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Neighborhood Revitalization for Whom? Publication
Role of the Church in Community Development: Two Case Studies Publication
Mapping Downtown Development in St. Paul: A New Geographic Information System for Understanding the Past. Publication
Employment and Business Survey in the Phillips Neighborhood. Publication
Hatching Small Businesses. Publication
CURA Reporter. Spring/Summer 2010 Issue. Publication
Supporting Diversity in Community Development through the Krusell Fellowship. Publication
St. Paul's North End Community: A Report on Industrial, Commercial, and Residential Redevelopment. Publication
Military Production and the Minnesota Economy: A Report for the Minnesota Task Force on Economic Conversion. Publication
Quality of Place in Rural Minnesota. Publication
Downtown Saint Paul Retail/Commercial Inventory. Publication
Action on Arcade: Summary Analysis Report. Building an Environment for Re-Investment through Physical, Social and Economic Action. Publication
Loans to Business to Encourage Rural Economic Development. Publication
Analyzing Current Downtown Conditions and Market Analysisfor Brainerd, Minnesota. Publication
Stevens Square Community Organization Economic Development Study. Publication
1987 Minnesota New Firms Study: An Exploration of New Firms and Their Economic Contributions. Publication
The Minnesota Benefit Bank: Piloting Tax Preparation and Tax Credits. Publication
Small Towns Can't Stop Growing. Publication
Summary Report of the National Conference on Community Based Strategies for Energy Management and Development. Publication
Harrison Glenwood Avenue Planning. Publication
Frogtown Action Alliance Comprehensive Neighborhood Action Plan: An Evaluation for the McKnight Foundation. Publication
Quality of Life and a Sense of Place in Southeast Minnesota. Publication
Implementing the Stevens Square-Loring Heights Common Social Services Plan: An Examination of the NiCo Employment Project. Publication
Crossover: How Artists Build Careers across Commercial, Nonprofit, and Community Work. Publication
CURA Reporter, Spring 2008 issue. Publication
Gambling with Their Lives: American Indians and the Casinos. Publication
Neighborhood Economic Development Handbook for All Neighborhood Members. Publication
Tax Incentives and Public Loans and Subsidies: What Difference Do They Make in Nonmetropolitan Economic Development? Publication
Moving Forward Together: U of M Minneapolis Area Neighborhood Impact Report. Publication
Community Development Efforts in Central St Paul. Publication
Job Disparities and Economic Development Opportunities. Publication
Forging a Peace Economy in Minnesota: A Report for the Minnesota Task Force on Economic Conversion. Publication
Creating a National Heritage Area for the Coteau Region. Publication
Southeast Industrial Area Economic Development Study: Phase I and Phase II. Publication
Community-based Economic Development Organizations in Minnesota. Publication
Aligning HIRED Workshops with Work Readiness Standards. Publication
Eco-Industrial Park Development: Manufacturing Changes. Final Project Report. Publication
Economics of New Firms: Policy Implications for Minnesota. Publication
Action on Arcade: Strategic Plan. Building an Environment for Re-Investment through Physical, Social and Economic Action. Publication
1999 Work Skills Survey of the General Population: Results and Technical Report. Publication
Pay Equity in Minnesota: State and Local Wage Policy Innovation. Publication
Survey of Home-Based Businesses in the Powderhorn Park Neighborhood. Publication
Artists and the Arts as Economic Development. Publication
CURA Reporter. September 2000 Issue. Publication
Tough Times for Minnesota Small Towns. Publication
Coordinating Community-Based Economic Development in the Phillips Neighborhood: Approaches and Challenges of the People of Phillips. Publication
Analysis of the First Source Program in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Publication
Advancing Neighborhood Goals: The Role of Geographic-Based Community Development Corporations. Publication
North Saint Paul Economic Restructuring: Downtown Niche Analysis Publication
Bryn Mawr Home-based Business Survey. Publication
Thomas-Dale District 7 Planning Council Area Plan. Publication
Rural Community Viability--An Overview. Publication
HomeGrown: Sustainable Agriculture and Local Foods in Central Minnesota. Publication
