth, MN). Publication
Homeless Youth: A Needs Assessment for the LIFE HOUSE Project. Publication
Barriers to Oral Health: The Problems People with Low Incomes Face in Accessing Dental Care. Publication
Community and Regional Research in Duluth. Publication
CURA Reporter. Winter 2002 Issue. Publication
Guide to the Collections of the Northeast Minnesota Historical Center. Publication
City Examines Itself: The 1974 Duluth Attitude Survey. Report N0. 3: Miscellaneous Letters and Clippings. Publication
Assessing the Role of Microorganisms in the Accelerated Corrosion of Port Transportation Infrastructure in the Duluth-Superior Harbor. Publication
Evaluation of Service Leadership Project: Final Report. Publication
Regional Assessment Project: Community Indicators for the Twin Ports Region. Publication
Program Evaluation of the Intervention Program of the Women's Coalition, Duluth, MN. Publication
Baby Advice in the 1980s: New Parents, Social Support, and the Community. Publication
Coastal Area Impervious Surface Assessment. Publication
Jury Profiling Survey: Sexual Assault Cases. Publication
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