Providing Support for an Innovative Neighborhood Economic Development Strategy: Report on a Survey of the Needs of Homebased Business in the Marcy-Holmes Neighborhood. Publication
Minnesota's Economic Recovery Fund: Positive Results, Room for Improvement. Publication
Milaca Downtown Revitalization. Publication
Analysis of the Proposed Mill Towns Trail. Publication
State Evaluation of Foreign Sales Efforts. Publication
Phalen Corridor Initiative Report: Summary of 1998 Neighborhood Visits. Publication
Hmong Resettlement Study Site Report, Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota. Publication
Regional Distribution of Programs and Delivery Services--Resource Development, Economic Development, Human Services. A Guide for the Regional Development Commissions of Minnesota, 1973. Publication
Home Based Business Survey for the Field Regina Northrop Neighborhood. Publication
Neighborhood Planning for Community Revitalization. Annual Report: Year One. Publication
Analysis of the Proposed Mill Towns Trail. Publication
Survey Report: The Needs and Issues of Home-Based Businesses in the CARAG Neighborhood. Publication
A Consumption Base Theory of Development: An Application to the Rural Cultural Economy. Publication
New Publication: Transforming Community Development with Land Information Systems. Publication
Exploring the Potential for a More Local Food System in the Western Lake Superior Region . Publication
Strategies of Economic Development: East Side Neighborhood Development Company. Publication
MCCED Enterprise Development Directory. Publication
Moving Forward Together: U of M Minneapolis Area Neighborhood Impact Report - Appendices. Publication
Upper Mississippi River Industrial Corridor Report. Publication
Traffic Literature Review: Congestion and Quality of Intersections. Publication
Why Don't State and Local Economic Development Programs Produce Economic Development? Publication
Best Practices in Microlending. Publication
Whittier Alliance Home-Based Business Results. Publication
Community-Based Economic Development in Minnesota: An Update. Publication
Camp Katherine Parson Business Plan. Publication
Examination of Factors Controlling the Location of Commercial and Industrial Development within the Metropolitan Area. Publication
Strategies for Economic Development. Publication
Aiming Higher: East Side Work Resource Hub Evaluation. Publication
Do Highway Funds Spur Economic Development? Publication
Public Policies that Hurt the Urban Core. Publication
Bridging Two Worlds: NPCR Program Evaluation Final Report for the First Three Years, 1993-94 to 1995-96. Publication
Artist-Centric Urban and Regional Development: An Occupational Approach. Publication
Reversal of Production and Consumption at the Minnesota State Fair. Publication
Toward Hmong Self-Sufficiency: The Challenge of Economic Development for the Hmong. Publication
Manual: How to Conduct a Home-Based Business Survey for Twin Cities' Neighborhoods. Publication
Credit Rationing in Non-Metropolitan Markets for Small Business Loans. Publication
Main Street Impact Project. Publication
Assessing Minneapolis–St. Paul’s Regional Economic Competitiveness: An Analysis of Industry Clusters Publication
Community Planning Catalyst for Merriam Park and Snelling Hamline. Publication
The Mother of All Maps. Publication
Inside State and Local Economic Development Programs: The Record of Minnesota's Small Cities Economic Development Program. Publication
Marketing Strategies for Kensington Runestone Park. Publication
Hennepin Avenue Task Force. Background Report for Martin and Pitz Consultant Team. Publication
New Jobs From Community-Based Economic Development. Publication
The Future of Our Farmland: An Agricultural Inventory for Scott County, Minnesota. Publication
Educating for Rural Economic Development: A Minnesota Application of the Land Grant Model. Final Report for the Bush Foundation Grant. Publication
Proceedings from a Forum and Consultation on the Church as Partner in Community Economic Development. Publication
Phalen Corridor Initiative Report: Summary of Working Group Meetings. Publication
Hmong Resettlement Study, Volume II, Economic Development and Employment Project. Publication
Public Programs and the Role of the Regional Development Commission. Minnesota Development Region Two. Publication
Lake Street Business Profile for the Powderhorn Park Neighborhood Association and the Lake Street Task Force. Publication
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